Charlotte Flair Defamation Lawsuit Update; Lawsuit to be Officially Dismissed Soon

As noted before, Charlotte Flair’s ex-husband Riki Paul Johnson filed a lawsuit last year against Charlotte, Ric Flair, WWE, and author Brian Shields in regards to allegations of defamation made against him in Charlotte’s 2017 biographical book Second Nature. Johnson reportedly filed a legal notice in late March stating that a settlement was close to being finalized between the two sides.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that Riki Paul Johnson’s attorneys officially filed a Notice of Settlement on March 4th to the United States District Court, Western District of North Carolina. It was reported that this notice stated a settlement was officially reached between both sides regarding his defamation claims. This notice also stated that Johnson was requesting for his lawsuit to be officially dismissed with prejudice, meaning he will not be legally allowed to bring up additional legal action in the future against any of the defendants named in his lawsuit.

Johnson reported that the court is currently expected to officially dismiss and close this lawsuit very soon.