AEW Fyter Fest Results – June 29, 2019 – Jon Moxley vs. Joey Janela

June 29, 2019
Daytona Beach, FL – Ocean Center
Commentary: Jim Ross, Excalibur, Goldenboy (& Logan Sama on pre-show)

Quick Match Results

  1. The Buy In – Three-Way Tag Match: Best Friends defeated SoCal Uncensored and Private Party via Strong Zero on Kassidy (16:00)
  2. The Buy In – Allie defeated The Librarian Leva Bates via Best Superkick Ever (8:50)
  3. The Buy In – Hardcore Match: Michael Nakazawa defeated Alex Jebailey via pinfall reversal (9:30)
  4. Cima defeated Christopher Daniels via top rope meteora (9:40)
  5. Three-Way Match: Riho defeated Nyla Rose and Yuka Sakazaki via roll up on Nyla (12:30)
  6. Four-Way Match: Hangman Page defeated Jimmy Havoc, Jungle Boy, MJF via Dead Eye on Havoc (10:50)
  7. Cody vs. Darby Allin was a time limit draw (20:00)
  8. Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks defeated The Lucha Bros & Laredo Kid via One Winged Angel by Omega on Laredo Kid (20:50)
  9. Non-Sanctioned Match: Jon Moxley defeated Joey Janela via high angle Dirty Deeds onto thumb tacks (20:00)

The commentary team for The Buy In pre-show was Excalibur, Goldenboy and Logan Sama.

There were models in bikinis standing at the entrance ramp.

The Buy In Pre-Show
Best Friends vs. SoCal Uncensored (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) vs. Private Party

The winners of this match will wrestle at All Out for a chance at a first round bye in the upcoming Tag Team Championship tournament on AEW TV.

Private Party showcased some impressive high flying moves, leading to an “AEW” chant from the crowd. Best Friends controlled the match for several minutes, grinding down Isiah Kassidy.

In the end, Marc Quen ran at Chuck Taylor but was tossed over the top onto SCU on the outside. Trent then grabbed Kassidy, Chuck went to the top rope, and they hit the Strong Zero for the win.

Winners: Best Friends (16:00)

The Dark Order then appeared on the video screen and said that AEW was “full of deceivers that we need to correct” and they’ve chosen the Best Friends as their first. The lights then went out, then back on, and the Best Friends were surrounded by The Dark Order and their minions. The lights went out again and when they came back on, the Dark Order was gone.

Backstage: The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega

Backstage, The Young Bucks said that “this has been a nightmare” and talked about “empty promises” to fans and blowing through all of their money, parodying the disaster of the Fyre Festival.

Kenny Omega walked up and said that he has seamstresses working on gear for the Young Bucks.

Later, The Bucks said that Kenny came through on the gear, but he blew through half of the budget, so they couldn’t afford half of the models standing at the entrance ramp. Two of the models then left and were replaced by two mannequins in bikinis.

The Buy In Pre-Show
The Librarian Leva Bates vs. Allie

The Librarian Leva Bates walked out and shhhh’d the crowd. She opened the door to a tent on the ramp and The Librarian Peter Avalon was inside. He then got angry for some reason and threw down the tent, then pushed over one of the mannequins and its head fell off. Bates said that lots of the audience was probably gamers, but there was more to life, like reading books. Peter Avalon kept repeating things she said and they started to shhh each other until Allie’s music hit and she came down to face Bates.

After a few minutes, Leva hit a pedigree on Allie for a near fall. Peter Avalon got on the apron and tried to throw a book to Leva, but threw it way over her head and right to Allie. Allie then threw the book to Leva and gave her a “Best Superkick Ever” for the win. Peter Avalon looked shocked at ringside.

Winner: Allie (8:50)

Backstage: Kenny Omega, Brandon Cutler

Backstage, Kenny Omega walked around with a drum and some cables, but Brandon Cutler came up to him and said that all of the bands have pulled out, even “Blink one hundred and 82.”

The Buy In Pre-Show – Hardcore Match
Michael Nakazawa vs. Alex Jebailey (CEO of CEO Gaming)

Nakazawa oiled himself up early, making himself slippery. They fought with a few weapons and down the ramp, where Jebailey tried to drown Nakazawa in a kiddy pool. Nakazawa fought back with an inflatable flamingo, but Jebailey bodyslammed him into the pool, getting a “holy shit” chant from the crowd.

Jebailey set up a table on the outside, but Nakazawa gave him a spear through the ropes, sending him through a table, getting another “holy shit” chant. Nakazawa pinned Jebailey, but lifted him up and instead hit him with a few kendo stick shots.

Nakazawa took off his thong from underneath his tights and tried to come at Jebailey, but Jebailey hit him with a crazy German suplex, dropping Nakazawa right on his neck/head. Jebailey grabbed a back of arcade buttons (?) and scattered them into the ring, then backdropped Nakazawa on them.

Nakazawa came at Jebailey with the thong again, but he moved and Nakazawa caught the ref with a face full of thong. Jebailey rolled him up with a la magistral cradle, but the ref was “out.” The ref regained his composure but Nakazawa reversed the pin, put the thong on Jebailey’s face and got the three count.

Winner: Michael Nakazawa (9:30)

Backstage: Jon Moxley

Moxley cut a quick promo backstage, saying that if you don’t know who Jon Moxley is, you’re about to find out.

Jim Ross joined the commentary team, making it Jim Ross, Excalibur and Goldenboy.

Christopher Daniels vs. Cima

Daniels controlled most of the match, but Cima came back in the end and won with a top rope meteora. After the match, they shook hands, hugged and bowed to each other in the ring.

Winner: Cima (9:40)

Nyla Rose vs. Riho vs. Yuka Sakazaki

Rose went for a hand shake with each opponent at the start of the match, but “turned heel” and attacked Riho mid-handshake. It was basically a 1 on 2 match at the start, with Nyla attacking both women and them teaming up on Nyla. Nyla dominated the match early until Yuka hit a springboard dive on her onto the outside. After temporarily taking out Nyla, Yuka and Riho finally turned their attention towards each other.

But Nyla quickly regained control, picking up Yuka and draping her over the top rope. She then went to the top… and hit a hit a great flying knee on Yuka, who was on the ropes halfway down the ring.

Nyla then went for a top rope swanton on Riho, but Riho moved and went to the top for a cross body block, but Nyla caught her. Yuka then went to the top and tried a cross body but Nyla caught her also! They fought her off and were able to knock Nyla down and both tried to pin her, but Nyla kicked out.

This match rules… Crowd chanted “This is awesome.”

Nyla took out Yuka, then hit Riho with a death valley driver for a near fall. Nyla then went for a “Beast Bomb” on Riho but Riho suddenly reversed and rolled her up… 1-2-3. Awesome match, best of the night so far.

Winner: Riho (12:30)

Nyla looked furious and attacked Riho from behind after the match. She picked her up for a Beast Bomb, but Yuka made the save and knocked Nyla out of the ring. Yuka tried to help Riho up, but Riho pushed her away not wanting her friendship…

Hangman Page vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Jungle Boy vs. MJF

Kip Sabian joined the commentary team for this match.

MJF got on the mic in the ring and was immediately hit with a flood of boos before saying anything. He called the audience nerds and pencil-neck geeks and said that “your mothers, whose basement you live in, they swallow.” He said that he also used to love video games, “but then I lost my virginity.”

Jungle Boy came out next, entering on top of Luchasaurus’s shoulders.

Jungle Boy hit a sweet move, doing an almost handstand on the ring post then hitting a cannonball moonsault off of it onto everyone else on the outside.

Jungle Boy was really impressive in this match and MJF was amazing as usual with his heel mannerisms.

In the end, Havoc tossed Jungle Boy out of the ring onto Luchasaurus with a fireman’s carry. Hangman Page went for the buckshot lariat on MJF, but MJF ducked and Page nailed Havoc instead. Page then tossed MJF out of the ring and hit the Dead Eye on Havoc for the win.

Winner: Hangman Page (10:50)

Page and MJF stared each other down after the match.

Cody vs. Darby Allin

Commentary did a great job putting over Darby Allin, introducing him to the audience and telling his story.

Cody dominated the match for the first few minutes and commentary played up how Darby was a big underdog. Darby was finally able to slam Cody’s hand into the ring post and Cody sold that his hand was hurt for a while, but continued to control the match.

Darby finally fought back, locked on an arm bar and punched and stomped on Cody’s hurt hand. Darby hit an ushigoroshi for a near fall then went to the top rope, but Cody followed him up and hit a reverse vertical suplex on Darby off the top.

Later, Darby went to the top and went for a coffin drop on Cody on the outside, but Cody moved and Darby landed back first on the corner of the apron… Jesus.

Cody grabbed the body bag that Darby brought to the ring and put Darby inside of it then zipped it up. Disaster Kick by Cody on Darby while he was in the body bag… Pinfall, but Darby kicked out.

The PA said that one minute was remaining in this match…

Cody took off his weight belt and hit Darby with it. Cross Rhodes attempt, but Darby reversed into a stunner! But Cody got up and nailed the Cross Rhodes!

Ten seconds remaining… Three seconds… Cody went for the pinfall… 1-2… but time ran out before 3. This was a time limit draw…

Time Limit Draw (20:00)

The crowd chanted “five more minutes.”

Suddenly, Shawn Spears ran down and nailed Cody Rhodes with a steel chair right in the head! Cody was busted open badly in the back of the head. Looked like he had a legit gash. There was a puddle of blood in the ring.

MJF and SCU ran out to save Cody, but Spears had already escaped through the crowd.

They showed replays of the chair shot, which was super stiff, right onto the back/side of Cody’s head. Shit… Cody’s eyes looked glazed over, like he was possibly concussed. Brutal chair shot.

Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks vs. The Lucha Bros & Laredo Kid

The Young Bucks were dressed as Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter and Kenny Omega was dressed as Akuma.

There was nonstop action in this match, as you would expect.

Superkick party by the Young Bucks and Omega on their opponents… They then counted to three in Spanish and prepared for another round of superkicks, but the luchadores nailed them with their own superkicks. But Kenny and the Bucks retaliated with “hadoukens” then all three hit powerbombs.

Nick Jackson hit a 450 splash off the top onto both Fenix and Laredo Kid, who were draped on the middle ropes by Omega and Matt.

V-Trigger by Omega on Laredo Kid. But Fenix suddenly hit him with a huge cutter… but Nick Jackson hit Fenix with a reverse cutter. Amazon action.

On the outside, Matt picked up Pentagon, setting him up for a Meltzer Driver… Nick tried to springboard off the top rope (while grabbing Laredo Kid’s hand for balance) but Fenix walked on the rope and hit Nick with a Spanish Fly, springboarding off the top rope onto the outside on Matt and Pentagon.

In the ring, V-Trigger and a Tiger Driver 98 by Kenny Omega on Laredo Kid, then a One Winged Angel… 1-2-3.

Winners: Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks (20:50)

Non-Sanctioned Match
Jon Moxley vs. Joey Janela

About a minute into the match, they were already fighting through the crowd. Janela grabbed a prosthetic leg from a fan in the crowd and nailed Moxley with it…

A chair was set up in the ring and Janela sat Moxley on it, then went to the top and jumped off, but Moxley moved and Janela landed back first into the chair…

Moxley already had a small cut on his eyebrow after possibly being thrown into the ring post early in the match.

Moxley pulled out a chair that was wrapped in barbed wire… He put it on Janela’s stomach and then stomped on him… Mox went to the top but Janela hit a hurricanrana off the top onto the barbed wire chair. Moxley had cuts on his back and arm.

A table was set up on the outside and Moxley hit a Russian leg sweep off the apron through the table on Janela. Another table was set up in the corner of the ring and Moxley picked Janela up and drove him through it.

Moxley grabbed a wooden board with barbed wire all over it and set it up in the corner… He tried to throw Janela through it but Janela escaped, lifted Moxley up and tossed him back first into it… More cuts all over Moxley’s back and arms.

And we’ve got a ladder now as Janela pulled one out from under the ring. Janela set Moxley up on two tables on the outside, then climbed the ladder in the ring… Oh boy… Elbow drop on Moxley through the tables, breaking only one of them.

Janela pulled out another wooden board with barbed wire on it and set it up horizontally on the apron and and crowd barricade. He went into the ring but Moxley immediately hit him with a DDT. Fireman’s carry by Moxley, sending Janela over the top through the barbed wire board on the outside.

Moxley pulled out a sack of thumb tacks and poured them out into the ring… Then he took off Janela’s shoes and socks, exposing his bare feet… Oh boy… Release vertical suplex by Moxley on Janela onto the tacks! Jesus Christ… He then picked him up and drove him down feet first into the tacks. The tacks were dug into his heels… Fuck…

Janela gave Moxley the finger. Moxley pulled out another sack of thumb tacks and poured them into the ring… High angle Dirty Deeds onto the thumb tacks… 1-2-3. God…

Winner: Jon Moxley (20:00)

As Moxley celebrated, Kenny Omega suddenly ran out and nailed Moxley with a V-Trigger, then a piledriver on the outside. He set up a table on top of Moxley, then hit a springboard double foot stomp off the ropes onto Moxley. Retribution for Moxley attacking Omega at Double or Nothing. Omega brought Moxley down to where the band instruments were set up and nailed him with the drum sticks and a guitar, leaving him laying.

Referees helped Moxley up and tried to walk him down the ramp, but Moxley shoved them off. Omega ran back out with a trash can and nailed Moxley some more, then hit Moxley with the “Dirty Deeds” (which commentary called “the paradigm shift”) onto the trash can.

Moxley lay on his back with a smile on his face as the show went off the air…