WWE: More on NXT Moving to Tuesdays, WWE Issuing Fines for “Thigh Slapping”, New Trademark

More on NXT’s Rumored Move to Tuesdays on USA Network

As noted before, WWE’s NXT television series is currently rumored to be moving to a new weekly airing date of Tuesdays on the USA Network starting on April 13th.

Dave Meltzer reported in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that as of press time this past Friday, it is still not confirmed if NXT will actually be moving to a new weekly air date on the USA Network. Meltzer reported that “significant discussions” were held last week within WWE but details from those talks were not revealed by his sources. Meltzer also reported that those who work in NXT, both talent and staff, have not been told anything about a potential move as of earlier this week.

Meltzer reported that while NHL usually does not generate the same level of viewership as NXT on a weekly basis, it does draw much higher ad rates and has a higher priority for USA Network due to its status as a real sport. Meltzer also reported that NHL’s ratings during playoffs typically outperforms NXT in viewership.

Meltzer speculated that if NXT does move to a new weekly Tuesdays date, they could see a potential rise in weekly key demographic viewership from its current average range of 150,000 to 235,000 to a new average range of 300,000 to 325,000.

WWE Reportedly Fining Talent for “Thigh Slapping” During Matches

Dave Meltzer reported in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that a story recently circulating within WWE involves WWE officials starting to fine wrestlers who engage in “thigh slapping” for added sound effects when performing kicks.

Meltzer reported that at least one memo had been recently sent to talent in NXT about no longer doing the practice of “thigh slapping” but nobody has said a word about it since then.

Fightful Select later confirmed Meltzer report stating that this memo to NXT talent had been sent this past February and WWE officials had recently put up a sign backstage stating ” No Thigh Slapping” in large bold letters.

WWE Files New Trademark for NXT

WWE recently filed a new trademark to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

A trademark for “NXT Takeover Stand and Deliver” was filed on March 2nd for wrestling and entertainment-related purposes.