AEW Double or Nothing Results – May 23, 2020 – Stadium Stampede

AEW Double or Nothing
Jacksonville, FL – Daily’s Place
Commentary: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

Quick Match Results

  1. The Buy In – Tag Title #1 Contenders Match: Best Friends defeated Private Party via Strong Zero on Quen (15:10)
  2. Casino Ladder Match for an AEW World Title Shot: Brian Cage won, defeating Darby Allin, Colt Cabana, Orange Cassidy, Scorpio Sky, Kip Sabian, Frankie Kazarian, Luchasaurus, Joey Janela (28:30)
  3. MJF defeated Jungle Boy via roll up (17:20)
  4. TNT Championship: Cody defeated Lance Archer via Cross Rhodes to win the TNT Championship (22:00)
  5. Kris Statlander defeated Penelope Ford via Big Bang Theory (5:30)
  6. Dustin Rhodes defeated Shawn Spears via the Final Reckoning (3:20)
  7. AEW Women’s World Championship – No DQ & No Count-Out: Hikaru Shida defeated Nyla Rose (c) via running knee to win the title (16:40)
  8. AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley (c) defeated Brodie Lee via sleeper hold (15:30)
  9. Stadium Stampede Match: The Elite defeated The Inner Circle via One Winged Angel by Omega on Guevara (34:00)

Segment: Lance Archer, Jake Roberts

Tony Schiavone went to a home demolition/renovation site where Lance Archer was hitting various parts of the interior of a house with a sledge hammer. Tony Schiavone asked Jake Roberts if Archer was ready for tonight, and Roberts told him to take a look as Archer went around smashing things.

The Buy In – Tag Title #1 Contenders Match
Private Party vs. Best Friends

There was a casino theme in the arena, with a few casino chips and cards, but it didn’t look too different from Dynamite. It looked like around the same amount of people in the crowd as have been on Dynamite in recent weeks. A few wrestlers in the front rows, and a few other people in another part of the stadium. Vicky Guerrero was in the crowd at ringside. Excalibur and Taz were on commentary for this pre-show match.

The teams were evenly matched for most of the match. In the end, Private Party went for Gin & Juice on Trent, but Chuck Taylor grabbed Kassidy’s leg from the outside and took him out. Best Friends then hit Strong Zero on Marq Quen for the win. Best Friends are the #1 contenders for the Tag Team titles.

Winners: Best Friends (15:10)

Backstage: Arn Anderson

Arn Anderson was interviewed by Schiavone backstage. He said that things might get “hairy” on the floor. Arn might spinebuster Jake. Jake might DDT Arn. Mike Tyson might knock everyone out. He said that Cody will help make his legacy tonight when he wins the TNT Championship.


They aired a video with AEW wrestlers thanking the “first responders” in the fight against the coronavirus. A “Shad Gaspard 1981-2020” graphic also aired, followed by an opening hype video fro the PPV.

Casino Ladder Match for an AEW World Title Shot
Darby Allin vs. Colt Cabana vs. Orange Cassidy vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Kip Sabian vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Luchasaurus vs. Joey Janela vs. Mystery Wrestler

They showed a few promos before the match: Janela, Sabian, Christopher Daniels and Orange Cassidy/The Best Friends.

There was a big casino chip hanging above the ring.

Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky were the first two entrants. A new wrestler will enter every two minutes. Kazarian and Sky did some basic wrestling for a couple of minutes until the clock ran out…

Kip Sabian entered with Penelope Ford. Jimmy Havoc ran in with a ladder and took out both Sky and Kazarian. There are no DQs in this match. Havoc tried a frankensteiner off of the top onto a ladder on Kazarian, but Kazarian escaped and gave Havoc a German suplex onto the ladder.

Darby Allin entered. Allin immediately took out Sabian and Havoc with a dive on the outside, then hit a flurry of offense on SCU. Darby climbed a huge ladder on the outside with his skateboard and tried to jump down on Kazarian, but he moved and Darby crashed through a horizontal ladder with his skateboard.

Orange Cassidy entered. He went to commentary and asked them how you win the match. Excalibur said that Tony Khan explained it to him like 200 times. Cassidy looked annoyed to be there. He entered the ring and tried to reach the chip, without a ladder. So he stood on top of a ladder that was flat on the ring, but the extra few inches didn’t help him reach the chip. Wrestlers ran at Cassidy, but he nonchalantly ducked out of the way each time. He lazily tried to set up a ladder, but it fell.

Colt Cabana entered. Cassidy seemed to ask him for advice on how to set up a ladder, but Cabana shoved him out of the ring. Cabana tried to climb, but SCU shoved him down and Cabana sold like his fingers got crushed. Cassidy entered and lazily hit SCU with his vicious kicks, then knocked them out of the ring and hit them with a tope suicida.

Joey Janela entered and hit a flurry of offense on everyone. Janela hit Kazarian with a chair, but Sky grabbed it from him and hit Janela with it.

Luchasaurus entered and took out everyone and powerbombed Kip Sabian onto a bunch of people on the outside. Darby Allin entered and hit Luchasaurus with “Code Red” off the top turnbuckle.

Brian Cage entered as the mystery entrant… Nice. Cage was accompanied by Taz. Cage took out Darby Allin with a spinning F5 and powerbombed Sabian. Big German suplex on Sky. Suplex while standing on the bottom rope on Janela. Janela loudly yelled “Fucking motherfucker.” He took out everyone else but Orange Cassidy, then climbed the ladder… Orange Cassidy climbed on his back as Cage climbed… But everyone else got up and pulled down Cage and teamed up on him. They took him to the outside and put a bunch of ladders, crowd barricades, and a big heavy prop poker chip and placed it on top of him.

Sabian hit a Van Terminator on Cabana, dropkicking a ladder into him. A ladder was set up and Orange Cassidy and Kip Sabian both climbed… Cassidy grabbed Kip’s finger and punched him down, onto a ladder. Penelope Ford ran in and climbed up. She tried to punch Cassidy, but he blocked both punches, then she fell off onto Sabian. Jimmy Havoc ran in and attacked Cassidy, but Best Friends ran in and took out Havoc.

Luchasaurus tried to chokeslam Cassidy, but he wriggled free and tried to chokeslam Luchasaurus himself… Marko Stunt ran in and set up a tiny ladder in the ring, grabbed Cassidy by the throat, and hit Orange Cassidy with a chokeslam, assisted by Luchasaurus. Kazarian ran in and took out Luchasaurus. Janela ran in and hit Cassidy with a ladder, then hit him with a death valley driver off of the apron onto the poker chip that was on Cage on the outside.

Sky ran in and took out Janela, then climbed the ladder. Kazarian ran in and they fought atop… but Luchasaurus shoved them both off. Brian Cage suddenly escaped from the things he was buried under and faced off with Luchasaurus. They exchanged blows until Cage hit Luchasaurus with a running powerbomb onto a ladder. Darby ran in, but Cage clotheslined him and hit him with the Drill Claw. Taz yelled at Cage to do something, and Cage set up a ladder horizontally on the top turnbuckle, then put Darby on top of it… then gorilla pressed the ladder with Darby on it and tossed it out of the ring.

Cage climbed the ladder and grabbed the chip, and he will get a future AEW World Championship shot.

Winner: Brian Cage (28:30)

MJF vs. Jungle Boy

Early in the match, MJF acted like he injured his knee. A trainer came in to check on him. Jungle Boy turned his back and MJF, who was playing possum, quickly got up and attacked Jungle Boy from behind. MJF then worked on Jungle Boy for a few minutes, specifically working over his arm. MJF argued with Pineapple Pete and others at ringside and Jungle Boy hit him with three dives in a row, regaining control of the match.

MJF and Jungle Boy stood in the ring and exchanged chops until MJF chopped Jungle Boy’s hurt arm. Canadian Destroyer on MJF, then he locked on a crossface, but MJF bit Jungle Boy’s hand.

Jungle Boy hit a brutal looking reverse hurricanrana on MJF on the apron… Ouch… fuck. MJF’s neck and shoulder smashed hard on the apron. Jungle Boy rolled MJF into the ring and went to the top, but MJF kicked the rope, knocking him down. MJF climbed up, but Jungle Boy hit him with a sweet Ligerbomb off the middle rope. This match is great.

MJF suddenly went for the Salt of the Earth armbar, but couldn’t grab Jungle Boy’s arm. MJF tried a roll up, but Jungle Boy reversed… and MJF reversed into a European clutch pin… 1-2-3. Really good match. Nice.

Winner: MJF (17:20)

TNT Championship
Cody vs. Lance Archer

Mike Tyson entered first, holding the TNT Championship. Lance Archer entered and destroyed some guy. Mike Tyson looked on surprised, and chuckled. Tyson went to ringside. Cody entered next. The referee said that he wanted to give them the opportunity to shake hands, but they didn’t. Tony Schiavone said that the belt wasn’t completed because of the virus and some gold plating will still be added.

The bell rang and Archer immediately hit the Blackout, but Cody rolled out of the ring. Archer took control of the match, pounding away at Cody for a few minutes. Archer hit a springboard moonsault onto Cody and Mike Tyson liked what he was seeing at ringside.

After a few minutes of being beat down by Archer, Cody finally was able to take control of the match, but Jake the Snake got up on the apron to argue with the referee. Cody got in Jake’s face, and that allowed Archer to retake control. Archer and Arn Anderson yelled at each other, and Cody suddenly hit Archer with a cutter off the middle rope. Bionic Elbow by Cody and he nailed the Cross Rhodes! But Archer kicked out.

Stinger Splash by Cody, but Archer grabbed him and chokeslammed him. EBD (Everybody Dies) Claw by Archer, smashing Cody’s head into the mat.

Archer grabbed Cody’s arm and walked across the top rope… and Arn Anderson climbed on the apron and knocked Archer down! The ref was distracted by Jake Roberts for some reason. Another referee ran down and said that Arn Anderson interfered, so the main ref tossed Arn Anderson out of the match… then tossed Jake the Snake out too. Jake walked to the back, but came back out holding a bag, probably with a snake inside. Mike Tyson got up from ringside and took off his shirt, telling Jake to get back, and he did.

Archer went for the Blackout, but Cody reversed into a Cross Rhodes! And another… 1-2-3. Cody is the first TNT Champion.

Winner and new TNT Champion: Cody (22:00)

Mike Tyson handed the title to Cody and raised his arm as pyro went off in the ring.

Backstage: AEW Doctor

Backstage, AEW ringside physician Michael Sampson gave an update on Britt Baker. He said that she suffered fractures and tears in her knee, which were “pretty significant injuries. But the patient is worse than the injury. Pretty high maintenance.” He also said that “She would like to announce when she’s planning on coming back, so she’s gonna announce that on Dynamite on Wednesday.”

Penelope Ford vs. Kris Statlander

Kip Sabian accompanied Penelope and had crutches and his body bandaged. A few minutes in, Statlander hit a big dive to the outside, taking out both Sabian and Ford. Later, Penelope hit a hurricanrana, but Statlander got up and hit a Blue Thunder Bomb, then the Big Bang Theory for the win.

Winner: Kris Statlander (5:30)

Dustin Rhodes vs. Shawn Spears

Commentary said that Dustin Rhodes hasn’t been seen all day. Shawn Spears came out wearing a suit. He said that Dustin was at home washing his tights… and Dustin’s theme music hit… but he didn’t come out. Spears laughed and said “You fall for it all the time.” He asked the ref to ring the bell, start the match, and start the count. The bell rang and ref Aubrey started to count… and Dustin’s theme hit again.

Brandi Rhodes walked out. Spears told her to go backstage, and Dustin Rhodes showed up from behind and attacked Spears and started taking off his suit. Spears fought back and took off his belt to hit Dustin with it, but Dustin fought back and took off Spears’ pants… then grabbed his underwear and revealed his ass… Spears crawled to the outside and pulled up his boxer briefs… which had Tully Blanchard’s face on them on the crotch…

Dustin pulled Spears into the ring and hit the Final Reckoning for the win. Decent comedy match.

Winner: Dustin Rhodes (3:20)

AEW paid tribute to Stardom wrestler Hana Kimura, who passed away last night at the age of 22. They showed a graphic and Excalibur asked everyone to please be nicer to one another.

AEW Women’s World Championship – No DQ & No Count-Out
Nyla Rose (c) vs. Hikaru Shida

Nyla pounded away at Shida early on, tossing her through a poker table at ringside. Shida fought back after a few minutes, tossing Rose onto a poker chip, then nailing her with a kendo stick. Another kendo stick shot, a suplex, and a running knee by Shida, but Rose kicked out. Rose fought back, draping Shida over the top rope and hitting her with a flying knee off the ropes.

Rose set up a table in the corner and powerbombed Shida through it. Later, Shida fought back and hit Rose with a Falcon Arrow off the top. Kendo stick shot by Shida and a running knee, but Rose kicked out. Another big kendo stick shot by Shida, breaking the stick on Rose, and another running knee… 1-2-3! New champ.

Winner and new AEW Women’s World Champion: Hikaru Shida (16:40)

AEW World Championship
Jon Moxley (c) vs. Brodie Lee

Six guys in “S.A.F.E.” shirts stood in the middle of the ring for some reason, seemingly to keep Lee and Moxley apart? “10” had a sling on his arm due to Moxley “breaking” it on Dynamite.

Moxley and Lee fought on the outside for a good portion of the match. A few minutes in, Lee tried to piledrive Moxley on the ring steps, but Moxley back body dropped him over onto the barricade. Later, Lee hit a dragon suplex onto the big prop playing cards at ringside.

Later, Moxley hit Lee with a huge Paradigm Shift off of the steps on the entrance ramp, crashing through the ramp. Jeez… Referees and trainers ran out to check on them… Moxley climbed out first… and Brodie Lee followed, with blood on his face…

Paradigm Shift by Moxley, but Lee kicked out at 1… Moxley attacked his head and hit him with another Paradigm Shift, but Lee kicked out at 2… Sleeper hold by Moxley… and Lee was out. The ref called for the bell.

Winner: Jon Moxley (15:30)

They aired a commercial for AEW action figures, available August 2020.

Stadium Stampede Match
The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager, Santana & Ortiz) vs. The Elite (Matt Hardy, Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, The Young Bucks)

The Inner Circle entered the stadium first to Jericho’s theme, all wearing Inner Circle football jerseys. “The Elite” entered next, wearing their normal gear. There were Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleaders and a marching band on the sidelines. Hangman Page was introduced, but he didn’t come out. Aubrey Edwards was in a ring in the middle of the stadium and blew the whistle, starting the match, and both teams charged at each other.

A couple of minutes in, Hangman Page appeared on a horse and chased down Sammy Guevara, who ran to the backstage area… The Young Bucks and Santana & Ortiz wrestled in the ring. Kenny ran in and suplexed Santana and Ortiz. Hager ran in and took out Omega. Matt Hardy took out Hager, and Jericho hit Hardy with a Codebreaker.

Sammy Guevara ran down to the ring and all members of the Inner Circle celebrated in the ring. Sammy tried a shooting star press, but Matt Hardy moved. Twist of Fate on Guevara. Everyone brawled on the outside, and Guevara hit a Shooting Star off the top onto everyone on the outside.

Everyone started to fight on different ends of the stadium. The Young Bucks set up a ladder near the goal posts… Matt Jackson climbed up onto the goal post and hit a moonsault onto Guevara and Jericho! The others fought into the stands.

Meanwhile backstage, Hangman was still on his horse looking for Sammy Guevara. He got off the horse, told it to stay, and started walking towards a bar…

In the stands, Ortiz threw some salt in the eyes of Omega. They set up a crowd barricade horizontally, then powerbombed Omega through it. They went for a pin, but Matt Hardy hit them with a sock with a baseball in it. Santana & Ortiz then tossed Matt Hardy into a pool in the stands. Santana jumped in to attack Hardy. Ortiz said that he can’t swim. The pool was about three feet deep. They tried to “drown” Matt in the pool, but he came up as Matt Hardy version 1.0. A “Matt Fact” came up on screen saying “Matt Fact: Matt can hold his breath for 346 seconds.” They tried to drown him again, but he got up as “Broken” Matt Hardy again and escaped the pool. He set up Ortiz on a table, Santana ran at him, but Matt back body dropped him onto Ortiz through the table. He put Ortiz’s head inside of a big bell and rang it. He put Ortiz in a wheel chair and duct taped him to it. Matt then tossed Santana into an ice box and locked it shut with a broom stick.

Backstage, Jake Hager was looking for Hangman Page. Page was sitting at a bar with a drink and Hager sat next to him. Page asked, “Did you come here to fight or come here to drink?” then handed him a drink… then punched Hager. He broke a pool cue over Hager’s back, but Hager was unphased. Hager did a backflip on a bar, but Hager slammed him down hard onto a pool table. Hager put Page face down onto the bar, then dragged him across it, knocking down several drinks and bottles. This is great… Gut wrench powerbomb through a table by Hager. Kenny Omega suddenly ran in for the save and smashed a beer bottle on Hager’s head but he no sold it. Page handed Omega a champagne bottle and he smashed it on Hager’s head, but he no sold that too. Two more champagne bottles made Hager wobbly. V-Trigger by Omega… Page flipped over on Omega’s back and hit the Buckshot Lariat on Hager, knocking him over the top of the bar! Page poured a drink for himself and a glass of milk for Omega and they drank together at the bar.

Meanwhile back out on the field, Matt Jackson fought Guevara, while Nick fought Jericho. Matt Jackson hit Guevara with a rolling northern lights suplex… and rolled through with another… and another… and another… The camera cut away to Nick throwing footballs at Jericho. The Jacksonville Jaguars mascot suddenly came in and Jericho hit him with the Judas Effect! Meanwhile, Matt was still hitting Northern Lights suplexes on Guevara… going the entire length of the field. Superkick by Nick on Jericho, sending him through the field goal kicker practice net. Jericho hit Nick with a bat and went for a pin, but Nick kicked out at 2. Jericho argued with Aubrey Edwards, saying that it was a 3 count. He said that he was challenging the call, so Aubrey went into the replay booth… and the call stands. It was 2. Jericho said “You’re a shitty referee.” Meanwhile, Matt northern lights suplexed Guevara into the endzone, and the ref called a touchdown… Matt did an Alex Wright celebration dance, and the ref threw a flag for excessive celebration… so Matt superkicked the ref.

Jericho tried to hit Nick with a bat, but Matt ran in for the save and hit Jericho with the bat, then set him up on a table. Nick Jackson ran about 50 feet up into the stands, then ran down, jumped onto the barricade and splashed Jericho through the table! Hangman Page walked out with the line marker machine… and marked a white line over Jericho’s lifeless body.

Guevara crawled on the field and suddenly hit a sprinkler, which sprayed his face. Guevara got up, saw nobody else around, and said “I won!” Suddenly, a golf cart appeared, being driven by Matt Hardy and Omega. Guevara’s smile faded fast… The golf cart chased Jericho as he sprinted away and was able to escape with a Lambeau leap into the stands. They fought in the stands… Guevara choked Matt and said, “I’m gonna kill you.” Meanwhile, a camera point of view of a drone called “Neo 1” came up… Sammy looked distracted and was nailed with a V-Trigger by Omega. Omega then picked him up on top of an elevated area in the stands and hit him with the One Winged Angel off of it, through an area about 15 feet below… Omega pinned Guevara… 1-2-3. Insane and extremely fun match.

Winners: The Elite (34:00)

The Elite all celebrated together (including Page) after the match, dumping Gatorade onto Omega as the show went off the air.