More on WWE’s Q4 Fiscal Report, Vince on Leadership Changes and AEW Impact

As noted before, WWE released their fourth quarter 2019 fiscal report on Thursday, revealing notable increases in several key areas of the company’s finances but also notable decreases elsewhere. WWE Network subscriptions declined by around 10% for the fiscal quarter and the company was considering other potential streaming options for their pay-per-view events.

Notable Highlights for Live Events, Consumer Products, and WWE Network for 2019 Fiscal Year

WWE announced that they saw a decline in live event revenue of $9.7 million compared to 2018’s fiscal fourth quarter. They blamed the decrease on the fewer number of live events and the lack of a Supershow event in Australia.

The average North American attendance increased by around 15% to 5,800 for the fiscal quarter while the average international attendance decreased by around 41% to 4,100 for the fiscal quarter.

In regards to consumer products, WWE saw an increase of quarterly revenue to $30.8 million but this was down compared to 2018’s quarterly revenue of $32.8 million. The company blamed lower video game royalties from the lower sales of WWE 2K20 as the cause for the decline.

The company also saw a decline of around $7 million in the “Other” category for revenue, which was stated to be due to the loss of their Mixed Match Challenge series on Facebook.

In regards to the WWE Network, fiscal year revenues declined to $184.6 million compared to 2018’s fiscal revenues of $199.3 million.

NXT Moving to USA Network

WWE did not reveal how much money they were receiving from USA Network for NXT’s move to cable television. The company did state that they have incurred additional production costs due to the addition of a second hour of content for their weekly television series.

Vince McMahon Comments on Key Management Changes and AEW’s Impact on WWE

During the Q&A portion of the investor’s meeting, Vince McMahon was asked about the recent changes in management and the transition of leadership in the company.

“I think in terms of changing or reimagining our culture and the way we do business, it’s going to be far more inclusive. Quite frankly, with that, our strong management team currently going forward, attracting world class individuals to our company. Who wouldn’t want to work for WWE? I mean, come on! It’s exciting.”

Vince McMahon was also asked a question regarding if AEW has caused any content changes to be made in WWE.

“AEW has not changed our content at all. It’s all about our characters, storylines, and resolutions. It really hasn’t changed our point of view in terms of what we present. We don’t need more ‘edgy’ content. PG, one of the few programs out there that really is PG. As far as NXT, we’re competing. NXT is competing on Wednesday night with AEW and doing extremely well. We’re confident that NXT will continue on with success.”