Will Ospreay NJPW Status Update & Ospreay to NXT UK Rumors

As noted before, New Japan Pro Wrestling recently stripped Will Ospreay of his IWGP World Heavyweight Championship due to him recently suffering a neck injury. Ospreay traveled back to his home in the United Kingdom following a backstage dispute over issues with his neck injury and the company’s recent handling of the coronavirus pandemic in Japan.

Voice of Wrestling reported that several New Japan trainers spoken to stated that Ospreay’s injury was not severe enough to cause him to be advised to immediately stop working or require the need for him to vacate the IWGP World title. NJPW officials and Ospreay reportedly had agreed to a plan to let Ospreay work through the originally scheduled Wrestle Grand Slam tour in order to drop the title to Kazuchika Okada and then be given time off during the summer to heal up.

It was reported that when NJPW cancelled their Wrestle Grand Slam tour due to coronavirus pandemic reasons, Ospreay and the company’s other foreign-based talent were informed they could go home. NJPW officials reportedly then decided to change their minds and informed talent they had to remain in Japan, which led to anger from the company’s talent including Ospreay. This reportedly was one of the reasons why Ospreay decided to ignore the company’s orders and traveled back home.

It was also reported that several Japanese talents and some within NJPW management currently believe Ospreay wants to leave the company and possibly work for WWE for their NXT UK brand. The basis for this speculation reportedly revolves around a misconception NJPW officials and several talent have about NXT UK and them feeling he has become very homesick and anxious during the midst of a new COVID crisis in Japan. Ospreay’s contract with NJPW reportedly does not expire any time soon and he would need to be granted a release if he actually wanted to leave the company.

It was also reported that none of their Western-based sources have mentioned any rumors or speculation of Ospreay considering leaving NJPW and wanting to work for WWE.