WWE: Steve Austin on MSG Return, Triple H on NXT Being Alternative Wrestling, WWE 2K20

Steve Austin Comments on His Recent Appearance at Madison Square Garden

Steve Austin reflected on Twitter about his return to Madison Square Garden during this week’s episode of RAW.

Triple H Comments on NXT Opening the Door to Alternative Wrestling to WWE

Yahoo Sports held a recent interview with Triple H and one of the topics discussed included his thoughts on NXT being an alternative to WWE and opening the door for alternative wrestling to become popular with wrestling fans.

“If you talk about the upstart, what they’re going out and saying is that they’re an alternative. We were that alternative five years ago. We opened the door for being an alternative, we opened the door to show people that it can be done on a bigger level and on a different basis. As far as being the alternative, great, go put on the best show you can put out, and we’ll put out the best one we can put out.”

WWE 2K20 Mo-Cap Actors Revealed and 2K Games Holding Charity Fundraiser

Indie wrestlers Kylie Rae and Kris Statlander reportedly were among the talent hired by 2K Games to work as motion capture actors for WWE 2K20, according to Squared Circle Sirens.

2K Games announced that they have recently partnered with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in honor of Roman Reigns being the co-cover star of WWE 2K20. It was also announced that the company is currently holding a fundraiser and will be donating $2 to the cancer charity for every retweet of the following Twitter post below. The maximum amount set for donations was announced to be $500,000.