WWE: Cesaro Destroys a Beach Ball, AEW Chants on Raw, Main Event Taping Results

Beach Balls

Horrible booking to close Raw ruined an otherwise really good show and left the Brooklyn crowd pissed.

The Bar ran in to end the Seth Rollins vs. Kofi Kingston title vs. title main event and it turned into an impromptu Kofi & Seth vs. The Bar tag match. For some reason, WWE thought fans would be OK with this and wouldn’t become furious and shit all over it.

The crowd decided to show their disdain by bringing out the beach balls, one of which was destroyed by Cesaro…

AEW Chants

There were also loud “AEW” and “CM Punk” chants during the match.

AEW posted this during the match:

Main Event Taping Results

WWE taped these matches for Main Event before Raw. It’ll air on Hulu in the US on Wednesday.

– Jinder Mahal defeated No Way Jose

– Heavy Machinery defeated The Ascension