NWA Announces TV Tapings for New Show

The National Wrestling Alliance will be launching its own new television series soon.

NWA owner Billy Corgan made the announcement today that the NWA would be “doing our own television” starting this fall.

There will be two nights of tapings on September 30 and October 1 in Atlanta, GA. The venue wasn’t mentioned.

Dave Meltzer previously reported that the NWA plans on trying to land on a television network for their new show, but if they aren’t able, are planning to air it online.

Here’s what Corgan had to say in his announcement video:

It’s one thing to say you’re rebooting the NWA. It’s another thing to run matches on somebody else’s stage. And we’re very grateful to those people that shared their stage with us, most recently Ring of Honor, which is an incredible opportunity.

But now it’s our time to step forward. It’s time to bring the NWA back into the spotlight and run on its own oxygen.

So we’re very excited to announce that in October in Atlanta, we will be doing our own television again.

We will be unscripted, uncensored, and really in your face in a way that no wrestling promotion has been in a very long time.