More on AEW vs. NXT Week 47 & 48 Viewership

AEW vs. NXT Week 47 Viewership Update

As noted before, the August 19th episode of WWE NXT drew 853,000 viewers on USA Network and a #23 ranking in the 18-49 demographic while the August 22nd episode of AEW Dynamite drew 755,000 viewers on TNT and a #5 ranking in the 18-49 demographic.

This week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter provided an update that featured more details for both shows that week.

Dave Meltzer reported that in terms of key demographic viewership, AEW had 407,000 viewers and NXT had 310,000 viewers. Despite the different airing date, AEW reportedly was able to carry over most of their regular weekly viewership for Saturday’s episode based on demographic viewership numbers. AEW reportedly also benefited from having a much stronger than usual lead-in program on TNT, which was the NBA Playoffs Game 3 of Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers that drew 1.607 million viewers.

Meltzer also reported that due to NXT gaining more 18-35 viewers than usual, NXT had the second oldest viewership of the week for WWE programming instead of typically being WWE’s oldest weekly viewership show. SmackDown reportedly had the oldest skewing viewership for that week.

AEW Dynamite started off with around 1,002,000 viewers and their biggest gain of the night was the TNT Championship match of Brodie Lee vs. Cody and post-match Dark Order attack which gained 98,000 viewers. AEW’s biggest decline of the night was the MJF promo segment and the beginning of the Natural Nightmares & Jurassic Express vs. The Butcher & The Blade & Lucha Bros match which lost 278,000 viewers.

WWE NXT started off with around 921,000 viewers and their biggest gain of the night was the beginning of the Finn Balor vs. Velveteen Dream match which gained 63,000 viewers. NXT’s biggest decline of the night was the latter half of the Aliyah & Mercedes Martinez vs. Rhea Ripley & Shotzi Blackheart match which lost 68,000 viewers.

More on AEW vs. NXT Week 48 Viewership

The August 26th episode of WWE NXT saw NXT suffering a decline in viewership and a slight decline in key demographic rankings. The August 27th episode of AEW Dynamite saw AEW gain a noticeable amount in viewership but suffered a decline in key demographic rankings.

NXT drew 824,000 viewers on the USA Network and a #24 ranking in 18-49 demographic while AEW drew 813,000 viewers on TNT and a #11 ranking in the 18-49 demographic.

The results of the quarter-hour segment breakdowns were not revealed in this week’s issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Dave Meltzer reported that the combined viewership for AEW and NXT was 1,637,000 million and was the highest combined viewership for both shows since February 5th. Meltzer reported that this combined viewership was up 16% from the last time both shows ran head-to-head on the same night.

Meltzer also reported NXT’s 18-49 demographic viewership was almost identical and their biggest gain was with the Females 35-49 demographic group compared to last week’s unopposed show. Meltzer also reported that for a second week in a row, NXT was unable to draw well from AEW’s Females under 35 viewership.

AEW’s biggest gains for their Thursday show reportedly were the Female Teenagers demographic group at 7.7% higher and the Over 50 demographic group at 20% higher compared to their Saturday show on August 22nd. AEW’s biggest declines were with the Males 18-49 demographic group at 11.4% lower and Overall 18-34 demographic group at 9.5% lower than their Saturday show.