CNN Business Releases Report on WWE’s Declining Stock Value This Year

CNN Business recently released a report focusing on WWE’s declining stock value throughout this year.

WWE’s stock, which is currently at $68.37, is down over 30% from its 52-week high of $100.45.

CNN reported that some of WWE’s investors have been concerned that the company’s stock value might have already reached peak value and also have grown concerned regarding SmackDown’s declining viewership since its debut on FOX earlier this month.

It was also reported that several investors have been concerned regarding the undisclosed financial terms for the company’s recently signed television deals in the United Kingdom and Latin America. As a result of the uncertainty with those television deals and upcoming deals in India and the Middle East, several analysts have been cutting back on their estimates for WWE’s earnings and stock price for the current fiscal year.

CNN Business also reported that some investors and analysts still view the company in a positive light due to their new television deals in the United States and strongly believing this is the start of a new period of unprecedented growth for the company. Rosenblatt Securities analyst Bernie McTernan currently believes WWE will also get a substantial boost in interest and value due to FOX’s cross-promotional efforts with their NFL and sports programming.