AAA Triplemania XXVII Results – Aug. 3, 2019 – Young Bucks, Omega, Wagner vs. Demon

August 3, 2019
Mexico City, Mexico – Arena Ciudad de Mexico
English Commentary: Matt Striker and Joe Dombrowski
Results via John Pollock of

Quick Match Results:

  1. Llave a la Gloria match – Astrolux, Dragon Bane, & Arkangel Divino defeated Aramis, Toxin, & Arez via pinfall (11:00)
  2. AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship – Villano III Jr. & Lady Maravilla defeated Sammy Guevara & Scarlett Bordeaux, Australian Suicide & Vanilla, and Nino Hamburguesa & Big Mami (c) via pinfall (12:36)
  3. AAA World Trios Championship Three-Way match – El Hijo del Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr., & Golden Magic defeated El Nuevo Poder del Norte and Las Fresas Salvajes via pinfall (14:30)
  4. Copa TripleMania match – Pagano won via eliminating Chessman last (26:45)
  5. AAA Reina de Reinas Championship Tables, Ladders, & Chairs match – Tessa Blanchard defeated Taya Valkyrie, Lady Shani, La Hiedra, Chik Tormenta, Faby Apache, and Ayako Hamada (10:14)
  6. Psycho Clown, Cody Rhodes, & Cain Velasquez defeated Los Mercenarios & Killer Kross via submission (13:11)
  7. The Lucha Bros & Laredo Kid defeated The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega via pinfall (18:25)
  8. Lucha de Apuestas, Mask vs. Hair match – Blue Demon Jr. defeated Dr. Wagner Jr. via pinfall (14:38)

Llave a la Gloria Match
Astrolux, Dragon Bane, & Arkangel Divino vs. Aramis, Toxin, & Arez

This was the pre-show match.

Aramis was in at the start with Dragon Bane, Aramis hit a double foot stomp to the floor in the first few minutes.

Bane, Divino, and Astrolux hit simultaneous dives off the top and went for covers. Astrolux was in with Toxin and balanced on his shoulders. Toxin hit Bane with a reverse ‘rana.

Aramis spun Astrolux and Divino on his shoulders after Arez dove over them from the top turnbuckle. Astrolux got up and hit a springboard Swanton onto the floor. Aramis hit his own dive to the floor. Toxin was stopped by Divino, who hit a ‘rana sending Toxin to the guys standing on the floor. Arez then leaped onto the apron and hit an Asai moonsault to the floor.

Dragon Bane hit Arez with a standing Spanish Fly and 630-splash off the top for the win.

Winner: Astrolux, Dragon Bane, & Arkangel Divino via Pinfall.

AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship
Sammy Guevara & Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Villano III Jr. & Lady Maravilla vs. Australian Suicide & Vanilla vs. Nino Hamburguesa & Big Mami (c)

Guevara and Bordeaux joined commentary briefly and said no one has gone to the Moon and talked about lizard people. They are a new team being put together for the first time in this match.

The audience reacted to Big Mami confronting Bordeaux and the got into Lady Maravilla’s face with Hamburguesa playing peacemaker. Villano III Jr. lifted Hamburguesa for an impressive Death Valley Driver given the size. Hamburguesa landed a cannonball to Villano III Jr. and Maravilla in the corner.

Australian Suicide scaled the top and leaped into the air with a shooting star to the floor followed by Vanilla diving to the floor and landing all her weight on top of Villano III Jr.

Big Mami gave Bordeaux a stink face. Bordeaux would hit a somersault off the top to everyone on the floor. Big Mami held the ropes open for Hamburguesa to dive to the floor. Big Mami came off the turnbuckle with twisting crossbody to the floor.

Big Mami Irish whipped Lady Maravilla, who collapsed due to her knee giving out. Hamburguesa was checking on her as Big Mami went to pin Villano III Jr., Hamburguesa turned his back and Maravilla used a low blow on Hamburguesa and rolled him up for the win.

Winner: Villano III Jr. & Lady Maravilla via Pinfall to become the new AAA World Mixed Tag Team Champions.

The overarching story involved Lady Maravilla using Nino Hamburguesa and taking advantage of his sympathy at the end.

AAA World Trios Championship Three-Way Match
El Hijo del Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr., & Golden Magic vs El Nuevo Poder del Norte vs. Las Fresas Salvajes

Mamba planted a big kiss on Santana at the start of the match. Later, Carta Brava Jr. & Mocho Cota Jr. held a chair low on Mamba as Santana came off the top and dropkicked it.

Mamba and Escarlata hit stereo dives, although Mamba nailed Escarlata upon landing it. Maximo followed with another dive. Everyone was on the floor for Vikingo to nail a leaping corkscrew to them. The camera angle made it hard to see the dive.

Santana and Carta Brava Jr. held up Maximo on the floor as Mocho Cota Jr. dove and put Maximo through a table on the floor. Carta Brava Jr. took out Myzteziz with an Air Raid Crash onto the edge of the apron.

Poder del Norte used chairs to attack Escarlata. Golden Magic attempted a springboard to the floor and was caught with a dropkick in mid-air from Mamba. Everyone took turns with dives, including Maximo doing a top rope walk and hit a moonsault to the group on the floor.

Carta Brava Jr. nailed Vikingo with a butterfly into a backbreaker. Vikingo hit a running Death Valley Driver into the corner that Hiromu Takahashi would use. Vikingo won after landing a 450 splash onto Brava Jr.

Winner: El Hijo del Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr., & Golden Magic via Pinfall to become the new AAA World Trios Champions. El Hijo del Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr., and Laredo Kid were the previous champions but had their title reign vacated by AAA officials prior to tonight’s show due to Kid’s recent departure from the team.

Copa TripleMania Match

It’s a Royal Rumble style match with 1:00 intervals between entrances. Eliminations occur by pinfall or being thrown over the top rope.

1. Eclipse Jr.

Eclipse Jr. is the former Lanzelot.

2. Daga

3. Drago

Drago is the AAA Latin American champion.

4. Super Fly

5. Murder Clown

Murder Clown lifted Drago and Daga for a combination Samoan drop and fallaway slam. He hit Drago and Super Fly with a double chokeslam.

6. Aerostar

Aerostar descended from the ceiling on a platform and dove onto did a free fall landing on everyone in the ring, a spot he is not retiring.

7. Monster Clown

Monster Clown blasted Aerostar with a chair as he went for a dive to the floor.

8. Puma King

Super Fly was eliminated.

9. Konnan

He came out wearing a shirt with Donald Trump’s image on it. He sat on the turnbuckle and had a drink.

10. Chessman

11. Vampiro

The announcer started swearing to react to Vampiro entering the match with Konnan. Vampiro laid out several guys and then went at it with Konnan. The place was going crazy. Vampiro tossed him out, both were extremely limited, and this was all you could expect them to do. I think Vampiro just left.

Aerostar was also eliminated during this.

12. Pagano

13. Averno

14. Rey Escorpion

Escorpion eliminated Monster Clown.

15. La Parka

He fought with Chessman on the floor with La Parka thrown into the post. Averno whipped a chair into the face of Puma King. In exchange, Puma King hit a top rope huracanrana and pinned Averno.

Chessman tossed out Puma King.

Daga was eliminated.

Escorpion hit a leg drop from the top on Pagano, Tirantes tried to count fast but he kicked out and then dumped Escorpion out.

It is down to Pagano and Chessman.

Winner: Pagano.

The lights went out and L.A. Park appeared inside the ring with El Hijo de L.A. Park and L.A. Park Jr. They attacked Pagano and destroyed the trophy that Pagano had just won.

AAA Reina de Reinas Championship Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match
Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie vs. Lady Shani vs. La Hiedra vs. Chik Tormenta vs. Faby Apache vs. Ayako Hamada

Keyra came out in a wheelchair following a knee injury she suffered three weeks ago. She announced she cannot defend the title due to her injury and it’s vacant. She is coming for whoever wins it.

Chik Tormenta walked up to the ramp and then dumped Kiera out of the wheelchair. This led to a surprise addition of Ayako Hamada into the match.

Taya brought a staple gun to the ring as her weapon of choice. She stapled an 8×10 of herself onto Chik Tormenta.

The ring was filled with a ladder, tables, cookie sheets, and other weapons. Taya was busted open from the forehead.

Hamada went for a moonsault to the floor onto a table, which didn’t break. Tormenta was shoved off the top by Blanchard to land on a ladder set up and Tormenta totally missed and hit the floor. They took Tormenta out on a stretcher.

Blanchard and Taya fought on the ladder in the middle of the ring. Taya was knocked down and Blanchard grabbed the title as the others were brawling on the floor.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard to become the new AAA Reina de Reinas Champion.

Faby Apache got into Blanchard’s face after the match and then Blanchard had a staredown with Taya.

Psycho Clown, Cody Rhodes, & Cain Velasquez vs. Los Mercenarios & Killer Kross

Velasquez came out last and wrestled with the mask on.

Velasquez was tagged in with Kross and the audience was excited to see him. Kross delayed and tagged in Texano Jr, who then tagged Black Taurus. Velasquez did a flip over his back and hit a huracanrana. It broke down into a brawl with all six in the ring.

They ganged up on Cody until Velasquez returned with a spin kick to Kross. The babyfaces took turns chopping Black Taurus and raised their arms for the easy pop. Cody dove onto Taurus on the floor and sent him into the crowd.

Psycho Clown hit a splash to the floor onto Kross on a table.

Velasquez applied a kimura and submitted Texano Jr.

Winner: Psycho Clown, Cody Rhodes, & Cain Velasquez via Submission.

Immediately after the match, Rey Escorpion ran in and tore off Psycho Clown’s mask to steal the moment.

All the focus was on Velasquez and he did a very good job for his first match. It would be a different challenge to have a singles match and he’s best served in a Trios or tag scenario where he can be hidden, but he got over to the audience and this worked out tremendously well for AAA.

The Lucha Bros & Laredo Kid vs. The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega

Fenix and Nick Jackson kicked off the match with an awesome sequence. Omega was in briefly with Pentagon Jr. until Omega and the Bucks were dropkicked to the floor and hit with dives.

Matt Jackson went for Laredo Kid’s mask and then we had a triple sharpshooter spot with Omega and The Bucks applying them until the rope break. Nick missed a high cross and took out Matt and Omega. Fenix punted Matt on the apron and Pentagon hit a package piledriver to Matt on the edge.

The Lucha Bros. and Laredo Kid attacked with superkicks and took out the referee as well. Omega and The Bucks come back with simultaneous low blows. They hit triple powerbombs and all three kicked out.

Omega removed the mask of Fenix and put it on. He hit a V-Trigger as Fenix covered his face and lifted for the One-Winged Angel, Fenix took the mask back as he countered with a reverse ‘rana. The Lucha Bros. & Fenix hit low blows and stereo Destroyers for a huge near fall and the audience got much louder with that kick out.

Matt Jackson was hit with the double stomp from Fenix into Pentagon’s package piledriver. Laredo Kid and Fenix hit tope con giros to the floor as Pentagon pinned Matt.

Winner: The Lucha Bros & Laredo Kid via Pinfall.

Omega spoke after the match, he asked a favor of Fenix and said he wants their belts and will come back to AAA to challenge Fenix for the AAA Mega Heavyweight title and Fenix accepted. Omega said AEW is better than AAA.

Lucha de Apuestas, Mask vs. Hair Match
Blue Demon Jr. (mask) vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. (hair)

Both are 53 years of age going into this main event match.

Blue Demon Jr. goes after Dr. Wagner Jr. with a chair. Wagner Jr. was wearing a mask despite being previously unmasked two years ago. Wagner Jr. is busted open as Blue Demon Jr. tears away at his mask. He broke a champagne bottle over Wagner Jr.’s head. Wagner’s mask comes off and exposes the wound over his right eye. The audience was heated.

Wagner attacked with a cookie sheet to the head and after follow-up shots, Blue Demon Jr. was also bleeding with his mask partially torn. It was a gusher as he leaked blood from the forehead. Both men were bleeding a lot.

Blue Demon Jr. applied a Fujiwara armbar and Dr. Wagner Jr. gets to the rope. He sent Wagner into a cookie sheet in the corner He attempted La Estaca Mortal and Wagner escaped the submission. Demon Jr. re-applied the Fujiwara armbar and it was teased that he submitted but it was a set up for a roll up by Wagner for a near fall.

He hit the Wagner Driver and Blue Demon Jr. kicked out. He hit a second one and Tirantes wouldn’t count three citing shoulder being up. He hit a third Wagner Driver and Tirantes’ leg is pulled by one of the seconds.

A rock was brought into the ring, Blue Demon Jr. had the cement rock and smashed it over Wagner’s head and he pins him.

Winner: Blue Demon Jr. via Pinfall.