AEW: Jade Cargill on Baddies Section Origin, Scorpio Sky Suffers Injury, Tony Khan on Moxley’s AEW Title Ranking

Jade Cargill on Origin of “The Baddies Section”

Pro Wrestling Illustrated held a recent interview with Jade Cargill. One of the topics discussed included Cargill revealing the inspiration for the idea of “The Baddies Section” in AEW.

“So, it was one day, I had a match and I just looked out and I was like, ‘Jesus. There’s a lot of guys out here. Where are the women?’ Again, I keep on bringing up the early 2000s because that’s when I watched the Attitude Era and it was a sea of women, it was a bunch of women. So I’m like, where are the women? We need that support. We need that support. I want that support of women, you know? We need to support each other. Regardless of what company we’re in, regardless of what we’re doing, we need to see you so, I looked out, didn’t see any women and I’m like, where are the women? We need women in the crowd. We need women. We’re appealing, we’re gorgeous, where are we? So that’s what made me say, ‘Hey, I need a baddie section full of women.’ It’s not just about your looks. It’s about how you carry yourself, it’s your aura, it’s how you perceive yourself, not how other people perceive you because if I let other people — what other people think of me stain how I feel about myself then who I am to sit here and tell you to live a certain lifestyle? To be a certain way? Who am I? You know, so I know myself, I have that aura and I know there are women out there who have that same presence.”

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Scorpio Sky Suffers Muscle Strain Injury

This past Friday’s episode of AEW Rampage featured a TNT Championship match between Dante Martin and champion Scorpio Sky, which was won by Sky.

Sky recently announced on Twitter that he had suffered a muscle strain injury in his knee during the early minutes of his match against Martin on the show.

“I went into last nights match with my knee bothering me and unfortunately in the opening minutes I strained a muscle that goes from my knee up through my groin. My right leg was useless from then on.

Despite that, wrestling in SoCal felt amazing even on one leg. Hopefully nothing serious and I’ll be back to defend again soon.”

Tony Khan Comments on Reason for Jon Moxley’s AEW World Title Shot & #1 Ranking

As noted before, CM Punk announced during this past Friday’s AEW Rampage show that he recently suffered an injury that will require surgery. Despite his injury, AEW announced that they were not going to strip Punk of his AEW World Championship and instead will be holding a tournament to crown an Interim AEW World Champion.

AEW CEO Tony Khan recently commented on Twitter regarding the reasons why Jon Moxley was given the top ranked spot in AEW’s Top 5 rankings despite Wardlow and others being ahead of him prior to the release of AEW’s latest list.

“@JonMoxley is the only AEW wrestler with 7+ 2022 singles bouts undefeated on TV (Dynamite/Rampage/Battle of the Belts) + PPV (Revolution/Double or Nothing). (7-0. Moxley + @AnthonyOgogo only undefeated 7-0 records in AEW in 2022, Moxley ranked higher based on opponents quality.)

While he’s been undefeated all year, Mox recently was in tag matches more & inactive in singles since his iconic match in Boston vs @WheelerYuta until this week, & then he returned to singles & won this week’s #AEWDynamite main event to go to 7-0, pushing him back to the top spot.”