CMLL Reportedly Dealing with Internal Power Struggle & Rumors of a Potential Split Happening

After the death of CMLL’s former owner Paco Alonso three months ago, the company is currently dealing with a power struggle behind the scenes and also rumored to potentially be splitting apart within the near future, the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer reported.

Meltzer reported in this week’s Observer Newsletter that the company is currently dealing with an internal power struggle between Sofia Alonso, the current owner of CMLL, and Chavo Lutteroth, the owner of CMLL prior to Paco Alonso and also the uncle of Sofia. Lutteroth was initially brought in under the assumption he would help manage the company but instead it was reported that the older guard pushed for him to take full control of the company away from Alonso. Meltzer also reported that the older guard felt Alonso was not capable of running a big company at her young age and feared they would be pushed out of their positions in favor of younger people hired by Alonso.

Lutteroth reportedly recently took charge of the business end of the company and demoted Alonso from her role as the president of CMLL to her former role as the company’s head of marketing. It was reported that Alonso still holds some power in the company due to her current projects but she has not attended any of CMLL’s events in recent weeks.

Some of the other changes made since Lutteroth took over included raising the booking prices of CMLL talent to U.S. promotions, taking a higher cut from their talent for outside bookings, cutting the guaranteed money from their younger talent, and banning the decades-long tradition of fans throwing money in the ring which mostly benefited the younger talent.

Another notable change that played a big role in RUSH wanting to leave the company was new restrictions on where CMLL talent were allowed to work and who they could work against. The prior restrictions mostly only affected matches against AAA talent and other promotions the company did not like.

Meltzer also reported that there has been a recent rumor of Alonso leaving CMLL and starting her own promotion within the near future. If it were to happen, she would own the CMLL name and other associated trademarks due to them being filed under the name of her father and not the company.