Possible NXT Call-Up(s) Coming Soon? (NXT Taping Spoilers)

At tonight’s NXT TV tapings, there was an NXT Women’s Championship match between Shayna Baszler and Kairi Sane with a stipulation that if Kairi Sane lost, she would not get another shot at the NXT Women’s Championship.

Kairi lost the match by disqualification. Baszler had been attacking her arm and Kairi was kayfabe hurt, so a referee called for a doctor to come down. Io Shirai then ran down to check on Kairi, but Baszler pulled Kairi back into the ring and was about to stomp on her “injured” arm, and Io Shirai made the “save,” attacking Baszler, but causing Kairi to get disqualified.

After the match, Kairi waved and bowed to the crowd, seemingly saying goodbye.

There have been rumors that she’s going to be called up soon and next week is the superstar shake-up.

Also on SmackDown this past Tuesday, while watching a women’s tag match, Paige said that she would be bringing in a new tag team next week… That has led to some speculation that the other half of the “Sky Pirates,” Io Shirai could also be called up along with Kairi Sane.