More on NJPW’s Parent Company’s Purchase of Stardom

As noted before, New Japan Pro Wrestling’s parent company, Bushiroad, recently purchased Japanese all-women’s promotion World Wonder Ring Stardom following lengthy talks between both sides. Stardom is currently expected to remain operating as a separate company and will not be merging with New Japan Pro Wrestling despite both now being under the same ownership umbrella.

The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer reported that Stardom was sold to Kix Road, which is a subsidiary of Bushiroad. As part of the terms of the deal, Kix Road Co,. Ltd will be renaming itself to Bushiroad Fight Co, Ltd starting on December 1st.

Bushiroad officials reportedly are currently working on plans to improve Stardom’s popularity and exposure through advertising and television. Meltzer reported that these plans will take effect starting this January and include a big marketing push in wrestling magazines and billboards. Stardom will also begin airing their shows on the BS NTV and Tokyo MX cable networks.

In regards to streaming services, Meltzer reported that Stardom World will remain as a separate service from New Japan World. The reason for this decision is likely due to issues involving rival television networks since New Japan World is partially owned by TV-Asahi, which is a rival network to Stardom’s future home, BS NTV.

It was also reported that Stardom will now be able to sign their talent to full-time contracts due to the influx of new funds the company is expecting to receive as part of this deal.