Impact Slammiversary Results – July 18, 2020 – Five-Way World Title Match

Impact Slammiversary PPV
Saturday, July 18, 2020
Nashville, TN
Commentary: Josh Mathews, Don Callis
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Quick Match Results

  1. Open Challenge: The Motor City Machine Guns defeated The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz) via The Dirt Bomb on Dez
  2. TNA World Heavyweight Championship Old School Rules Match: Moose (c) defeated Tommy Dreamer via Lights Out Spear
  3. #1 Contender Knockouts Gauntlet Match: Kylie Rae defeated Alisha Edwards, Havok, Kiera Hogan, Kimber Lee, Nevaeh, Madison Rayne, Rosemary, Susie, Tasha Steelz, Taya Valkyrie, last eliminating Valkyrie via superkick
  4. X Division Championship: Chris Bey defeated Willie Mack (c) via the Art of Finesse to become the NEW X Division Champion
  5. Impact Tag Team Championship: The North (c) defeated Sami Callihan & Ken Shamrock via double team finisher on Shamrock
  6. Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo defeated Jordynne Grace (c) via double armbar to become the NEW Knockouts Champion
  7. Impact World Championship Five-Way Elimination Match: Eddie Edwards defeated Ace Austin, Trey, Rich Swann, Eric Young, last eliminating Austin via Die Hard Flowsion to become the NEW Impact World Champion

Open Challenge
The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

The Rascalz issued an open challenge just a few days ago and it’s answered by the returning Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley)!

Shelley holds Dez on the floor while Sabin delivers a running kick from the apron. The Machine Guns wear down Wentz, showing off their unique double team offense. Sabin cranks the neck of Wentz, followed by a strong forearm from Shelley. Wentz turns the tide and makes the tag to Dez. He launches himself off the back of Sabin to take out Shelley on the apron. Dez sends Wentz soaring through the air with a pair of dropkicks for The Machine Guns. Wentz goes for the Swanton but Shelley gets his knees up. The Machine Guns have Dez beat but Wentz drives Shelley into the pin to break things up. Sabin and Shelley put Dez away with The Dirt Bomb to win.

Motor City Machine Guns

Backstage: Taya Valkyrie, Rosemary, John E. Bravo

Backstage, both Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary have separate conversations with John E Bravo and tell him that they must win the #1 Contender Knockouts Gauntlet tonight!

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Old School Rules Match
Moose (c) vs. Tommy Dreamer

Old School Rules means anything goes as Dreamer hits Moose over the head with a trash can lid. Moose goes low as he drives Dreamer into the guardrail. Moose hits a vertical suplex on the steel ramp. Dreamer hits a Russian leg sweep with his signature kendo stick. Dreamer jumps off the top but Moose cuts him off with a sick mid-air dropkick.

Dreamer connects with the cutter into a garbage can. Moose turns the tide with a modified Uranagi into a pile of steel chairs, followed by a standing Moonsault. Dreamer hits his signature DDT but Moose kicks out at two. Moose puts Dreamer face-first into a pile of thumbtacks. Moose connects with the Lights Out Spear to win.

Winner: Moose

Backstage: Johnny Swinger

Gia Miller is awaiting a new arrival to IMPACT Wrestling but instead, Johnny Swinger pulls up in a Jaguar and says the rental car was under the name “Anderson”.

#1 Contender Knockouts Gauntlet Match
Alisha Edwards vs. Havok vs. Kiera Hogan vs. Kimber Lee vs. Kylie Rae vs. Nevaeh vs. Madison Rayne vs. Rosemary vs. Susie vs. Tasha Steelz vs. Taya Valkyrie

Tasha Steelz and Kylie Rae start the match. They will compete for two minutes, then the next Knockout will enter. Eliminations occur by throwing your opponent over the top rope. Taya Valkyrie’s music hits but John E Bravo comes out dressed as Wera Loca. He gets sent over the top for the quick elimination.

Knockouts will now enter every minute. Kimber Lee is out next, followed by Tasha’s partner, Kiera Hogan. Tasha and Kiera now have the advantage, being an established tag team. Susie enters the gauntlet, and she works together with Kylie to eliminate Tasha. Katie Forbes is a surprise entrant and twerks with Kiera before trying to eliminate her.

Madison Rayne enters the gauntlet and she squares off with Kiera. Havok is out next. Havok hits Kiera with a powerful swinging slam, followed by a Chokeslam to Kylie. This time, the real Taya Valkyrie enters the gauntlet. Alisha enters the match with a flurry of offense, hitting Taya with a big tornado DDT. Katie is eliminated as Havok throws Alisha into Kylie. Nevaeh joins her partner Havok in decimating their competition. Rosemary is the next entrant but moments later, John E Bravo re-enters the match dressed as the Demon Assassin. Meanwhile, Susie is eliminated. Taya accidentally strikes her friend, Rosemary. Havok was about to eliminate them both but Bravo saves them and throws her over the top rope. Madison is eliminated, followed by Alisha and Nevaeh. Kiera is next to get tossed to the floor. Kylie eliminates Lee with a clothesline. Rosemary locks in Upside Down on Kylie but Taya shockingly tosses her friend to the floor. The final two are Kylie Rae and Taya Valkyrie, the match will now end in pinfall or submission. Kylie connects with a huge superkick to win.

Winner: Kylie Rae

Segment: Heath, Rohit Raju

The surprises keep coming as Heath (formerly Heath Slater) jumps the guardrail. Rohit Raju interrupts but Heath makes a statement and takes him out!

X Division Championship
Willie Mack (c) vs. Chris Bey

The X Division Title is on the line at Slammiversary! Willie hits Bey with a sick neckbreaker on the apron. Bey is perched on the top but Willie halts his momentum with a leaping dropkick. Bey regains control with a slingshot Slingblade. Bey uses his former friend Johnny Swinger’s finisher, the Swinging Neckbreaker.

Willie catches Bey in mid-air with a sit-down powerbomb. Willie hits the Exploder suplex into the turnbuckles. Willie connects with the Stunner but Bey avoids the Six-Star Frog Splash. Bey rakes the eyes, followed by The Art of Finesse to become the new X Division Champion!

Winner and NEW X Division Champion: Chris Bey

Backstage: Heath, Rhino, Scott D’Amore

Heath reunites with his former tag team partner, Rhino. Scott D’Amore confronts Heath and says that since he’s not under contract, he can’t be backstage. Scott asks him to leave. Rhino says he will figure things out and asks Heath to show up to IMPACT this Tuesday.

Impact Tag Team Championship
The North (c) vs. Sami Callihan & Ken Shamrock

Can Shamrock and Callihan coexist and capture the Tag Team Championships or will The North continue their historic reign? Alexander and Shamrock square off in a submission battle to open the match.

The North corner Shamrock but he fights back with a double clothesline. Shamrock makes the tag to Callihan who goes on the attack. Callihan hits Page with a Brainbuster for two. Callihan and Page go back-and-forth as they take each other out with in-sync big boots. Both men make the tag and the pace quickens. Callihan quickly tags himself back in. The North take Callihan off the top with double team offense. Shamrock locks in the Ankle Lock on Page. Meanwhile, Alexander does the same to Callihan. Page pushes Callihan into Shamrock and they start to argue. Shamrock aims for Alexander but accidentally hits Callihan with a roundhouse kick. Shamrock sends Alexander flying with a super belly-to-belly suplex. Shamrock crashes and burns with a dive to the outside. The North put him away with their signature double team finisher to retain.

Winners: The North

After the match, The North get on the mic and say that they are the greatest team in IMPACT Wrestling history. The Motor City Machine Guns interrupt and disagree with the champs. Chris Sabin announces that this Tuesday on IMPACT!, The North will defend the Tag Team Titles against The Motor City Machine Guns!

Backstage: Rich Swann

Gia Miller attempts to get an interview with The Good Brothers but inside the locker room is Rich Swann who is recovering from injury. He says that once he is cleared to compete, his eye will be on the IMPACT World Title.

Knockouts Championship
Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Grace overpowers Deonna in the early going, causing her to retreat to the outside. Grace dives through the ropes and lays in a series of shots on the floor. Deonna begins to wear down the arms and shoulders of the champ. Deonna takes Jordynne off her feet with a strong clothesline. The Virtuosa locks in the armbar but Grace gets to the ropes. Deonna continues to dominate. Grace begins to build momentum with a submission of her own.

Grace doesn’t get all of a Grace Driver because of the damage done to her arm. Both competitors exchange shots as Grace gets the upper-hand with multiple powerslams. Jordynne connects with a splash in the corner but Deonna kicks out at two. Deonna locks in the double armbar, forcing Grace to verbally quit. Deonna Purrazzo is the new Knockouts Champion!

Winner and NEW Knockouts Champion: Deonna Purrazzo

On Saturday, October 24th, IMPACT Wrestling returns to pay-per-view with Bound for Glory.

Impact World Championship
Five-Way Elimination Match
Ace Austin vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Trey vs. Rich Swann vs. Eric Young

Rich Swann comes out, throws away his crutches and is revealed as the fourth competitor in this World Title main event!

The match is about to begin when the World Class Maniac, Eric Young makes his return to IMPACT Wrestling. This match is now a five-way!

Eddie dives to the outside but is caught by Madman Fulton and driven into the hardest part of the ring. Referee Brandon Tolle ejects Fulton from ringside. Fulton refuses to leave until Tolle threatens to disqualify Ace. Fulton leaves as Swann picks Ace off the top with a Rana. Swann attempts a handspring cutter but Eddie counters into a Blue Thunder Bomb. Trey hits Swann with combination offense, sending him to the floor. Trey ducks a clothesline from Eddie and dives through the bottom rope, taking out Swann on the floor with a Destroyer. Eddie has Ace beat but Trey is blinded by rage and breaks up the pin. It costs him as Young hits Trey with a devastating Piledriver for the elimination.

Trey is eliminated by Eric Young

Young counters body scissors from Swann into a back suplex. Young powerbombs Swann into Eddie and Ace, sending them flying off the top through a table on the floor. Swann counters a Piledriver attempt and rolls up Young for the elimination. Young snaps and brutally attacks Swann with a steel chair, targeting his previously injured leg.

Eric Young is eliminated by Rich Swann

Ace picks up the pieces and eliminates Swann with The Fold.

Rich Swann is eliminated by Ace Austin

Eddie Edwards and Ace Austin are the final two competitors, one of them will leave as champion. Eddie counters The Fold into a belly-to-belly suplex. Eddie connects with the Boston Knee Party for a near fall. Ace successfully hits The Fold for a near fall of his own. Ace jumps off the top but Eddie avoids him. Eddie connects Die Hard Flowsion to become the new IMPACT World Champion!

Winner and NEW Impact World Champion: Eddie Edwards

After the match, Madman Fulton attacks Eddie from behind until The Good Brothers make the save! They join forces with Eddie and lay out Ace with the Magic Killer. Eddie and The Good Brothers celebrate in the ring with a few cold ones.

Video: EC3

As Josh Mathews and Don Callis are signing off, a video package plays and EC3 appears on the screen! Slammiversary goes off the air.