Triple H Says 205 Live Will Move Under the NXT Brand

With SmackDown moving to FOX on Fridays next month, the status of 205 Live, which typically airs live on Tuesdays after SmackDown, has been in question. So far, there’s been no word on what will happen with the show.

In an interview with Newsweek that was released yesterday, Triple H sort of shed a little bit of light on the brand, saying that 205 Live and the Cruiserweight title will move under the “NXT banner.” What exactly that means for an individual 205 Live show still isn’t clear, but this is what he had to say…

Newsweek: We’ve seen rosters from different brands move to NXT recently. Does the move to USA allow more freedom for roster members to move between main and NXT?

Yeah I think you’ll see that RAW will become very much distinctly its own brand as well as SmackDown on Fox. And NXT will be its own. The ability, as time moves on, for people to move from RAW to SmackDown, and NXT to RAW or SmackDown, but also RAW or SmackDown to NXT.

NXT UK will sit under that NXT banner as well, probably 205 too breathing some life into it a little bit. That creates three distinct brands that talent, over the course of their career – which hopefully is long – where they can migrate from one to the other and be reinvigorated and have fresh starts and have longer, more meaningful and lucrative careers while staying within the same company.

Newsweek: So 205 Live will sit under the NXT umbrella?

You’ll start to see 205 begin to. I think it always existed as an island onto itself, a little bit, and it’s become lost in this limbo. You’ll begin to see it move more towards the NXT banner and the talent there. We have a lot of talent. For them to begin to compete either open against anyone or in the cruiserweight division, but have that title sit under the NXT brand is more meaningful. It creates more opportunities for more people.