AEW: Speech After DoN Went Off Air (Video), Tony Khan, Omega and Dustin Rhodes Are OK, Tyson

After Double or Nothing Went Off Air

After Double or Nothing went off the air, Cody, the Young Bucks and Hangman Page came out and Cody got on the mic to address the crowd. He first said that Kenny Omega just wrestled a full match with a broken nose, then continued…

This right here is for everybody who was told they couldn’t, who was told they were less than. None of us are. Mediocrity loves company and that is not us. This is All Elite Wrestling. You are All Elite Wrestling. Let me ask you. Where we go next, whether it be Chicago, Jacksonville, all over the world, will you follow us? Then I give you my word, we will never, ever, ever let you down.

But we gotta end this thing correctly. Sorry, Kenny, broken nose and all, you have to tell them good night.

Kenny Omega, with a bloody nose, then got on the mic:

We really put our pride on the line to try something new. I mean all of us. Not just us in AEW, but I’m sure everyone in the crowd, who put up with some form of ridicule every day, not feeling good enough or not feeling like we’ve lived up to our potential or we’re on the right path. But today, I almost cried three or four times because I’m so proud of everyone. And I’m so happy that each and every one of you are willing to take the chance to come on this very unique journey with us. And even though I should be seeking medical attention, Cody put me on the spot so I guess I must bid you adieu. So everyone in Las Vegas and heck, around the world now, goodbye, smooch, and good night, bang.

Tony Khan Press Conference

Tony Khan did a press conference after the show and, among other things, said that Kenny Omega is “fine” after it looked like he may have broken his nose in his match against Jericho.

Kenny is OK. And that was pretty much my only big concern [after the show] because I knew we hit a home run of a show. And at that point I was hugely relieved, and then when I knew Kenny was fine, it was like, everything has gone great.

He also talked about when he began talks with Jon Moxley:

As soon as he was out of his deal and wanted to talk to people, he came to me and I was really excited to talk to him when he was able to talk to me, and he’s been great, and I’m very excited he’s part of the roster.

Dustin Rhodes Is OK

Dustin Rhodes, who was bleeding profusely from his forehead throughout his match against Cody tonight, said that he’s “OK” and posted a picture of his head bandaged up.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson was backstage at the show.