Triple H Reportedly Frustrated With How Things Are on the Main Roster

Triple H is “very frustrated” with how things are going on the main roster, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter via sources close to the situation.

One big problem is apparently not that Vince McMahon is not open enough to suggestions, but that he is actually far too open to suggestions. There has reportedly been too much input from too many people and the feeling is that it waters down the original visions and storylines and creates a ripple effect of changes.

But Triple H is always professional and would never say anything publicly. He also reportedly does not talk business or storylines with Vince McMahon in front of anyone.

Vince McMahon’s work load right now is “crazy,” the Observer says, with him staying in the office past midnight frequently and sometimes as late as 3 AM. McMahon has said that nothing will change when the XFL launches and other people will be running the league, but that’s hard to believe considering how much money McMahon has personally put into the league.