Ring of Honor Reportedly to Only Focus on Three Titles for Relaunch Plans

As noted before, Ring of Honor is currently on a hiatus as part of the company’s plans to make major changes to their business operations for their future. The company recently announced that they will be returning from hiatus soon and their first event will be this year’s Supercard of Honor event, which is scheduled to take place on April 1st in Garland, Texas.

Bryan Alvarez reported in a recent episode of the Wrestling Observer Live that his sources close to the situation stated that ROH officials are currently planning to focus on just three championships as part of their relaunch plans. Alvarez reported that these specific belts are the ROH World Championship, ROH Women’s World Championship, and ROH World Tag Team Championship.

Alvarez reported that ROH will continue having these three belts be defended across various companies while they are still in their hiatus period. Alvarez also reported that as part of the terms for allowing their titles to be defended elsewhere, the company holds the rights to air these matches on their weekly ROH TV shows.

In regards to the Pure Championship, ROH World Television Championship, and ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship, those belts reportedly are currently planned to go dormant.