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Matt Cardona Comments on His AEW Debut

Bleacher Report Live held a recent interview with Matt Cardona, former Zack Ryder in WWE. Some of the topics discussed included his thoughts on his upcoming in-ring debut for AEW on tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite and his debut appearance for the company last week.

On the topic of his upcoming in-ring debut in AEW, Cardona stated:

“I mean, I use that hashtag on social media, ‘Always Ready’ but I gotta back it up, right? I’m super excited because it’s my first match in five months but it’s the first match in over a year that I’ve actually cared about, something I’m super pumped for and I’ll be honest, I’m nervous about it because it’s a brand new environment, brand new atmosphere and it’s my chance to make a first impression. I’m sure some people know me, but there might be people who don’t, so this is my first time to show what I got and it’s great that I’m teaming with by best friend.”

On the topic of his official debut during last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Cardona stated:

“Oh my God. First of all, that day, I was so nervous, you know? Because so many reasons. First, it was a brand new environment. I was the new kid in school. Literally got new clothes for the first day of school. I’m meeting all these new people, people that I know but I’ve never really met. I’ve followed their careers, I know them from social media so to see them face-to-face and then of course, I’m gonna be live on Dynamite, on TNT, my return to wrestling so of course I was super nervous, super excited and I just wanted it to be over with in a good way. I just wanted to relax, watch it back and move on.”

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MLW Considering Plans to Resume Live Events, Notable Departure at BeIN Sports, & More Notes

Major League Wrestling officials reportedly are currently considering plans to potentially resume live events within the near future, according to PWInsider.

Mike Johnson reported that despite the company being very committed to their decision to not run any live events during the on-going coronavirus pandemic, MLW officials have started to reconsider their stance after viewing how UFC, NBA, and boxing have handled the situation for resuming events and sports games. Johnson reported that if those groups do not experience massive outbreaks, the more likely MLW will resume live events sooner than later.

In regards to MLW’s home network BeIN Sports, Johnson reported that the biggest advocate of the company, John Duff, had left the network for a new job at MAVTV this past March. Despite Duff’s departure, Johnson reported that his sources within MLW stated that this will have no effect on their working relationship with the network.

MLW is currently interesting in signing Canadian indie talent Michael Richard Blais to a potential contract with the company.

The month of July reportedly generated the third highest ever merchandise sales in company history, according to PWInsider.

Misc. Wrestling News & Notes

The Shoney’s restaurant located in Acworth, Georgia recently announced that they are shutting down due to financial issues caused by the on-going coronavirus pandemic. This restaurant was notable for being owned by Scott Steiner, who opened a franchise in 2016.

Lucha Libre AAA reportedly has been in recent talks with Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre in regards to a potential purchase of the company, according to PWInsider.

Game Changer Wrestling announced that Andrew Everett will be making his official debut for the company at their Jimmy Lloyd’s Jersey Shore event on August 23rd in Atlantic City, New Jersey.