MJF Claims That He Might Need Surgery

Though it’s very, very possible that he could be trolling and working people, MJF said on Twitter that he “might need surgery” for “something awful that happened” to him.

MJF saying, “I truly care so much about you being entertained during your hour of need” makes it sound like he’s obviously messing around, and he’s always “in character” on his Twitter account, but who knows…

It was previously reported that the main reason why MJF hasn’t been on TV recently is because he lives in New York, which is the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the world, and he and other wrestlers from certain parts of the US were asked to not travel to AEW’s most recent tapings. AEW taped several weeks of episodes last month and a big part of the roster was asked to stay home, including wrestlers from the north east and west coast.