Goldberg Suffers Possible Concussion & Akam Makes His Return at Super ShowDown

Goldberg Suffers Head Injury at Super ShowDown

Goldberg suffered a head injury and a possible concussion during his match against the Undertaker at WWE’s Super ShowDown event held earlier today in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

He suffered the injury following an attempted spear to the Undertaker in the corner, which resulted in him hitting his head on the ring post and busting himself open in the process. Goldberg also landed awkwardly on his head following a botched Tombstone spot by the Undertaker later in the match.

Following the event, Goldberg said on Twitter that he had accidentally knocked himself out during the match and apologized for his poor performance on the show.

AOP’s Akam Returns from Injury for 50-Man Battle Royal Match

Akam of the Authors of Pain made his official in-ring return today and competed with his tag team partner Rezar in the 50-Man Battle Royal match at Super ShowDown. Both members of AOP were eventually eliminated by the Viking Raiders following a stand-off spot between the two teams and Heavy Machinery.

Prior to today, Akam had been out of action for WWE since suffering a knee injury in January.