WWE Backstage Locker Room Reactions to NXT’s Move to USA Network

As noted before, WWE announced that NXT will be moving to the USA Network and expanding its weekly show to two hours in length starting on September 18th.

WWE was being very secretive about the announcement. Based on those who spoke with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, as of last Monday, there was almost no buzz backstage about NXT’s future, with no one seemingly knowing anything about a deal with USA. Buzz about a possible deal with USA began on the internet this weekend.

The announcement of NXT’s upcoming move to cable television generated various reactions within WWE’s main roster locker room, Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp reported.

One of Sapp’s highly placed sources stated “yeah, what of it?” when asked about NXT moving to USA.

One veteran talent stated he was unsure how WWE viewers would respond to the NXT style on weekly television, especially over the course of two hours.

Another talent had some doubts on NXT’s chances for success against All Elite Wrestling due to AEW having the “new” feel over NXT and the likelihood that AEW will draw better attendances for their shows. AEW is running 6-15,000 seat arenas, while NXT will run from Full Sail each week, at least at the start. The same talent did feel confident that NXT will perform better than AEW in regards to ratings. This talent also had some concerns about the effect being on cable television and traveling will have on NXT producers and agents, who currently split their duties between the brand and the Performance Center.

Several of those within the brand who were contacted stated that they did not know the details of WWE’s television plans for NXT ahead of time and only found out when everyone else did.