Former WWE Wrestler Collaborates Resurfaced Rita Chatterton Past Accusations Against Vince McMahon

The New York Magazine recently released a report resurfacing the sexual abuse allegations made by former WWE referee Rita Chatterton, real name Rita Filicoski, against former WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon. This report was written by Abraham Reisman, who is currently producing a new autobiographical book based on McMahon.

These allegations revolved around an incident in 1986 where Chatterton claimed that McMahon had raped her in his limousine. Chatterton claimed that McMahon had forced her to perform oral sex on her that quickly turned into a rape attack afterwards. Chatterton publicly revealed this incident during interviews with the Now It Can Be Told and Geraldo Rivera Show television shows in 1992. During those interviews, Chatterton stated that statue of limitation laws prevented her from filing criminal charges against McMahon over the 1986 incident. Chatterton also stated that McMahon had threatened to blackmail her if she ever publicly revealed what had happened between the two in the limousine.

As part of the New York Magazine’s article, Chatterton was interviewed but did not want to go into details over McMahon’s alleged past sexual abuse incident against her.

In an interesting note, the New York Magazine’s article also featured an interview from former WWE wrestler Mario Mancini, real name Leonard Inzitari, who collaborated the claims made by Chatterton against McMahon.

Inzitari doesn’t use the word rape while talking about what happened. But he describes something that sounds like the conventional definition of that term.

“Was she taken advantage of? Absolutely,” Inzitari says. “Was she scared to death? Absolutely. Did she wanna do that? Probably not.”

Inzitari said nothing to anyone about what Chatterton told him. “You just keep your mouth shut, because it’s Vince McMahon,” Inzitari says. “What are you gonna do, stooge on Vince McMahon? You’re gonna be blackballed from the wrestling business!”

The article also featured Chatterton’s thoughts about the recent misconduct allegations from a former female WWE employee against McMahon and WWE’s investigation into him.

“He’s not gonna pay for what he did to me,” she says. But she’s glad the hush-money allegations are coming to light. “Now this girl’s come forward,” Chatterton says of the paralegal whose friend sent the initial emails to the WWE board, “and I’m sure others will come forward. Because we’re not the only two. There’s not a doubt in my mind about that.”

Chatterton pauses and thinks for a second. She chuckles a little.

“As far as wrestling goes, I guess I’m the first in a lot of things,” she says.

“As far as I know, I’m the first to come out with the whole issue of what a scumbag he is.”

Inzitari, too, sees storm clouds ahead for his onetime employer.

“I’ll tell you why I’m hopping on the bandwagon now,” the former grappler tells me. “There’s worse stuff than that.”

In regards to the recent misconduct and secret settlement payments allegations against McMahon, wrestling journalist David Bixenspan stated during an interview with Post Wrestling that he was recently informed that a new report from the Wall Street Journal over McMahon’s allegations is expected to be released soon.