More on AEW vs. NXT Week 21 Viewership

The February 19th episodes of AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT saw both shows gain a notable increase in viewers and AEW maintaining their advantage over NXT in terms of overall viewership and key demographic rankings.

AEW Dynamite drew 893,000 viewers on TNT and a #5 ranking in 18-49 demographic while NXT drew 794,000 viewers on USA Network and a #16 ranking in 18-49 demographic.

The results of the quarter-hour segment breakdowns were not revealed in this week’s issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter but Dave Meltzer reported that both shows were very likely significant hurt by the Democratic presidential primary debate, which aired during the second hour of both shows and drew around 19.7 million viewers combined on NBC and MSNBC. Meltzer reported that when not counting the debate itself nor debate-related news shows, AEW would have ranked #3 and NXT would have ranked #10 in the 18-49 demographic for the night.

In terms of demographic breakdowns, Meltzer reported that AEW managed to tie NXT in the over 50 group and gained the most in the male teenager and male 18-49 groups. NXT reportedly gained the most in the 18-49 female group and had a significant advantage with the female teenager group.

Canadian Viewership for AEW’s Feb. 12 Show

Dave Meltzer reported in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the February 12th episode of AEW Dynamite drew 95,300 viewers on TSN in Canada.