Impact Victory Road 2022 Results – Sept. 23, 2022 – Barbed Wire Massacre & New Debut

September 23, 2022
Nashville, TN – Skyway Studios
Commentary – Tom Hannifan & Matthew Rehwoldt
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Quick Match Results

  1. Pre-match: Bullet Club defeated Jack Price, Jason Hotch, & “Shogun” Jackson Stone via Rockslide (pinfall)
  2. Pre-match: Tasha Steelz defeated Killer Kelly via Disqualification
  3. X-Division Championship – “Speedball” Mike Bailey (c) defeated Delirious via Flamingo Driver (pinfall)
  4. Motor City Machine Guns defeated PCO & Vincent via Double Team Cradle Shock (pinfall)
  5. Mickie James defeated Gisele Shaw via Mick-DT (pinfall)
  6. Triple Threat Revolver match – Frankie Kazarian defeated Alex Zayne, Black Taurus, Kenny King, Laredo Kid, Mia Yim, Trey Miguel, and Yuya Uemura via Slingshot Cutter (pinfall)
  7. Honor No More defeated Josh Alexander, Rich Swann, & Heath via Die Hard Driver (pinfall)
  8. Pick Your Poison match – Jordynne Grace defeated Max The Impaler via Grace Driver (pinfall)
  9. Barbed Wire Massacre match – Steve Maclin defeated Sami Callihan and Moose via KIA (pinfall)

Bullet Club (Ace Austin, Chris Bey, & Juice Robinson) vs. Jack Price, Jason Hotch, & “Shogun” Jackson Stone

Juice Robinson returns to IMPACT Wrestling as he joins forces with his Bullet Club allies, Ace Austin and Chris Bey, to battle three Gut Check winners, Jason Hotch, Shogun and Jack Price! Hotch hits Bey with a neckbreaker, then knocks Austin and Robinson off the apron. Austin quickens the pace as he sends Hotch over the top rope to the outside. Bey hits a leaping knee strike on Shogun, followed by a running clothesline from Robinson. Bey connects with The Art of Finesse on Shogun. Austin takes out Hotch with The Fold. Robinson hits the Rockslide on Price to score the victory!

Winner: Bullet Club via Pinfall.

Tasha Steelz vs. Killer Kelly

Killer Kelly gets her hands on Tasha Steelz in singles action! Tasha immediately retreats to the outside at the opening bell. Tasha gets back in the ring but Kelly goes for the Killer Klutch early. Kelly hits a pump kick, sending Tasha to the outside. Tasha turns it around and pummels Kelly with a flurry of kicks in the corner. Kelly appears to be enjoying the beatdown as she’s seen smiling from ear to ear. Tasha connects with modified Sliced Bread out of the corner. Tasha almost puts Kelly away with a low dropkick for two. Evans provides a distraction from ringside, allowing Tasha to capitalize with a bulldog. Evans chokes Kelly with a chain but the referee is distracted. Kelly fights off Evans and and chokes Tasha with the chain to cause the disqualification!

Winner: Tasha Steelz via Pinfall.

After the match, Kelly chokes out the referee before IMPACT officials Lance Storm and Tommy Dreamer break it up.

Impact X-Division Championship
Delirious vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey (c)

Mike Bailey puts the X-Division Title on the line once again, this time against Ring of Honor standout Delirious! Bailey lights him up with a series of kicks. Delirious gains control with a neckbreaker, then slows the pace down as he begins to target the neck of Bailey. Both men stomp on each other’s exposed feet but Bailey gains the upper-hand with a running dropkick. Bailey soars with a step-up Moonsault to the outside. Delirious bites Bailey’s foot, then delivers a pair of suplexes to the apron and floor. Delirious counters Ultima Weapon into the Panic Attack, followed by Shadows Over Hell for two a very close near fall. Delirious drops Bailey on the top of his head with a vicious suplex. Bailey fights back with the Flamingo Driver to retain the X-Division Title!

Winner: “Speedball” Mike Bailey via Pinfall to retain the X-Division Championship.

Backstage: Honor No More

Maria Kanellis calls Victory Road the pathway to the biggest night of the year for Honor No More, Bound For Glory. Eddie Edwards is furious with PCO after he disobeyed him and accepted Heath’s Street Fight open challenge in a losing effort last night.

PCO & Vincent vs. Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley)

Before the Motor City Machine Guns challenge Matt Taven and Mike Bennett for the IMPACT World Tag Team Titles at Bound For Glory, they must first get through PCO and Vincent! The Guns are in control as they take PCO off the apron, then deliver a double team foot stomp to Vincent. PCO chokes Shelley from the apron, allowing Vincent to capitalize with a side Russian leg sweep. Vincent hits a Flatliner but Sabin breaks the pin attempt. PCO and Vincent double team Shelley until he ducks, causing Vincent to inadvertently strike PCO. Sabin takes PCO off his feet with a missile dropkick. Vincent sends Sabin into his owner, preventing Skull and Bones and creating separation. PCO spikes Sabin with a draping DDT, then soars with a leg drop off the second rope. Vincent hits Redrum on Sabin but this time it’s Shelley who breaks the pin. PCO crashes and burns on the outside, leading to a double team flurry on Vincent to win!

Winner: Motor City Machine Guns via Pinfall.

Gisele Shaw vs. Mickie James

Gisele Shaw vows to steal the spotlight from Mickie James in a match where if James loses, her career will be over! Mickie targets the arm of Shaw in the early going. Shaw puts her skill on display with a corkscrew arm drag out of the corner. Shaw viciously drives Mickie’s shoulder into her knee. Shaw hits a twisting suplex but Mickie kicks out at one. Shaw cuts her off with a mid-air kick. Mickie traps Shaw between the ring skirt and apron, then delivers a baseball slide dropkick. Shaw hits a corkscrew kick over the top rope, colliding with Mickie on the outside. Mickie finds an opening as she counters Shaw’s knee strike into a running boot. Mickie begins to build momentum with a neckbreaker for two. Shaw hits a backbreaker flatliner combo but it’s still not enough to keep Mickie down. Mickie soars through the air with her signature top rope senton but Shaw shuts her down with a spin kick. Mickie spikes her with the MickDT to win the match and continue her chase for the Knockouts World Title!

Winner: Mickie James via Pinfall.

Triple Threat Revolver Match
Mia Yim vs. Laredo Kid vs. Trey Miguel vs. Alex Zayne vs. Kenny King vs. Yuya Uemura vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Black Taurus

The rules of Triple Threat Revolver are as follows: Three competitors start, whoever gets pinned or summitted is eliminated. A new competitor comes in after every elimination. The match continues until it’s down to the last three competitors. The final wrestler to score a pinfall or submission is the winner and will challenge Mike Bailey for the X-Division Title at Bound For Glory!

Mia Yim vs Laredo Kid vs Trey Miguel

Laredo Kid hits a Moonsault off the top rope, colliding with both of his opponents on the floor. The assault continues as he flattens both of them with a 450 splash. Yim spikes Kid with a tornado DDT, followed by Eat Defat for the elimination.

Mia Yim vs Trey Miguel vs Alex Zayne

Alex Zayne enters the match next as Yim tries to catch him off-guard with a dive through the ropes. Zayne catches Yim in mid-air and drives her into the apron. Back in the ring, Yim gets two for one with a double Hurricanrana. Miguel spikes Zayne with a reverse Hurricanrana but immediately gets dropkicked by Yim. Yim hits Zayne with a Crucifix Bomb for another elimination.

Mia Yim vs Trey Miguel vs Kenny King

Kenny King is next to enter Triple Threat Revolver. King drops Miguel throat-first onto the top rope, then delivers a thunderous spinebuster to Yim. Miguel and Yim jockey for position in the ring as she quickly changes direction and dives into King on the outside. Moments later, King rolls up Yim with a hold of the tights to score the elimination.

Trey Miguel vs Kenny King vs Yuya Uemura

Yuya Uemura is out next as he enters the match with a burst of speed. Uemura traps the arms of King, then hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Miguel turns Uemura inside out for the elimination.

Trey Miguel vs Kenny King vs Frankie Kazarian

Frankie Kazarian returns to IMPACT Wrestling as he’s next to enter the match. Kazarian hits King with his signature side Russian leg sweep off the ropes. Kazarian has Miguel in his sights but King cuts him off with a spin kick. Miguel hits Kazarian with the top rope Meteora, inflicting collateral damage to King as well. Kazarian traps Miguel in a rear-naked choke for the elimination.

Kenny King vs Frankie Kazarian vs Black Taurus

Black Taurus is the final entrant in Triple Threat Revolver. The next pinfall or submission will determine the winner of the match and the #1 contender for the X-Division Title. Taurus hits King with a pop-up Samoan Drop, followed by a backbreaker to Kazarian. King connects with a big powerbomb on Kazarian but Taurus breaks the pin. Taurus almost puts Kazarian away with a powerslam for two. Kazarian puts King away with his signature slingshot cutter to win the match and punch his ticket to Bound For Glory!

Winner: Frankie Kazarian via Pinfall.

Backstage: Decay

Gail Kim grants Taya Valkyrie, Rosemary and Jessicka their rematch for the Knockouts World Tag Team Titles at Bound For Glory. This time, it will be Taya and Jessicka challenging for the gold. VXT confronts the trio but Jessicka makes them pay!

In-Ring: Bobby Fish

Bobby Fish makes a jaw-dropping appearance at Victory Road! Fish gets on the mic and says that as of late, he’s been turned into a lightning rod for controversy. Fish says that after being in the business for 20 years, he’s not here for the bull****. Fish says that the IMPACT locker room is full of people who will step into the ring and give it everything they’ve got. Raj Singh interrupts with Shera by his side. Singh dishes out a series of insults but Fish says that he doesn’t know who they are. Singh pushes Fish and things get physical. Fish takes out Shera with a jumping knee, followed by a suplex to Singh. Fish locks in the Fish Hook submission, forcing Singh to tap out. Shera drags Singh to safety as Fish stands tall.

Josh Alexander, Rich Swann & Heath vs. Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven, & Mike Bennett)

Before Josh Alexander defends the IMPACT World Title against Eddie Edwards at Bound For Glory, momentum is up for grabs as the war against Honor No More continues! Alexander hits Bennett with a strong running boot out of the corner. Swann attempts a handspring cutter but Taven and Bennett get invovled from the outside to prevent it from happening. Edwards distracts the referee as Taven and Bennett continue the assault on the outside. Honor No More cuts off the ring employs quick tags as they begin to wear Swann down. Swann picks Edwards off the top rope but he’s immediately swarmed by Taven and Bennett. Swann is about to make the tag when Taven and Bennett pull Heath and Alexander off the apron. Swann and Bennett take each other out with running crossbodies to create separation. Swann finally makes the tag to Heath and the pace quickens. Heath goes for the Wake Up Call on Edwards but Taven protects him. Taven wraps the knee of Heath around the steel ring post. Heath spikes Edwards with a DDT, then sends Taven crashing into his own partner. Heath tags in Alexander as he faces off with his Bound For Glory challenger, Eddie Edwards. Alexader powerbombs Edwards off the top rope, into Taven and Bennett. Edwards comes back with the Blue Thunder Bomb on Alexander. The match breaks down as everyone gets involved. Edwards hits Alexander with a Tiger Driver, followed by Just the Tip from Taven. Swann takes out both Taven and Bennett on the outside. Kanellis hooks Alexander’s leg from the floor as Edwards rolls him up for two. Alexander locks in the Ankle Lock on Taven but Edwards blindsides him with the Boston Knee Party. Edwards hits the Die Hard Driver to pin the IMPACT World Champion!

Winner: Honor No More via Pinfall.

Backstage: Mickie James, Mia Yim

Mickie James praises Mia Yim for her performance in Triple Threat Revolver earlier tonight. As Mickie James embarks on her last rodeo, she challenges Yim to a match at Bound For Glory!

Pick Your Poison Match
Jordynne Grace vs. Max The Impaler

As Jordynne Grace prepares to defend the Knockouts World Title against Masha Slamovich at Bound For Glory, she faces Masha’s handpicked opponent tonight, Max the Impaler! Grace delivers double knees to the back of Max. Grace dives through the ropes but is caught in mid-air as Max drives her into the hardest part of the ring. The fight continues on the outside as Max chokes Grace up against the ring post. Following several minutes of control from Max, Grace creates separation with an Alabama Slam on the steel ramp. Max charges into the corner but Grace sidesteps, sending them crashing into the steel ring post. Grace builds momentum with a Vader Bomb for two. Max comes back with an explosive spear. Grace hits a Sunset Flip powerbomb, followed by the Grace Driver to win!

Winner: Jordynne Grace via Pinfall.

After the bell, Grace gets on the mic and reveals Masha Slamovich’s opponent in Pick Your Poison this Thursday. Grace says that Masha is going to get demolished by the sadistic Allie Katch in Monster’s Ball!

Impact Hall of Fame 2022 Induction Announcement

Raven will be inducted into the IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame at Bound For Glory!

Backstage: Moose

Moose tells Gia Miller that Sami Callihan and Steve Maclin will find out in Barbed Wire Massacre tonight why he’s called the “Wrestling God”.

Barbed Wire Massacre Match
Sami Callihan vs. Moose vs. Steve Maclin

The heated rivalry between Sami Callihan, Moose and Steve Maclin explodes in a match that promises violence, brutality and bloodshed – this is Barbed Wire Massacre! The ropes are wrapped in barbed wire and barbed wire weapons surround the ring. The match begins and Moose immediately sends Maclin crashing through a door wrapped in barbed wire. Callihan jumps Moose and drives him into the mat with the Cactus Driver 97. Moose dives over the top rope, crashing into Maclin on the ramp. Callihan hits Moose with a Death Valley Driver through a barbed wire table on the outside. Callihan counters Maclin with a suplex off the steps to the floor. Moose drives a barbed wire rolling pin into the head and face of Maclin. A bloodied Maclin comes back with an Olympic Slam on Moose. Moose takes Maclin off the top with an earth-shattering Superplex. Moose drapes Maclin stomach-first over the barbed wire ropes. On the other side of the ring, Callihan suplexes Moose into the barbed wire. Callihan unveils an N64 controller wrapped in barbed wire. Callihan uses it to grate Maclin’s forehead, before wrapping barbed wire around his mouth. Maclin dives through the ropes, taking out Moose with a SCUD missile. Moose powerbombs Maclin into the barbed wire ropes, then drives Callihan back-first into a barbed wire ball. Maclin hits KIA on Moose but Callihan breaks the pin. With a barbed wire steel chair in-hand, Maclin jumps off the tope and flattens Moose on the outside. Callihan powerbombs Maclin through another barbed wire door, followed by the Cactus Driver 97 but somehow, someway, Maclin kicks out at two. Maclin goes low on Callihan, then hits KIA into a barbed wire door to win the match and bring an end to the carnage.

Winner: Steve Maclin via Pinfall.

Maclin celebrates as Victory Road goes off the air.