Miro/Rusev Debuts for AEW

The former Rusev, now going by the name “Miro” (his real first name is Miroslav), made his AEW debut tonight on Dynamite as Kip Sabian’s “best man.”

Sabian came out to introduce Miro as not only his best man for his wedding, but as “the best man.” Miro’s entrance theme featured him saying, “I’m the best man” and his entrance video said “The Best Man, Miro.”

The crowd chanted “Miro Day” as Miro took the mic.

“Ten years in the same house, under the same glass ceiling, with an imaginary brass ring. Well, you can take that brass ring and shove it up your ass,” he said. “My name is Miro, and elite recognizes elite, and elite recognizes the best.”

He continued: “And Kip, I love you man. And of course I’m gonna be your best man. But you picked me not because I’m a best man, but because I’m the best man. You tune into my Twitch channel, you know I’m the best gamer. You tune into right here, you’ll see me devour person after person every day, every night, whenever you tune in. My name is Miro and I’m All Elite.”

Miro/Rusev was released by WWE in April. He had been signed with WWE or their developmental promotions since 2010.