NXT Results – Nov. 25, 2020 – Pete Dunne vs. Kyle O’Reilly Ladder Match

Results by Mike Hogan – Rajah.com

November 25, 2020
Orlando, FL – Capitol Wrestling Center
Commentary: Vic Joseph, Beth Phoenix, Kevin Owens

Quick Match Results

  1. Candice LeRae defeated Ember Moon via the Wicked Stepsister after interference by Indi Hartwell
  2. Kushida defeated Timothy Thatcher via Hoverboard Lock
  3. Cameron Grimes defeated Jake Atlas via the Cave In
  4. WarGames Advantage Ladder Match: Pete Dunne defeated Kyle O’Reilly after a mystery man shoved O’Reilly off the ladder

Ember Moon vs. Candice LeRae

We go straight to the Capitol Wrestling Center, with Kevin Owens as a guest commentator tonight. Candice LeRae is already in the ring with Indi Hartwell. Ember makes her way out to her new theme (love it) and we get ready to start out first match of the evening! Beth Phoenix and Vic Joseph compliment Ember on her return, and KO pays his respect to Ember’s drive to make a name for herself here in NXT. The bell rings and we start.

Both women posture early on, with LeRae doing the typical heel tactic of avoiding Moon. LeRae even asks for a timeout and begins consulting with Hartwell. Moon attacks her, and LeRae spills outside the ring and begins to flee. Ember Moon catches her. Indi Hartwell steps up to Ember when Moon sends LeRae into the ring. Both women lock eyes; LeRae flies out at Ember, attempting to capitalize on the distraction, but Ember catches her and slams her against the announcer’s table! The action spills in and out of the ring, with Ember Moon hitting a faceplant on LeRae into the table again. LeRae tries to walk up the ramp but Moon catches her and brings her back to the ring. As Ember enters, LeRae attacks Ember and goes for a quick pin. We’re reminded that there will be a female WarGames. I believe the two captains will be Candice LeRae and Shotzi Blackheart. Will confirm later. LeRae locks a neck crank on Moon and the ref checks on Ember. Ember twists her body, and rises to her feet. She picks LeRae up in a fireman’s carry, but LeRae wiggles and rolls her up. Moon counters by rolling the other way. Both women see-saw with pin attempts until Moon breaks it and drops LeRae with a big kick. Moon sets up in the center of the ring, attempting a suplex. LeRae blocks by getting a leg between Moon’s. Again, Moon attempts a suplex and again, LeRae blocks. LeRae rolls her up but a kickout. Both women to their feet; LeRae floors Moon with a big clothesline as she starts to take control.

Both women struggle as LeRae tries to lock in a rear waistlock. LeRae hits the Gargano Way and covers for a close two. LeRae sends Moon into the corner, backs up and charges it–but Moon dives out the way. LeRae goes for a kick but Moon catches her leg, hoists it high, then hits a modified snap suplex. LeRae falls across the middle rope. Moon runs and slides out the ring to the floor, yells “Eat it, hussy!” and then slaps LeRae. Suddenly, Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez come down on the ramp, joining up with Indi Hartwell and looking over a fallen Candice LeRae as we go to picture-in-picture break.

LeRae, backed by her three cohorts, takes a few moments to get her wind back. She goes in the ring and begins to counter move for move with Ember. LeRae sends Ember to the apron and, when the ref is distracted, one of Team LeRae strike Ember and knock her to the outside floor. Candice follows this up with a wicked baseball slide. The ref begins to count as Ember is a bit slow in getting up. Ember rolls into the ring and LeRae immediately stomps her, then rolls her over and attempts a pin, getting only a two. Candice again stands over a seated Ember Moon, twisting the head and cranking the neck as the ref continues to check on Ember. Moon tries to get to her feet but Candice hammers a fist into the small of Moon’s back, flooring her. Candice kneels behind a seated Ember and locks in a chin lock. The crowd begin to visually get behind Ember as she tries to power out of the chin lock. Her three cohorts walk from ringside as the ref checks on Ember Moon again and we return from break.

Ember Moon escapes the chin lock. Ember attempts some offense, whipping LeRae. LeRae comes back and locks in the Gargano Escape, her husband’s signature lock! Moon tries to roll out of it but her shoulders go down! Moon repositions and rises up, but LeRae adjusts and leaps on Ember’s back, cinching her legs around Moon’s waste and applying a sleeper. Ember starts to fade but has the wherewithal to flop back, landing on LeRae. Moon begins to fire up now, sending LeRae from corner to corner. Ember Moon hits a suplex, keeps a grip and rolls up, lifting Candice up and hitting a pancake suplex! Moon goes up top; Dakota Kai gets on the apron to distract the ref, and Hartwell moves into the ring. Moon dives, and hits Hartwell with the Eclipse! Candice comes in from behind her and hits the Wicked Stepsister, picking up the win!

Winner: Candice LeRae

Toni Storm comes out to backup Ember moon as Kai, Gonzalez, LeRae and Hartwell occupy the room. Storm and Moon nod and charge the ring–but Storm grabs her leg and yanks her out, then begins to attack Ember Moon! Well call me an electrician because I am shocked, folks! Moon is then beaten down by the betraying Storm, Kai and her colleagues!

Segment: Legado Del Fantasma

Backstage, Legado del Fantasma talked about how it’s been their year and they’ve taken out everybody.

In-Ring: Undisputed Era

We saw them in the parking lot before the break, and they’re making their way out to the ring as we return! We get a clip from the Pat McAfee show, and all four members of the UE are in the ring and get on the mics. Adam Cole mentions that Pat claims that they (his group) have taken over the show. Cole says they’ve heard it over and over before. Cole gives props to Pat for giving the UE a dose of their own medicine, but that’s all right. Cole calls Pat a coward for not being present but says that he’s looking forward to two weeks from now–the WarGames match between the Undisputed Era and the Kings of the Ring.

Kyle O’Reilly mentions last week, when the UE showed up to backup Finn Balor and they “kicked the crap” out of Pat and “beat up that bonehead ONEY LORCAN.” Cole tells them that they’ve got WarGames in two weeks–a match the Undisputed Era has never lost–and tonight they’ve got the advantage ladder match. Cole points out that Pete Dunne was selected by Pat, but he doesn’t know who he’s fighting tonight. Kyle O’Reilly begs Cole to give him another shot at Pete Dunne, after Dunne turned on him two weeks ago. Cole loves the idea of an angry Kyle O’Reilly fighting Pete. He says this is the Kyle O’Reilly who took out the NXT champion, and he’s angry. The UE has fought for championships and bragging rights, but this time they’re fighting to drag Pat McAfee and his team through absolute hell. Cole promises to remind everyone who they are and says that Pat, after WarGames, will never, ever be the same and that…is undisputed!

Backstage: Candice LeRae, Indi Hartwell, Raquel Gonzalez, Dakota Kai, Toni Storm

Interviewer Kenzie wants to talk to Candice LeRae about what happened moments ago. LeRae tells her she needs a moment, then discusses with her colleagues. She then introduces Team LeRae as Candice LeRae, Dakota Kai, Raquel Gonzalez, and Toni Storm. Storm steps in from off-camera and says she’s fine with that, and she did tell everyone when she returned that she was a whole new Toni Storm. We go to break.

Timothy Thatcher vs. Kushida

When we return from break, Thatcher’s in the ring. Kushida makes his way to the ring as the commentary team mentions how dangerous Kushida’s been this year, more vicious than ever. The ref separates them…and Tommaso Ciampa comes down the ramp, dragging a steel chair! He sets it up at the bottom of the ramp and takes a seat to watch the match! We’re reminded that Ciampa’s requested a match with Thatcher, but Thatcher’s said he has no quarrel with Ciampa. We start things off!

Kushida and Thatcher lock up and execute a series of attempted submissions and counters; both men show off their impressive catch and technical skills. Beth Phoenix calls it a wrestling clinic as both men jockey for leverage. She compliments Kushida for his quickness and believes it’ll factor again. Kushida attempts a drop toe hold but Thatcher doesn’t budge. Kushida comes up and pops Thatcher in the face. Thatcher attempts an arm bar but Kushida rolls through; Thatcher catches him for a quick belly to belly suplex that flattens Kushida. Thatcher grabs the legs of Kushida, and Kushida struggles, kicking his legs. Thatcher locks in a single-legged knee lock for a few moments, but Kushida twists in it, rolls Thatcher on his stomach, leans back and locks his arms under Thatcher’s chin! It looks like an inverted dragon lock! Both mean break free. Kushida starts with kicks to the lower body of Thatcher. Kushida is sent off the ropes, cartwheels and dropkicks Thatcher! Thatcher rolls to the apron and stands. Kushida leaps for another, but Thatcher catches his legs and uses the ropes as leverage! Kushida rolls in pain as the ref counts, getting to the count of four before Thatcher releases! We go to break!

We return from our commercials and both men are going right at it in the middle of the ring! Kushida with a flurry of offense, striking and kicking Thatcher back, and slaps him in the face. Thatcher gets pissed and locks Kushida in a butterfly position, perhaps looking for a butterfly suplex, but Kushida squirms out of it and attempts to lock in a sleeper. Thatcher and Kushida move and counter-move, each man attempting to get the advantage with a submission hold. Both men are winded as they begin a quick series of strikes, with an attempted backslide pin. Kushida holds on and stomps down on Thatcher, then looks for the Hoverboard lock! Thatcher keeps his hands locked, trying to block the Hoverboard from being locked in. Kushida stomps a foot two times into Thatcher, attempting to weaken him. Thatcher counters, rolling Kushida onto his back and locking in a rear-arm shoulder lock. Kushida manages to gain the leverage and rolls Thatcher onto his back; Thatcher has to adjust or be counted down. Thatcher gets all kinds of twisted up with Kushida’s body before finally locking in an ankle lock! Kushida immediately slides out of it and down Thatcher’s body, dropping the catch specialist and locking in his own ankle lock! Thatcher escapes and locks Kushida in a sleeper hold with his legs body scissored around Kushida. Kushida squirms and gets to his feet. Thatcher tries to lock in another sleeper. Kushida tries to hyper-extend Thatcher’s left elbow, then sends Thatcher off of him. Thatcher falls to the outside. Kushida follows and both men battle at the ring side. Thatcher goes shoulder-first into the ring post. We see Thatcher on his knees, staring at Ciampa, his nose and mouth a bit bloody. Kushida takes him inside. Both men exchange uppercuts, and Thatcher hits the double-under suplex! Tommaso stands up, eying Thatcher. Kushida capitalizes on it, flipping Thatcher down and locks in the Hoverboard lock! Thatcher taps immediately!

Winner: Kushida

Video: Io Shirai, Rhea Ripley

Our commentary team takes us to a video package, featuring clips of last week’s incredible title match between Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai. Both women give some voice-over narration during this package. We see the vicious attacks that Rhea took on her arm, and hear from a WWE Physician nothing useful. Rhea says that Io putting her through the table destroyed her back. The only problem for Rhea was she couldn’t stand up, staggered into the ring, and “three seconds later, Io Shirai is champion.” Rhea says she doesn’t like Io, but she respects her, and wonders where she goes from here, admitting that she doesn’t know. We’ll see Rhea Ripley live later tonight. Perhaps a call-up?

Backstage: Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan, Danny Burch

Pete Dunne and his allies say that they’ve broken the spirit of the Undisputed Era once and they’ll do it again, and at WarGames they’ll finish the job!

In-Ring: The KO Show With Kevin Owens, Leon Ruff

KO points out that last November, he came back as a special competitor; this November, he’s back as a commentator; next November, maybe he’ll be the bell boy. He then gets to his guest, welcoming out the North American Champion Leon Ruff. Leon comes out in dress casual slacks and a dress shirt, belt over his shoulder and all smiles as the commentary team compliment his spirit and sharp look.

KO welcomes Ruff, who thanks him for having him, and KO mentions that they might as well “use the chairs, they look real comfy.” He says that after watching Ruff’s last two weeks, he thought “why not have a Kevin Owens Show” so Ruff can tell his story. He tells Ruff that the floor is his. Ruff tells us that he signed his WWE contract seven weeks ago, and he’s wanted to be a WWE superstar for his whole life. KO asks to see clips, and we do–from two weeks ago when Leon Ruff surprisingly defeated Johnny Gargano to win the North American title in a major upset. In the ring, Ruff says that moment–when he won the title and put it around his waist, and it fell to his feet–was so embarrassing. KO tells him not to worry about it, it happened to him, too. He asks what it means like to have the title. Ruff says its an inspiration to people like him, who were told he couldn’t succeed. KO tells Ruff that he should be very proud of himself. It wasn’t easy for KO to get to the WWE and become a superstar, and he imagines it couldn’t have been easy for Leon, either, but tells him to keep his head up and be proud of his success.

The crowd starts a “you deserve it!” chant. Ruff tells people to never give up on their dreams. KO agrees, but tells Ruff that Leon’s got to have a little more conviction in how he says it. KO cautions Ruff that there are people in the back who don’t have the same conviction, and want his title. KO gets Ruff fired up, and he hops to his feet and yells into his mic. He yells that he can do whatever he wants as he beat Gargano not once but twice. KO literally face-palms. KO tells him “when you say someone’s name, they always come out. I bet he’s back there, screaming at someone to hit his music so he can come out.” KO counts down three…two…one…and silence.

Finally, Gargano’s music cuts in and KO says he was a little off on his countdown. Gargano comes out yelling no, and asks if this a prank show and if Ashton Kutcher is going to “pop out of one of these pods.” Gargano gets in the ring and KO gets him a chair. He tells Gargano he’s a good host. Gargano says “thank you for the chair…I don’t want a stupid chair!” Gargano throws his chair out the ring. Someone hands KO another chair, and Gargano yells again that he doesn’t want a stupid chair–and Owens tells him it’s not for him. Gargano yells at Ruff, telling him that he didn’t deserve to win the title and only did so because of that “arrow shooting” freak, meaning Damian Priest. KO shakes his head and reminds Johnny what he just said about saying someone’s name.

He does another countdown, and out comes Damian Priest! Priest gets in the ring and tells Johnny that he sucks and lost to Ruff. KO offers him a chair; Priest thanks him but declines. Priest goes on to say that Ruff beat Gargano twice. Gargano yells at Priest, saying that Ruff only won because of Priest, and that Gargano wants to prove that Ruff is a fluke, a joke. Gargano and Ruff get in each other’s faces. Priest calls Gargano “Johnny Chokes over here,” and then Priest reminds Ruff of his comments last week when Ruff said he’d take on both Gargano and Priest and Priest never had his rematch.

KO laments not having a Theodore Long to come out and make the match, if only the NXT version of Teddy Long would come out…and William Regal’s music hits and out comes the GM of NXT! Regal makes it official–Leon Ruff will defend his North American title against Damian Priest & Johnny Gargano at WarGames! He then smirks at them, ends his declaration by saying “playah” Theodore Long-style, and heads to the back.

Backstage: Finn Balor

Balor says he’s back, and the champion fights Wednesdays. That’s it. We go to break.

Video: Shotzi Blackheart

We see Shotzi with tools and working on something as she plugs WarGames.

Cameron Grimes vs. Jake Atlas

We return from break and Jake Atlas is already in the ring. Cameron Grimes comes down and the commentary team compliment Atlas’ growth the last few weeks and wonder if Grimes is over his Lumis curse. Grimes starts off aggressive. Atlas attempts to stop it, but Grimes hits a big single legged dropkick. Grimes sends Atlas into the ropes and telegraphs a back-drop, but Atlas lands on his feet. Both men exchange fists. Atlas sends Grimes into the ropes, but Grimes grabs the ropes and puts on the breaks. Grimes attempts a lariat; Atlas rolls through and gets a close two. Atlas with a big forearm and another attempted cover on Grimes. KO and Vic Joseph mention this could be a big upset for Atlas, and a big boost to the 26 year old’s career. Grimes slams down Atlas. Grimes pulls him up and sends Atlas into the ropes, and on the rebound Grimes hits the Cave In (he leaps up and hits a double foot-stomp to their chest, if you haven’t seen it). Grimes picks up the win.

Winner: Cameron Grimes

Grimes is celebrating in the ring but doesn’t see Dexter Lumis comign up behind him! Grimes flees the ring. Lumis stands in the middle of the ring, a black sack or cloth in hand, and points to the LED screens surrounding the ring and at the top of the ramp. We see clips from their Halloween Havoc match, mostly of Grimes begging for his life and running, feeling. Lumis pulls a long, leather strap out of the black sack and throws one end at Grimes. Grimes grabs it and throws it back, yelling it’s not going to happen over and over as he stomps up the ring! Lumis coldly stares at him.

Backstage: William Regal, Cameron Grimes

Grimes has been summoned to Regal’s office. Grimes says he’s an important man and has places to be. Regal tells Grimes that the NXT Universe wants to see Grimes take on Lumis, and Regal thinks Lumis’ idea of a strap match is great. He makes it official–Lumis vs Grimes in a Strap Match at WarGames!

In-Ring: Rhea Ripley, Candice LeRae, Toni Storm, Raquel Gonzalez, Dakota Kai

We cut to the ring and Rhea Ripley is already in the ring. She compliments Io Shirai and her ability. Rhea mentions that the hug after the match last week was nothing but respect for Io Shirai. She says that they respect each other, but it wasn’t any kind of sending off party. Rhea says she’s here and she’s here to stay, and she’s focused on one thing and will not stop “are you kidding me?”

Candice LeRae & Toni Storm come out. Candice mocks Rhea, and tells her to tell the fans how much harder she’s gonna try next time. LeRae says the difference between Rhea an LeRae is that Io stole two victories from LeRae with help…but she beat Rhea on her own. “Besides that, the biggest difference between us…you, talky talky talky talky talk, but can’t seem to back it up. I, on the other hand, can talk the talk and walk the walk.”

She’s joined by Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai, with an unconscious Io Shirai on her shoulder. Team Kai charge the ring. Ripley slides out and takes out Raquel and Dakota at ringside, the slides back into brawl with Toni Storm and Candice LeRae! Ripley fights like a kung fu ferret but the numbers are not in her favor. Team LeRae beat her down, four on one, with Io Shirai motionless on the ramp. Raquel Gonzalez slams Rhea, then throws her into the ring post. They take their time beating her down before Team LeRae leaves and walks up the ramp. They stand over the fallen Shirai, smiling at the ring as Rhea Ripley holds her right shoulder and rolls in pain. We go to break.

Video: Xia Li, Boa, “Master” & “the Emperor”

We see them in the car. They exit and see an older Asian man and walk over, bowing and calling him Master. He nods and opens the door to a storage unit, it looks like. They come in and kneel before a cloaked figure who resembles the Emperor from Star Wars. They’re now begging for one more chance, begging for mercy. The “Emperoro” holds up a finger and the “Master” yells at them to shut up. He then marks their hands with a symbol in black ink and we cut to the ring.

In-Ring: Ever-Rise, Grizzled Young Veterans

Ever Rise are in the ring but before a match can begin, Zack Gibson & James Drake–better known as the Grizzled Young Veterans from NXT UK–show up and take them out. They get on the mic and tell everyone to remember who they are.

Backstage: Johnny Gargano, Candice LeRae

They’re asked about what LeRae just did. LeRae and Gargano talk about building their careers, and that Gargano is going to win his title back. They get in their car and drive off with another Ghostface in the backseat, and commentary remark it’s not Indi Hartwell this time.

WarGames Advantage Ladder Match
Pete Dunne vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Kyle O’Reilly is out first as Vic Joseph explains the rules–whomever retrieves the case hanging above the ring will give their team the WarGames advantage. We see the other members of the Undisputed Era in a little platform behind the ring, with the Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan in their own platform raised behind the ring. Pete Dunne gets in the ring and Kyle O’Reilly wastes no time attacking him and sending him from the ring. Dunne paces by the ladder as we go to break.

We return from the break and the ladder is set up in the corner. Dunne attempts to whip Kyle O’Reilly (KOR here onward) into the ladder but KOR puts on the brakes! KOR and Dunne brawl to the outside of the ring, with KOR taking the upper hand and utilizing his martial arts background to deliver some devastating strikes. KOR pulls a ladder out from under the ring but eats a low superkick from Dunne for his efforts. Dunne sets the ladder up as a bridge between the barricade and the ring. Dunne attempts to suplex KOR onto the ladder but KOR blocks it. KOR drops Dunne, then catapult’s him face-first into the plexiglass on top of the barricade! Both men make their way into the ring. KOR is in first and climbs the ladder, but Dunne hits the ring fast and drops KOR. Dunne sets the ladder up over KOR, pulls KOR’s left arm through one of the steps and uses the steel step to torque KOR’s arm! He then slams it down! Dunne starts to climb. KOR hits a dragonscrew from underneath the ladder! KOR keeps at it, sending Dunne off the ladder. The ladder collapses in the process.

In the ring, Dunne gets the upper hand when he powerbombs KOR onto the ladder that’s propped up in the corner! KOR’s body bounces off like a rag doll, and he rolls to an opposite apron. Dunne follows and pushes his foot on KOR’s face, pushing it into the bridging ladder on the apron. KOR hits another dragonscrew to gain some separation. KOR begins his offense, striking Dunne into the ropes, and over them. He ties Dunne’s left leg up over the middle rope and hits a flurry of strikes. KOR runs back, then charges Dunne–only for Dunne to catch him and suplex them both through the bridged ladder! The metal snaps and we go to picture-in-picture commercial break. Refs surround our competitors, checking on both as they lay in pain, bodies broken. Dunne is up first and uses the barricade to regain his balance. He rolls into the ring and crawls to a nearby ladder. He rises and sets it up in the middle of the ring, under the briefcase! Dunne begins to climb the ladder!

KOR gets in the ring in time to stop Dunne, but sacrifices his body in the effort. Dunne stomps away at KOR as we return from break. Dunne smashes the ladder down on KOR’s fingers before exiting the ring and limping over to the timekeeper’s area. Dunne retrieves a chair and heads into the ring as KOR regains his footing. KOR is bent over, and suckers Dunne into approaching–and kicking Dunne in the gut! KOR swings a fist but Dunne blocks it with the chair. Dunne sets up KOR for a move but KOR locks in a submission effort. Dunne escapes. KOR hits a knee to Dunne’s ribs, then snap suplexes Dunne onto the fallen ladder! KOR rolls out to the apron then climbs the turnbuckles from the outside. KOR dives off for a knee drop, but Dunne moves and KOR drops his knee right on the ladder! He rolls in pain, rolling to the floor outside the ring. Dunne sets up a ladder in the middle of the ring and begins to climb up with his one good leg.

KOR makes it into the ring just in time. KOR locks in an ankle lock while Dunne’s on the ladder! He yanks him off and keeps it on! Dunne flips KOR into the ladder. Both men are down. KOR adjusts the still-standing other ladder in the middle of the ring. Both men are up on their knees and punching each other beneath the ladder. It devolves to a flurry of fists as they rise to their feet. Dunne pulls O’Reilly’s arm through the ladder and attempts a submission, but KOR shuts it down with a kick to the gut. Both men continue to yank each other beneath the ladder, their arms above the stability bars as they have a brutal tug of war. KOR hits the ladder into the face of Dunne and both men fall down, with the ladder falling over and landing on Dunne’s left knee! KOR is up first and sets up another ladder. KOR and Dunne begin climbing at the same time. Both mean reach the top at the same time! Kor with a right; Dunne with a right! They exchange right fists over and over and over, with Dunne getting the advantage. Dunne climbs up a step and kicks down, over the top step, on KOR. Dunne reaches for the case and has it in hand, but KOR comes up and hits Dunne’s arm! KOR reaches for the case but Dunne does one of his sadistic finger-crank moves! KOR shakes his hand, runs off the ropes and takes the ladder down! Both men are down! We are now running over past the 10pm end of show! KOR sets a ladder up and begins to limp up the ladder. Dunne comes in with a ladder and smacks O’Reilly in the leg! KOR falls off the ladder and Dunne hits him in the back!

Dunne takes KOR outside and drops him back-first across the barricade! Dunne sets up a ladder and begins to climb. KOR hits the ring and dumps Dunne off the ladder and out the ring! KOR climbs the ladder, moving slowly on that injured leg. KOR gets to the top when a man wearing all black hits the ring, his face hidden by a mask. The mystery man (totes not Pat McAfee) shoves the ladder, and KOR flies off the top and out of the ring! Dunne sets up the ladder, climbs up, and retrieves the case!

Winner: Pete Dunne

We get replays of the highlights, including the mystery person tipping the ladder and costing Kyle O’Reilly the match. Up the ramp, Dunne celebrates with Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. The remainder of the UE make their way from their little perch to KOR and stare down Dunne, Lorcan and Burch and we end our program!