Various: Chris Jericho on AEW, WCW, & WWE WarGames Differences, New Trademarks, Indies

Chris Jericho Comments on Differences Between AEW, WCW, & WWE’s Versions of WarGames

The New York Post held a recent interview with Chris Jericho. One of the topics discussed included Jericho’s thoughts on the differences between AEW’s version of WarGames and WCW and WWE’s versions of the same match type.

“Our apparatus, if you will, is different. We are putting it in Daily’s Place so there were some configurations you kind of had to switch around a bit just out of space restrictions, which kind of adds to the originality of our match and our structure. If you watched WarGames back in 1992, it’s a little different from that and if you saw kind of WWE’s bastardized version, it’s different from that. We kind of have a little bit of a different thing. Some of it is by design, some of it is from necessity.”

WWE, Goldberg, & Zicky Dice File New Trademarks

WWE, Goldberg, and former NWA talent Zicky Dice recently filed several new trademarks to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

WWE filed a trademark for “Asher Hale” on April 30th for wrestling and entertainment-related purposes. This is the NXT ring name of former EVOLVE talent Anthony Henry.

Goldberg filed rademarks for two logo-based images on April 30th for merchandise-related purposes.

Zicky Dice filed a trademark for “Outlandish Zicky Dice” on April 30th for wrestling and merchandise-related purposes.

Misc. Wrestling News & Notes

During a recent interview with The Roundtable Pro Wrestling Podcast, Jazz revealed that she will be working as an agent for the NWA for their Women’s division starting this June.

Cassie Lee, former Peyton Royce in WWE, announced on Instagram that she will be launching a new podcast series with Jessie McKay, former Billie Kay in WWE, called Off Her Chop.

Impact Wrestling announced that they have recently signed a deal with Samsung TV Plus to provide Impact content for their television streaming service.

Impact Wrestling reportedly currently has scheduled a July 17th date for this year’s Slammiversary event, according to PWInsider. Mike Johnson reported that the current plan is for this event to be aired live and in Nashville, Tennessee.

AEW announced that they have recently launched a new global online merchandise shop for the company.

New Japan Pro Wrestling announced that two of their talent have recently tested positive for COVID-19. These two talent were among several talent that were pulled from NJPW’s Wrestling Dontaku 2021 Night 2 event this past Tuesday due to fever and COVID precautionary reasons.