MLW Accuses WWE of Contract Tampering with MLW Talent

Major League Wrestling reportedly has threatened legal action against WWE in regards to allegations of contract tampering, according to PWInsider.

Mike Johnson reported that attorneys from MLW engaged with attorneys from WWE earlier this week over recent allegations of WWE attempting to tamper with the contracts of their talent.

Johnson reported that he was told by his sources that MLW’s legal actions are not in relation to Davey Boy Smith Jr.’s appearance on this past Wednesday’s episode of WWE’s The Bump series on YouTube. Instead, MLW is upset over “multiple talents” being contacted by WWE while still under contract with the company. Smith is currently signed with MLW but his contract allows him to work elsewhere except WWE.

MLW reportedly has an “abundance” amount of evidence to prove their allegations against WWE should this legal issue need to go to court. It was also reported that PWInsider’s WWE sources downplayed the current allegations being made against the company.

WWE previously was alleged to have committed contract tampering with Ring of Honor talent in 2017, which led to legal action by both ROH and their parent company Sinclair Broadcast Group. WWE backed away from engaging with any contracted ROH talent afterwards as a result.