WWE Releases Lead Writer of SmackDown and Issues More Pay Cutbacks

The lead writer of WWE’s SmackDown brand, Chris DeJoseph, reportedly has been recently released by the company, according to PWInsider.

Mike Johnson reported that DeJoseph was released this past Friday and his release was unrelated to the company’s recent financial cutbacks. The only details currently known are that DeJoseph’s release was a sudden decision and he had been involved with this week’s set of SmackDown tapings. Johnson also reported that prior to his release, DeJoseph had received a new promotion within the company last week.

This is the second time DeJoseph has worked for the company, first from 2004 to 2010 and most recently from December 2019 to this past Friday.

Besides DeJoseph’s release, the company also issued more cutbacks this week targeting the pay of a number of executives and officials. Johnson reported that the company had informed those affected that their pay was going to be reduced for the foreseeable future due to what they said was coronavirus-related issues.

WWE initially told employees who were furloughed in April that they should be able to bring them back in July, but there’s no word on if that’s still the planned timeline right now.