AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament Night 1 Results – Aug. 3, 2020 – Round 1

AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament: The Deadly Draw
August 3, 2020
Jacksonville, FL – Daily’s Place
Commentary: Tony Schiavone, Veda Scott

Quick Match Results

  1. The Nightmare Sisters (Allie & Brandi Rhodes) defeated Penelope Ford & Mel via spear by Rhodes on Mel
  2. Anna Jay & Tay Conti defeated Nyla Rose & Ariane Andrew via rolling neckbreaker by Jay on Andrew


The ring announcer was Shaul Guerrero, daughter of Eddie and Vickie Guerrero. She introduced Madusa, who came out onto the stage next to the trophy to briefly introduce the tournament.

Penelope Ford & Mel vs. The Nightmare Sisters (Allie & Brandi Rhodes)

Brandi Rhodes and Allie were backstage to draw their colors and they both got red, so the Nightmare Sisters will be a team in the tournament.

Penelope Ford was backstage with Kip Sabian and drew baby blue. Mel then walked up and revealed that she also drew baby blue. They seemed glad to be partners.

Dustin Rhodes and a returning QT Marshall accompanied the Nightmare Sisters to the ring.

At the end of the match, Kip Sabian attacked QT Marshall on the outside, which distracted the ref. Allie raked Mel’s eyes and Brandi nailed her with a spear for the win.

Winners: The Nightmare Sisters

Nyla Rose & Ariane Andrew vs. Tay Conti & Anna Jay

Earlier today backstage, Anna Jay drew black. Taynara Conti (now known as Tay Conti) then walked up and said she also drew black.

Anna Jay was accompanied by the entire Dark Order. She walked out with her mask, but took it off. Nyla Rose was accompanied by Vickie Guerrero.

Rose was a powerhouse in this match, but Jay and Conti eventually chop blocked her leg and worked on it for several minutes. In the end, Rose was limping and double clotheslined Jay and Conti, but her leg was too hurt and she rolled out of the ring, leaving Andrew alone. Andrew hit a split leg drop on Conti, but Jay hit her with a rolling neckbreaker for the win.

Winners: Anna Jay & Tay Conti

After the match, Rose clotheslined her partner Ariane. Conti helped her up and gave her a hug.

Backstage: Brandi Rhodes, Allie

Backstage, Brandi Rhodes cockily said that she was a huge star out there tonight. Allie said that she was also pretty good out there. Brandi said that she’s the first AEW woman with her own action figure. Allie rolled her eyes and Brandi said that she’ll get Allie an action figure too.

Backstage: Anna Jay, Tay Conti

Backstage, Conti said that she and Anna Jay are the prettiest and most dangerous team in the tournament. Alex Marvez asked Anna Jay about the Dark Order, but Jay said “let’s just talk about the tournament now.”