Arn Anderson Signs Multi-Year Contract With AEW

In a post-Dynamite video posted on AEW’s Twitter, Arn Anderson announced that he has signed a new multi-year contract with AEW, saying that Tony Khan gave him the news today and he’s been “smiling all day” as a result.

You know, about a year ago, I said I don’t wanna be anywhere where I’m not wanted. And that’s the way I felt. A year later, it seems I am wanted somewhere and I’m very happy to say today I have signed a multi-year contract with AEW. I am absolutely thrilled to be here with all this young talent and watch this company blossom to be the platinum of all our industry. The next pending years are gonna see some changes, but you’re gonna mix some of the old in with the new and I think the product is just gonna shine as a result of it. Tonight I’m a happy camper. Couldn’t be happier. Tony Khan gave me the news today and I have been smiling all day. So it’s a great day for me. Thank you very much. Glad to be here.

Anderson first appeared for AEW at All Out in August, running in to give Shawn Spears a spinebuster during his match against Cody.