Kevin Dunn Reportedly Not Expected to Leave WWE for Now & WWE Production Truck Trump Flag Incident

WWE Executive Producer & Head of Global Television Distribution Kevin Dunn reportedly is currently not expected to be leaving WWE any time soon, according to Fightful Select.

It was reported that their sources stated that WWE officials do not believe that they currently have anyone within their production staff that could replace Dunn. This reportedly is due to Dunn’s likeliest replacement candidate had been let go by the company during a prior round of layoffs. It was reported that WWE officials also currently do not believe that a potential return of this person in the future is likely due to how the exit of this person went down.

Around a half dozen talent spoken to stated that they are currently hopeful that WWE’s production style would change within the neat future. One top talent and one former talent spoken to stated that some of WWE’s production aspects undermines their in-ring work.

It was also reported that following Titus O’Neil’s show opening promo on the July 18th RAW show over “WWE doesn’t do politics,” one source spoken to stated that this frustrated them due to an incident that took place during WWE’s ThunderDome era. This incident involved a Trump 2020 flag being seen posted on a WWE production truck ran by Dunn during the company’s tenure at the Tropicana Field in December of 2020. This was also during the same time that then President Donald Trump was publicly pushing conspiracy theories and denying the results of the 2020 Presidential Election. It was reported that it is currently not known who exactly was responsible for the flag on the truck.

One talent reportedly spoken to stated that they believed that Vince McMahon was not aware of this flag due to how he was typically very busy running shows and did not leave his office as much during the ThunderDome era. Those spoken to also stated that despite McMahon’s friendship with Trump, they believe McMahon would have not wanted the flag to be around as part of the backstage atmosphere. Those spoken to reportedly also stated that while McMahon would generally actively discourage political talk during conversations with him, Dunn was the opposite and would make it clear what his political beliefs were.