“Shorty G” Is Going Back to Being Chad Gable

Chad Gable is finally dropping the horrendous “Shorty G” gimmick that WWE has saddled him with since October 2019.

After losing to Lars Sullivan tonight on SmackDown, Gable was asked by Kayla Braxton, “How do you feel?” and he answered, “I quit.”

Later backstage, he said, “Yeah, I quit! I quit being Shorty G. I’m done being a character that talks about, ‘oh, just accept who you are. It’ll all be fine.’ Know what I don’t accept? I don’t accept this Shorty G crap! I’m done being the smiley little punching bag around this place. Their little happy face on top of their public service announcement. What a joke! Oh, ‘just accept who you are and you can achieve anything you want.’ No, they can’t! Who are we kidding? They can’t achieve everything they want. And neither can Shorty G. There’s only one man that can achieve anything he wants. An Olympian. State, national, world championships. A man with a list of achievements so big it has to be seen to believed. Trust me, it’s long. And his name… is Gable. Chad Gable.”