Jeff Jarrett’s Lawsuit Against Anthem Update

As noted before, Jeff Jarrett and Global Wrestling Entertainment are currently suing Impact Wrestling’s parent company, Anthem Sports & Entertainment, over allegations of Anthem infringing on trademarks owned by Jarrett and violating several Tennessee state laws related to consumer and business protections.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that the presiding judge in the case, United States District Judge Waverly D. Crenshaw, issued several rulings on June 24th in Anthem’s favor.

Jarrett and GWE’s allegations of trademark infringement being committed in regards to their GFW Amped! television tapes were dismissed due to the judge ruling in favor of Anthem, who had argued that Jarrett failed to properly file copyrights and trademarks for Amped! and they were given a license by Jarrett to use the tapes, which were later destroyed.

The judge also dismissed Jarrett and GWE’s claims of Anthem falling under Tennessee’s jurisdiction for state business laws.

It was reported that all of the remaining allegations against Anthem will continue to move forward in the lawsuit.