WWE: More on Retribution Distraction Spot, Matt Riddle Name Change Update, Trademarks

More on the Distraction Spot Used in Hurt Business vs. Retribution Match on RAW

This past Monday’s episode of RAW featured an 8-man elimination tag team match between the Hurt Business and Retribution. This match included a strange distraction spot performed by Retribution’s sole female member Reckoning.

Fightful Select reported (via PWMania.com) that Vince McMahon originally pitched the idea for Reckoning (Mia Yim) to mimic having a seizure in the ring in order to create the distraction-based pinfall elimination for Retribution.

Yim and others reportedly spoke up backstage against McMahon’s original idea saying that it would not be in good taste to perform. It was reported the McMahon liked the revised spot that was done instead since it played out more as if she had been suddenly possessed by an unknown spirit.

More on Matt Riddle’s Name Change

As noted before, Matt Riddle became the latest talent within WWE to receive a new name change. His WWE ring name going forward will just be Riddle based on a recent update to WWE’s roster page on their official website.

Dave Meltzer reported in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the reason for the name change is due to WWE officials did not want to have people searching “Matt Riddle” online and have the details of the current sexual abuse lawsuit against him be brought to light.

Meltzer reported that the decision to change his ring name was made on October 29th and Riddle had no issues with the company’s decision.

WWE Files Several New Trademarks

WWE recently filed several new trademarks to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Two trademarks for “Then Now Forever” were filed on October 26th for entertainment and merchandise-related purposes. This phrase is the intro video signature used by WWE prior to the start of their shows.

Trademarks for “Xia Brookside” and “Tyson T-Bone” were filed on October 26th for wrestling and entertainment-related purposes.