Sami Callihan Spits on Jim Cornette, Done With MLW

Sami Callihan is apparently done with Major League Wrestling.

Callihan lost a “Loser Leaves MLW” match to Mance Warner on this week’s episode of MLW Fusion and is legitimately now done with the company, according to PWInsider.

The original plan was for Callihan to return under a mask this summer, but “that won’t be happening now,” according to MLW founder and CEO Court Bauer, who claimed that Callihan caused damage to the building, the Waukesha County Expo Center in Wisconsin, so MLW is apparently cutting its ties with him.

Callihan and Warner wrestled much of the match throughout the arena, and earlier in the show, Callihan kicked what looked like a garage door in the building during a backstage segment, but didn’t appear to do any visible damage. You can watch the match/episode below.

Jim Cornette

On his way to the ring for the match, Callihan took a drink of water and spit it at color commentator Jim Cornette, who was sitting at the announce table near the entrance ramp.

Some have speculated that this is the actual reason why Callihan is no longer with the company, but Court Bauer is denying it.

Cornette and Callihan have had a “rivalry” for the past couple of years, which has essentially just been Cornette constantly shit-talking Callihan and calling him a “garbage” wrestler, etc.

Earlier, Court Bauer posted this tweet and Callihan responded: