AEW: Dynamite’s Debut Ratings in Canada, Tony Schiavone, MJF on Not Helping Cody, More

AEW Dynamite Debut Ratings in Canada

The debut episode of AEW Dynamite on TSN 2 in Canada reportedly drew 109,000 viewers, according to Post Wrestling.

John Pollock reported that AEW’s viewership was described as a “good number for Canadian TV” based on multiple sources. AEW’s debut episode faced stiff competition in the country as it went up against the NHL Opening Night game between the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs.

AEW Dynamite’s debut episode in the United States drew 1,409,000 viewers on TNT.

Tony Schiavone Comments on Fan Support for AEW Dynamite’s Debut

Tony Schiavone reflected on Twitter about the fan support he received and getting to work with Jim Ross and Excalibur at AEW Dynamite’s debut episode last night.

MJF Comments on Why He Didn’t Come to Cody’s Aid During Jericho’s Attack at AEW Dynamite

AEW held a media scrum following the end of last night’s episode of Dynamite with MJF among those interviewed. One of the topics discussed included why MJF did not come to Cody’s aid during Cody’s beatdown at the hands of Chris Jericho and his new group.

“I’m not gonna lie to you guys, I’m not in a good mood, at all because my best friend just got completely bludgeoned in the middle of the ring. And I had no idea it was going on because I was back in my locker room, after my match, and I had no clue, and I just found out after the fact.

Why wasn’t I watching the monitor closely? Because I wrestled a match and I had to make sure that after the match that I had my ice bath, that I went in my whirlpool, and that I got a massage. Because I’m a top tier athlete and I make sure I’m 100% good to go after my match because unlike everybody else on this roster, I’m not some schmuck who is gonna get back in their car and go, ‘Yipee, it’s done.’ That’s not what real athletes do. Do you think that after Kobe Bryant is done playing a basketball game, that he doesn’t put ice on his knees, that he doesn’t get worked on? No.”

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Misc. AEW News & Notes

Karissa Rivera, Diamond Dallas Page, and Awesome Kong reportedly were seen backstage at AEW Dynamite’s debut show in Washington, D.C. last night, according to Squared Circle Sirens and PWInsider.

Alex Marvez reportedly handled a lot of the research for AEW’s commentary team at last night’s show, according to PWInsider.

ITV announced that due to technical issues, they were unable to air Dynamite’s debut episode on ITV Hub at its originally scheduled time of 7:00PM local time today.