The Lost AEW Title Has Apparently Been Found (Updated)

A day after word broke that Chris Jericho’s AEW Championship belt was reported stolen on Sunday, the Tallahassee Police Department posted on Facebook that they found the belt.

But shortly after, the post was deleted and a police spokesperson told that the investigation was still “open and active.” “It’s been posted to social media? It’s still an open and active investigation. The case has not been closed yet,” the spokesman, Officer Damon Miller, said.

But it looks like it may have actually been found, because the AEW Twitter account then tweeted this, saying “case solved” and thanking the Tallahassee PD, along with a screenshot of the deleted Facebook post:

No info has been released yet about where the belt was found.

Update: AEW has deleted their social media posts where they say “case solved.” So it looks like the belt is still missing…

Update 2: Tallahassee police say that the belt has in fact been recovered, according to Tallahassee reporter Jeffrey Burlew. It was turned in to police headquarters by a person who says they “found it along the side of the road,” the police said.

No arrests have been made.