NXT Results – Oct. 12, 2021 – Swerve vs. Escobar

Results by Mike Hogan of Rajah.com

October 12, 2021
Orlando, FL – WWE Performance Center
Commentary: Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett & Beth Phoenix

Quick Match Results

  1. Tommaso Ciampa defeated Joe Gacy via Fairy Tale Ending
  2. Xyon Quinn defeated Malik Blade via flying forearm
  3. Ivy Nile defeated Valentina Feroz via Torture Rack
  4. Julius Creed defeated Ikemen Jiro via lariat
  5. Kyle O’Reilly & Von Wagner defeated Pete Dunne & Ridge Holland via butterfly suplex by Wagner on Holland
  6. Duke Hudson defeated Grayson Waller via pinfall with handful of tights
  7. Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta defeated Sarray & Amari Miller via springboard elbow drop by Hartwell on Miller
  8. NXT North American Championship: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott (c) defeated Santos Escobar via JML Driver
  9. NXT North American Championship: Carmelo Hayes defeated Isaiah “Swerve” Scott (c) via top rope leg drop to the back of Swerve’s head – New Champion

Segment: Hit Row, Legado Del Fantasma

Hit Row arrive, with B-Fab asking Top Dolla if he’s heard from their missing comrade–Ashanti. Suddenly, Legado Del Fantasma attacks! Swerve is slow to react due to headphones and music in his ears but joins in the action when he figures it out. Legado beat Top Dolla and B-Fab, then kidnap them both. Swerve is left alone as Legado drive off with the remnants of Hit Row.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Joe Gacy

If Gacy wins, they’ll earn a spot in the title match at Halloween Havoc when Ciampa battles Bron Breakker. When we cut to the ring, Gacy is seated in the chair and on the mic. “Tommaso Ciampa is the NXT Champion and with that title comes untold unbalance. And tonight, in this safe space, I will be victorious over that walking example of toxic masculinity ad championship privilege. I represent all of you, all of my snowflakes, and i will bring wonderful, transparent, inclusivity to the NXT Championship when I insert myself into the NXT Championship match at Halloween Havoc. This is for all of you.” And with that our NXT Champion makes his way out in a bad-ass jacket. Gacy applauds Tommaso and when the bell rings, Gacy extends a hand. The crowd loudly chants that Ciampa’s gonna kill Gacy. Ciampa kicks Gacy’s hand, locks up and takes him into the corner. The ref forces the break. Ciampa with a high kick to Gacy’s head. Ciampa whips Gacy into the ropes and drops him with an elbow. Gacy with a side headlock and runs Ciampa over, attempting a cover and getting nothing. The crowd is very vocal in their dislike of Gacy and love of Daddy Ciampa.

Gacy takes a brief lead, utilizing working holds and attempts to wear down the champ’s neck. Gacy loses control when he’s distracted by Harland (fka Parker Boudreaux) in the crowd, however, and Ciampa makes the rookie pay with a running boot to the face. The action spills to the outside, briefly, before Ciampa takes him inside. Gacy attempts to beg Ciampa off then rolls out of the ring once again. Ciampa follows, slamming Gacy into the commentary table before taking him back into the ring. Ciampa with a beautiful whip followed by a drop toehold. Ciampa with elbow smashes to Gacy’s face as the hot crowd constantly chants throughout the match. Ciampa with a strike to the face. We’re shown once again Harland sitting in the audience, sternly staring in disdain. Gacy takes the lead again. Gacy with a great spot on the apron, running along and dropping on the champ. We head to picture-in-picture break.

During the break Gacy maintains control. Gacy slows the pace, working our champ over with deliberate strikes. Gacy locks in an abdominal stretch, but Ciampa refuses to give in. The crowd gets even hotter for the champ, powering him on to escaping with a modified hip toss. Gacy shuts Ciampa down immediately and attempts a cover. Again, Gacy goes after the neck, using another headlock. Ciampa powers up to a vertical base, only to have Gacy send him back hard to the canvas. Gacy loses control and the match breaks down to both men slugging it out in the middle of the ring. Ciampa stumbles the youngster with big rights before sending him out to the apron. Before Gacy can recover, Ciampa hits a running knee that sends Gacy flying into the announcer’s table. Ciampa drops Gacy at the ringside.

Back from the break. Ciampa’s on fire as is this crowd. Ciampa hits a series of four clotheslines in the corner. Gacy attempts to counter a fifth, but Ciampa ducks under, rebounds off the ropes and takes Gacy down with a clothesline! Gacy attempts a roll-up but Ciampa escapes. Again both men slug it out in the middle of the ring, this time using kicks and knees. Gacy ends the spot with a modified Powerbomb, picking up a close two! Gacy with another close attempt. Ciampa quickly powers back to the lead and connects with a Fairy Tale Ending! Ciampa picks up the win and Gacy is not going to Halloween Havoc’s main event! Hot crowd the entire match.

Your Winner, NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa!

After the match, Harland, the man formerly known as Parker Boudreaux attacks Ciampa then grabs Gacy by the neck. Gacy seems to calm Harland with a soft touch to his cheek to end the segment.

In-Ring: Toxic Attraction

The trio make their way to the ring, sporting even more revealing outfits than the past. Gigi speaks first, stating that Toxic Attraction came out here with one purpose–to put an end to NXT Champion Raquel Gonzalez. But then Io Shirai and Zoey Stark had to butt into their business, leaving them very unsatisfied. Jacy Jayne speaks next, telling us that Toxic Attraction doesn’t care about the rules. “We do what we want, when we want, and what we want are the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships!” She goes on to tell them that their days are numbered and their time is up at Halloween Havoc. Mandy Rose speaks, stating that Gigi & Jacy won’t be the only successful ones at Halloween Havoc as she’s hereby challenging Raquel for the title. Rose tells Raquel that she got lucky last week, but her luck is coming to an end. She tells us to mark her words that they’ll be wearing gold all around their “pretty little waists” come Halloween Havoc. She then addresses her color, stating it doesn’t matter what color her hair is–she’s still the baddest bitch in the game. Mic drop. Just as before, we immediately end this segment with the next entrance.

Vignette: Mystery Wrestler

After the break, we get a creepy vignette for an unknown person (my guess: Elias) digging a grave who states they must bury the past to start again.

Xyon Quinn vs. Malik Blade

Xyon Quinn is out first, passing Toxic Attraction and showing off in the ring as we head to break. We cut to the ring and the bell starts us off. The crowd is loudly behind both men with dueling chants. Xyon with a big rising knee that floors Blade. Again, Quinn drops Blade to his knees. Quinn pulls Blade up, pushes him into the ropes and clubs the small of his back. Quinn looks for the same move but Blade counters with a fist. Quinn quickly re-establishes control. Strong Irish Whip from Quinn that sends Blade bouncing out of the corner as Quinn twirls in mid-air. Quinn covers for two. Quinn with a rear chin lock. Blade powers to his feet and rams Quinn into the corner. Quinn attempts a roll-up but Quinn grabs the ropes. Blade rolls back and takes it right to Quinn. Blade with a huge dropkick off the top rope to Quinn, garnering a two count. Quinn angrily charges Blade who rolls him up for a two again! Blade looks for a move but Quinn counters it into a modified pop-up Powerbomb. Quinn gets in the corner, starts revving himself up and hits a Superman Forearm. Quinn picks up the win!

Your Winner, Xyon Quinn!

Backstage: Tommaso Ciampa, Bron Breakker, Grizzled Young Veterans

Ciampa is asked about his match at Halloween Havoc when the GYV show up. They mock him and attempt to intimidate him, but Bron shows up. Bron is full of ruthless aggression, telling the GYV to bring it. They state they’re not dressed to fight and walk off. Bron tells Ciampa that he wants Ciampa 100% when he beats his ass at Halloween Havoc.

Backstage: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Swerve is asked about the actions at the top of the show. Swerve is fired up and pledges to take the North American Championship to SmackDown and there’s not a thing Santos can do.

Ivy Nile vs. Valentina Feroz

The Diamond Mine come out en masse, and Nile welcomes us to the gun show as we head to break. Our commentary praises our competitor’s time on the Rock’s game show. Nile takes the lead early. Ivy with a huge Stalling Suplex, holding Valentina for a lengthy period in a show of sheer power, before crashing her to the mat. Ivy gets cheers from the crowd and continues to pick apart Valentina. Valentina ‘s offense consists of three kicks, one punch to the abdomen and that’s it. Nile with a Scoop Slam, followed by a unique leg-pick rolling move that ultimately culminates in Ivy standing with Valentina in a Torture Rack! Ivy with her own unique take on the Torture Rack! Ivy does squats while holding the rack in place. Nile rises and holds Valentina there for several long moments until Valentina taps out!

Your Winner by Submission, Ivy Nile of the Diamond Mine!

Malcolm Bivens gets on the mic as his faction enters the ring. He promotes Ivy, and the Creed Brothers as future tag contenders. He welcomes our NXT Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong. Before Strong can speak, Ikemen Jiro makes his way out to a pop from the crowd! Diamond Mine all exit the ring except for Julius Creed. He asks the crowd if “this guy’s for real?” He tells Jiro that in the Diamond Mine, everything is earned. He tells Jiro he’s “always strapped” and asks Jiro what he’s gonna do about it. Jiro smacks the crap out of him and we head to break–this match is up next!

Julius Creed vs. Ikemen Jiro

We return from break with this match now underway. Julius’ All-American career at Duke is touted as he picks Jiro up and rams him into the corner. Phoenix comments that Julius is “rag dolling” Jiro. We’re reminded that this is Julius’ first singles match in NXT. Creed with a toss suplex. Creed toys with Jiro throughout the match, taunting him and lightly kicking him int he face. Creed with a beautiful double-under hook back suplex. Jiro attempts to fight back with a pair of rights, but Julius picks the leg and slams Jiro down. Jiro goes back at it again, landing several forearms that rock Julius and the crowd fires up for Jiro. Jiro lays out Julius. Jiro attempts an Irish Whip but Creed counters. Jiro stands on the middle turnbuckle, flaunts his jacket, and kicks a charging Creed. Jiro with a unique drop to pickup two. Creed rolls to the outside and Jiro follows after, crashing into Creed and again showcasing his aerial offense. Loud “NXT” chant from the crowd. Jiro springboards into the ring but Julius catches Jiro. Creed with a rolling suplex followed by a lariat to pick up the win.

Your Winner, Julius Creed!

After the match, the Diamond Mine attacks. Kushida attempts to make the save but the Diamond Mine has the numbers.

Backstage: Raquel Gonzalez

A short promo from Gonzalez who accepts Rose’s challenge for the match at Halloween Havoc–and tells Rose to take her chance accept a Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal match stipulation.

Segment: Lashing Out with Lash Legend

We return from break and get this short segment. Lash asks if we watched the Draft last week, then states the Raw and SmackDown rosters are so shaken up that next year they’re going to be called “WWE Squid Games,” alluding to the awesome Netflix show. She then pumps up Hit Row, and tells us that is our “two snaps and a clap.” She mentions the “Lashing Out of the Week” and we see a clip of Tony D’Angelo attempting to get Lash to allow him on her show. She talks to him, telling him via camera that if he wants to be on her show, she has three words for him: “fuggedaboutit.”

Kyle O’Reilly & Von Wagner vs. Pete Dunne & Ridge Holland

O’Reilly and new partner Wagner make their way out as we go to a commercial break. When we return to the CWC, we start with Von Wagner and Dunne. Dunne aggressively goes after the big man, but Dunne slams him into the mat. Wagner battles Dunne into the corner and the ref forces the break. Dunne leaps around Wagner’s waist and attempts to work the fingers but Wagner easily escapes and slams Dunne to the mat again. Wagner attempts to grab the leg but Dunne kicks him off. Wagner tags in Kyle O’Reilly. KOR with a running knee to Dunne’s gut. Dunne tags in Ridge Holland. O’Reilly attempts to light up Holland but the big man quickly wears down KOR. KOR escapes a hold and hits an arm breaker on Holland, attempting to take Ridge into the friendly corner for the tag to Von Wagner. Holland prevents it and hits a belly to belly toss suplex.

The crowd is still hot throughout this match as well, with multiple chants. Dunne and KOR are made legal. Dunne focuses on O’Reilly’s left leg. Dunne with a cheap shot on Von Wagner. O’Reilly fights back, sweeping the leg to drop Dunne. Kyle drips a river around the ring before hitting a running strike and an arm breaker. Dunne reverses it into an arm breaker of his own. Dunne and KOR keep their left hands locked and slug it out until both fall back into their respective corners. Von Wagner and Ridge Holland both enter. Both behemoths slug it out! Both men run off the ropes and crash into each other, with neither giving purchase. Von Wagner finally with a running flying shoulder block that drops Holland. Wagner runs off the ropes and crashes into Dunne on the apron. Holland uses this to take control and take Wagner outside. Von Wagner is having none of it and whips Ridge Holland into the steel steps! We head to break!

Back from the break. Ridge Holland is in control of Kyle O’Reilly. KOR attempts a submission but Holland gets a sly tag from Dunne, who assists in breaking the move. Dunne and Holland double-team KOR. Von Wagner hits the ring, and he and Holland basically eliminate themselves. KOR crawls for the corner, looking for a tag, but Wagner is still down. Dunne attacks KOR in the corner. Dunne stomps the hands and looks for a kick but KOR converts it into an Ankle-lock! Dunne makes the hot tag to Ridge Holland, who breaks the hold and pummels KOR with big clubbing forearms. Holland throws KOR out of the ring and he and Dunne work to double team him. Dunne looks to invert the steps but Wagner comes to the rescue, wiping out their opponents! Wagner runs to his corner, extending his arm for the hot tag. KOR barely makes it and Holland comes in, taking down the legal man Holland with two big clotheslines followed by a big jumping knee. Big back body rope from Wagner. Wagner slaps off a Dunne dropkick attempt. Wagner is on fire and tells KOR to finish Dunne. Dunne streaks along the apron and leaps, hitting Dunne with a flying knee. Wagner with a running clothesline to the corner. Quick segment with both men exchanging control, but Wagner hits his unique slam to pick up the win!

Your Winners, Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagner!

Segment: Andre Chase University

Remember the Thatch Class segments? It’s that with a skinnier, more verbally offensive host who constantly curses and has his language bleeped.

Vignette: Tony D’Angelo

Tony’s outside at a car, cutting a quick promo responding to Lash’s comments. When he walks off, we can hear someone’s in the trunk and Vic Joseph speculates it’s a producer for Lash.

Grayson Waller vs. Duke Hudson

After a commercial break, we return to the ring for our match. Duke Hudson is in the ring and out comes Grayson Waller to big pops. Duke looks unimpressed as he leans in the corner. The bell ring sand both men lock up. Hudson takes it into the corner. Waller escapes with a duck under and locks in a side headlock. Hudson Grabs Waller’s hair and pulls the hair; Waller returns the favor and follows it up with a right. Hudson attempts to chase Waller, but Waller uses his agility to escape. Hudson finally takes control as the crowd hits us with dueling chants. Big belly to belly suplex toss from Hudson. Hudson with a strong Irish Whip into the corner, then mocks Waller by wiping his hands as if he’s done. The action continues back and forth as both men jockey for control, with Hudson picking up the win by holding the tights behind the ref’s back.

Your Winner, Duke Hudson!

After the match Waller exchanges words with Hudson, picks up a poker chip–and Hudson yells “better luck next time!”

Backstage Promo: Legado Del Fantasma

Santos works out with resistance bands, flanked by Legado, and promises to win Swerve’s title.

Backstage Promo: Imperium

Imperium cut a promo on MSK, saying that it’s embarrassing that they’re the Tag Team Champions.

Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta vs. Sarray & Amari Miller

After giving Dexter Lumis a sticky smooch backstage, Indi & Persia make their way out. This match is next! When we return, we start with Persia and Sarray. Persia takes an early lead and tags in Indi, to cheers from the InDex-loving crowd. Sarray turns things around with strikes in the corner. Sarray takes Indi into the corner and tags in Amari Miller. Amari batters Indi with multiple powerful kicks, pining for one. Amari attempts a left arm lock but Hartwell powers to her feet. Amari leaps on Hartwell’s back, locking in a sleeper. Hartwell has the ring prescience to run backwards into the corner to knock Amari off. Amari back on Hartwell! Hartwell escapes and tags in Persia, who hits the ring hot and lays out Amari with multiple strikes. Persia hoists Amari up, lets Indi tag in, hits a big boot on Sarray then slams Amari. Hartwell hits a springboard elbow drop and picks up the win in a short but entertaining match. Afterwards Hartwell shows off her wedding ring.

Your Winners, Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta!

Persia and Indi start to address the Women’s NXT tag titles in the ring. Tag Team Champions Io Shirai and Zoey Stark come out, with Shirai yelling in Japanese at their opponents. As Stark & Shirai enter, Shirai tells both Indi and Persia she doesn’t like them. Stark adds that she knows, she knows–Shirai doesn’t like her, either. Shirai answers “no, don’t speak for me!” Stark asks Shirai if she likes her, and Shirai answers no. Toxic Attraction hit the ring, stating the titles are theirs. They attack and everyone brawls until just the tag champs–Shirai & Stark–are left standing tall in the ring. Expect a triple threat match at Halloween Havoc (my conjecture).

Backstage: Grayson Waller, Cameron Grimes

Waller is talking to a woman when Cameron Grimes enters. Grimes wants tips on how to get a girlfriend. Waller suggests that he shave his chest, then shows him apps as Grimes apparently hasn’t ever heard of Tinder, Grinder, what have you. We head to our main event.

Vignette: Solo Sikoa

A “coming soon” vignette for “Solo Sikoa” airs.

NXT North American Championship
Isaiah “Swerve” Scott (c) vs. Santos Escobar

This marks probably the final–for a while, at least–battle between these two factions, and the final chance to keep the North American title on NXT 2.0 ahead of the call-up from the Draft. Swerve makes his way out alone as his Hit Row companions are still being held by the cartel elsewhere. We head to break. Afterwards, Santos Escobar comes out flanked by Legado Del Fantasma. Escobar sends LDF to the back, determined to win this on his own. Swerve attacks Escobar as soon as they leave. Swerve sends Escobar into the steel steps and throws Escobar into the ring. The ref separates the men and calls for the bell. Escobar slides out the ring. Swerve follows with a corkscrew over-the-top strike that wipes out Escobar at ringside. Swerve grins as he pulls on the chin and then sends Escobar back into the steel steps.

Swerve continues to maintain control in the ring as the crowd is fired up for Swerve and the Hit Row faction, who will make their SmackDown/main roster debut the night after Crown Jewel. Escobar gets his first strike of offense in by dodging an attack from Swerve on the apron. Santos with a speedy suicide dive as we head to picture-in-picture break. During the break, Escobar stalks Swerve around the announcer’s table and tosses him across it to the ringside floor. Escobar talks smack and whips Swerve hard into the steel steps. Escobar takes it back into the ring and attempts a leg submission. Escobar continues to wear down Swerve with working holds, including cranking Swerve’s arms backwards while pushing a boot into Swerve’s back.

Back from the break. Swerve with a running kick to the back of Swerve. Escobar plays up to the crowd before looking for another rear arm submission. The crowd gets behind Swerve. Swerve powers up, planting his feet and fighting to a vertical base. Swerve with a soft back kick to break the hold. Escobar and Swerve exchange fists, chops and forearms. Swerve gets angry and hits another chop. Escobar grabs Swerve’s neck and rapid-fires fists into Swerve’s face. Swerve takes Escobar down to a mix of cheers and jeers with a huge clotheslines off the ropes. Escobar drops Swerve and attempts a pin, getting a close two-count. The crowd fires up another “NXT” chant. They’ve apparently forgotten this is NXT 2.0. Escobar with knees to the chest before setting Swerve up on the top ropes. Crowd with a “this is awesome” chant as Escobar follows up. Escobar with a Hurricanrana off the top. Escobar pays homage to legend Eddie G with a Frog Splash off the top to pick up a very close pin attempt. Swerve takes control after a few moments and looks for the 450 Splash. Escobar gets the knees up and rolls Swerve up for a close two! We get replays of the 450 and it’s counter. Legado Del Fantasma hit the ringside and get on the apron, attempting a distraction. Hit Row finally reemerges and neutralizes LDF at the ringside. Swerve sends Escobar into an exposed turnbuckle then hits a JML Driver to pickup the win and retain!

Your Winner and STILL North American Champion, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott!

NXT North American Championship
Isaiah “Swerve” Scott (c) vs. Carmelo Hayes

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams both attack Swerve, beating him down before Carmelo pulls out his title-shot contract from winning the NXT Breakout Tournament! He’s chasing it in and the crowd goes crazy!

Hayes immediately goes after Swerve as soon as the bell rings. Swerve attempts to fight off the fresher man, but Hayes puts away Swerve with a top rope leg drop to the back of the head in 60 seconds to pick up the win!

Your Winner and NEW North American Champion, Carmelo Hayes!