WWE: New NXT Cruiserweight Belt, NXT Women’s Championships Renamed Tonight

New Cruiserweight Championship

Angel Garza was presented with a new NXT Cruiserweight Championship belt by Triple H and William Regal before the Worlds Collide PPV today.

The belt now has the NXT logo in the center instead of the WWE logo to coincide with its name change from the “WWE Cruiserweight Championship” a couple of months ago.

The strap has now also been changed from purple to black, or maybe a very dark purple.

Garza lost the title to Jordan Devlin at Worlds Collide tonight.

Here’s the old belt for comparison:

NXT Women’s Championships

It was reported earlier this week that WWE issued an “internal decree” to begin referring to the NXT Women’s Championship as just the “NXT Championship.”

That officially began tonight at Worlds Collide, where the NXT Women’s Championship was referred to as just the “NXT Championship” and the NXT UK Women’s Championship was also just referred to as the “NXT UK Championship,” on both commentary and on the show’s graphics.