WWE: Triple H on WrestleMania 36 Circumstances, WrestleMania 36 Card Update, Austin Theory Update

Triple H Comments on Portions of WrestleMania 36 Could Air Live and Similar Ideas for Future Events

PWInsider held a recent interview with Paul “Triple H” Levesque and one of the topics discussed included Triple H hinting that some portions of WrestleMania 36 may be live this weekend.

“We can do our stuff in a different manner. We can script out differently, we can shoot things out of order, we can do things in sequence, we can do totally differently to put together a product and still make something entertaining for our fans and that’s what you’re going to see [at] WrestleMania. The ability to blow it out into two days, to make it bigger in some ways, to do some of it live, some of it not live, still incorporate Gronk as a host, do matches that we wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to do. The Firefly Funhouse, The Undertaker’s Boneyard match and do them in different locations and different styles and different feels. It’s an opportunity to do something and hopefully give fans that escape. That’s our goal is really just give them that escape and give them some entertainment, take their mind off all of it.”

In a separate interview with TV Guide, Triple H stated that with this year’s WrestleMania being a two-night event and using off-site locations for matches, WWE is currently considering using similar ideas for their future events.

“This moment in time is changing everything, and I think there are opportunities that we will see and explore now that will become the new norm. So all of those things, whether it’s multiple nights, whether it’s off-site shoots or different things like that, I think those will all be opportunities that we can explore in the future and we’ll see. If they’re successful here, they might be successful in the future as well.”

WWE Reportedly Undecided on Match Cards and Main Events for Both Nights of WrestleMania 36

WWE reportedly was still undecided as of this past Thursday on which matches should main event both nights of WrestleMania 36 this weekend, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Dave Meltzer also reported that the overall match order for both nights was also still undecided as of this past Thursday. Meltzer’s sources stated that WWE officials were waiting for the editing process to be finished before any official decision was to be made regarding the cards and main events for both nights.

Austin Theory RAW Status Update

As noted before, Austin Theory made his official debut for the RAW brand during this past Monday’s episode of RAW at the Performance Center. Theory was announced to be Andrade’s replacement for the tag team match with Angel Garza against the Street Profits at WrestleMania 36.

Dave Meltzer reported in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that it is currently not known if Theory’s move to the RAW brand was official nor if he will remain a member of Zelina Vega’s stable after WrestleMania 36. WWE’s current rules for NXT talent on television is that they cannot be brought up to the main roster on a whim but those rules likely have been tossed for the time being due to the on-going coronavirus issues.

Meltzer also reported that it was Paul Heyman’s decision to have Theory be Andrade’s replacement for WrestleMania 36.