Opinion: Match & Show Ratings for September 18 to September 24, 2022

Welcome to TPWW’s Emperor Smeat’s Match and Show Ratings for the week of September 18th to September 24th, 2022.

Match and show star ratings (out of 5):


WWE RAW (Sept. 19)
* United States Championship – Seth Rollins vs. Bobby Lashley (c) – 3.5
* Austin Theory vs. Kevin Owens – 3.0
* Brawling Brutes (Butch & Ridge Holland) vs. Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) – 3.0
* Judgement Day (Damian Priest & Finn Balor) vs. Riddle & Rey Mysterio – 3.0
* Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley – 2.0
Overall – 3.0
Best – United States Championship match.
Worst – Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley match being sluggish at times & WWE Creative going overboard with the amount of shenanigans endings done for matches.
Show Notes – US title match opener moments: Lashley’s test of strength style neck block counter of Rollins’ curb stomp. Rollins’ eye rake, Buckle Bomb, & splash combo counter of Lashley’s superplex. Lashley’s escape & sitdown pin counter of Rollins’ pedigree. Rollins’ pedigree counter of Lashley’s spear. Lashley’s dodges counter of Rollins’ Phoenix Splash & curb stomp into Lashley’s Hurt Lock into Rollins’ ref distracted low blow. Match itself was a very good back-and-forth action filled bout despite the ending shenanigans by Riddle. Damage CTRL championship celebration segment about Bayley mocking San Jose for being a town of losers unlike them, Kai trashing Belair & Pals, interruption by Belair & Pals, insults banter, Bliss vs. Bayley match setup, & brawl was somewhat dull. Theory vs. Owens moments: Theory’s ambush attack to Owens during Owens’ entrance. Owens’ spiked DDT counter of Theory’s whip into the ropes. Owens’ atomic drop & lariats fest flooring Theory. Theory & Owens’ slugfest on the top rope into Theory’s dodge & rolling DDT counter of Owens’ moonsault into Theory’s Ushigoroshi. Match itself was a quite good back-and-forth action bout despite the ending shenanigans by Johnny Gargano. Post-match Gargano dropping the MitB case on Theory’s yambag was a bit funny. Brawling Brutes vs. Street Profits moments: Brutes’ double team Beats of the Ballard to Ford. Street Profits’ Doomsday Device style Blockbuster to Butch. Dawkins’ pounces to Butch & Holland sending both guys out of the ring into Ford’s swanton onto Butch & Holland. Butch’s grab & fingers snap counter of SP’s Doomsday Blockbuster to Holland. Match itself was a good hard fought action bout. Mysterio’s backstage interview about being upset over Dominik’s recent actions, his legacy, & issues with Judgement Day was all right. Judgement Day’s pre-match promo boasting about them being unstoppable, happy over Dom becoming a man, mocking Edge, crowd’s extra loud booing whenever Dom spoke that may or may not have had some fake crowd audio sweetening, & interruption by Riddle was all right. Judgement Day vs. Riddle & Mysterio moments: Priest’s catch & chokeslam onto the apron counter of Riddle’s springboard attack. Priest’s legs yank counter of Rey’s 619 into Riddle’s apron PK & Floating Bro counter of Priest’s chokeslam to Rey. Match itself was a pretty good back-and-forth bout despite the ending shenanigans by Rollins & Dominik. Riddle & Rollins’ backstage brawl & Fit Pit match setup announcement was cool. Miz TV segment about Miz’s angry issues over Dexter Lumis invading his home and punching a Minion during his daughter’s birthday party thinking it was Lumis in disguise, Lumis’ cutting a hole in the ring and surprise pop out appearance, & Ciampa’s boink to Lumis back into the hole was a bit funny. Bliss vs. Bayley was somewhat solid at best despite being sluggish at times & shenanigans ending by Damage CTRL. Post-match attack by Damage CTRL to Belair & Pals was decent.
Final Thoughts – This week’s show was mostly enjoyable overall despite the latter half dragging.

WWE NXT (Sept. 20)
* Best-of-Three Series, Match #2 – Axiom vs. Nathan Frazer – 3.0
* Toxic Attraction (Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolin) vs. Diamond Mine (Tatum Paxley & Ivy Nile) – 1.5
* The Dyad (Jagger Reid & Rip Fowler) vs. Malik Blade & Edris Enofe – 2.0
* Wendy Choo vs. Cora Jade – 2.0
* Trick Williams & Carmelo Hayes vs. Chase U (Andre Chase & Bodhi Hayward) – 2.5
* Sanga vs. Von Wagner – 2.0
* NXT North American Championship Ladder Match Qualifier – Grayson Waller vs. Oro Mensah – 2.5
* #1 Contender for NXT Championship – Tyler Bate vs. JD McDonagh – 3.5
Overall – 2.5
Best – Tyler Bate vs. JD McDonagh match & Ilja Dragunov’s show closing surprise appearance.
Worst – The very lame way NXT undid Solo Sikoa’s title win last week and the Toxic Attraction vs. Diamond Mine match.
Show Notes – Opening Hayes, Sikoa, & HBK taped backstage office segment about HBK voiding Sikoa’s NA title win last week over some technicalities & ladder match setup to crown a new champion was very lame. Axiom vs. Frazer moments: Frazer’s sweet looking superkick counter of Axiom’s Golden Ratio. Axiom’s leap up kick & Butterfly superplex counter of Frazer’s top rope attack. Axiom’s catch & sleeper counter of Frazer’s moonsault. Frazer’s leap up superplex, twisting suplex, & Phoenix Splash finisher to Axiom. Match itself was a good action filled bout. Alba Fyre’s promo video about Mandy Rose, NXT Women’s title, & burning Rose’s “empire” to the ground was all right. Damon Kemp’s promo video about costing Creed Bros the tag titles, being bought off by D’Angelo to sabotage Diamond Mine, & his attack on Strong to cover his tracks was all right. Toxic Attraction vs. Diamond Mine Tag was a somewhat rough match topped with a very flat ending. The Schism’s rambling cult style promo about stuff and issues with Cameron Grimes & Blake and Enofe’s interruption brawl was decent at best. The Dyad vs. Blade & Enofe Tag moments: Reid’s step up spiked Destroyer to Enofe via Fowler’s assist was cool. Match itself was a somewhat solid back-and-forth bout. Roxanne Perez & Meiko Satomura’s promo video about their hard fought match last week, Jade’s post-match ambush attack to Perez, & Perez promising revenge was all right. Choo vs. Jade moments was a mostly solid back-and-forth bout despite its slow pacing. Hayes & Williams’ promo about Hayes’ grievances wanting those responsible fired for letting Sikoa “steal” his NA title and not getting it back, Chase’s interruption trying to give a teachable moment, Hayes & Williams angry interruption retorts, & brawl was all right but also a bit funny. Hayes & Williams vs. Chase U Tag was a solid bout despite the abrupt ending. Sanga vs. Wagner was a somewhat solid hoss battle despite the anti-climatic ending. Wes Lee outdoor promo video about Williams & Hayes’ attack on him last week & wanting to enter the NA title ladder match was decent. Waller vs. Mensah was a solid back-and-forth bout despite Apollo Crews’ bleeding eyeball distraction assist. Bate vs. McDonagh moments: McDonagh’s Uranage & standing moonsault combo counter of Bate’s running attack. McDonagh’s kicks fest to Bate into Bate’s block & hard whip over the turnbuckle counter of McDonagh’s Devil Inside. Bate’s catch, Exploder suplex, & standing Shooting Star combo counter of McDonagh’s running attack in the corner. McDonagh & Bate’s slugfest & counters exchange into Bate’s swift punch flooring McDonagh. McDonagh’s headbutt & Avalanche Spanish Fly counter of Bate’s Avalanche Tyler Driver 98 into McDonagh’s Devil Inside finisher. Match itself was a very good hard fought action filled bout. Post-match Ilja Dragunov’s surprise appearance was cool.
Final Thoughts – This week’s show was mostly average overall.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown (Sept. 23)
* Lacey Evans vs. Liv Morgan – 1.5
* Maximum Male Models (Mansoor & Mace) vs. New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xaiver Woods) – 2.0
* Braun Strowman vs. Otis – 3.0
* Dakota Kai vs. Raquel Rodriguez – 1.0
* WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship – Brawling Brutes (Butch & Ridge Holland) vs. The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) (c) – 3.5
Overall – 2.5
Best – Opening Bloodline promo segment with Sami Zayn being made an official Honorary Use and the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship match.
Worst – Dakota Kai vs. Raquel Rodriguez match and post-match brawl with Damage CTRL & Shotzi.
Show Notes – Opening Bloodline promo about Heyman mocking McIntyre for failing to beat Reigns in his home turf, Samoan Elders wanting Solo to join the Bloodline as its new enforcer, Reigns demanding Sikoa acknowledge him as his tribal chief and Sikoa’s acknowledgement response, Zayn’s interruption praising Reigns, & Reigns being puzzled why Zayn is still with his group, angry demands for Zayn to remove his Bloodline shirt, beatdown tease, and big swerve of Zayn being an official Honorary Uce was great. Evans vs. Morgan was somewhat solid at best despite its sluggish pacing & abrupt ending. Post-match Morgan snapping & attack with a kendo stick and senton through a table to Evans was all right. Backstage segment about Zayn complaining about the catering food, Madcap Moss & Ricochet insulting Zayn, & Sikoa’s sneak attack to restore Zayn’s name honor was all right. Usos’ quest for all-time tag titles reign in WWE history and legacy as best ever tag team hype video package was all right. Maximum Male Models vs. New Day was somewhat solid at best despite the random photo shoot shenanigans ending by Maxine Dupri. Max Dupri’s post-match rant at MMM & Maxine was interesting. Strowman vs. Otis moments: Strowman’s toss across the ring & shotgun dropkick to Otis sending him out of the ring. Otis’ ropes running discus lariat flooring Strowman. Strowman’s running train shoulder tackle to Alpha Academy sending both flying on the outside. Strowman chucking Chad Gable over the time keeper’s table. Otis’ Vader Bomb to Strowman. Strowman’s dodge & powerbomb finisher counter of Otis’ top rope headbutt. Match itself was an entertaining hoss battle. McIntyre’s promo mocking Karrion Kross and strap match reveal, Scarlett’s interruption distraction, Kross’ ambush attack, & brawl was all right but Scarlett botching the fireball attack & McIntyre’s awkward sell afterwards was a bit funny. The mystery White Rabbit 9:23 PM tease for tonight’s show being revealed as just a regular ad break was funny. Kai vs. Rodriguez was a big waste of time topped with an abrupt shenanigans ending & same for the awful post-match brawl. Hit Row’s VIP lounge party backstage segments with others were decent overall but the mystery White Rabbit QR code in the background was interesting. WWE Undisputed Tag titles match moments: Butch & Holland’s double team Beats of the Ballard & Butch’s running punch to Jimmy. Yikes at Butch after his rough whiplash landing on the ropes from Jimmy’s backdrop from the apron into the ring. Butch’s springboard moonsault to Jimmy & German suplex and double foot stomp to Jey. Usos’ stereo superkicks counter of Butch’s moonsault. Butch’s DDT to Jimmy counter of Usos’ 1-D. Jimmy’s superkick counter of Holland’s Alabama Slam to Jey into Holland’s catch & double backdrop counter of Usos’ double superkicks. Match itself was a very good back-and-forth action filled bout despite the ending shenanigans by Imperium.
Final Thoughts – This week’s show was average overall but the opening Bloodline promo segment and WWE Tag titles match were very enjoyable.


AEW Dark Elevation (Sept. 19)
* Zack Clayton vs. Conan Lycan – 2.5
* Nyla Rose vs. B3cca – 2.0 (Squash)
* Private Party (Marq Quen & Isaiah Kassidy) vs. Aggro & Danger Kid – 2.0
* Skye Blue vs. Chica Carreras – 2.0 (Squash)
* Dalton Castle & The Boys (Brandon & Brent Tate) vs. Bouji, Rick Recon, & Omar – 2.5 (Squash)
* Jora Johl vs. Frankie Kazarian – 2.5
* Serpentico vs. Mascara Dorada – 3.0
* The Butcher & The Blade vs. Liam Davis & Mike Anthony – 2.0 (Squash)
Overall – 2.5
Best – Serpentico vs. Mascara Dorada match.
Worst – Marina Shafir’s weird rambling promo about stuff.
Show Notes – Clayton vs. Lycan opener moments: Clayton’s catch & powerslam counter of Lycan’s top rope crossbody. Clayton’s dodge & Spinout Torture Rack Bomb finisher counter of Lycan’s 450 splash. Match itself was a mostly solid bout. Rose vs. B3cca was a decent brief squash style bout. Post-match yarn hat wearing Marina Shafir’s rambling promo boasting about her family name, Albany being part of the “problem”, them not knowing her, & violence threat was very weird. Private Party vs. Aggro & Kid moments: Aggro & Kid’s strikes, Kid’s lariat, & Aggro’s cartwheel senton to Quen. Aggro’s running shotgun dropkick to Quen off the apron & cartwheel dodge counter of Kassidy’s running attack in the corner into Aggro’s big boot & top rope shotgun dropkick to Kassidy. Kassidy’s springboard cutter to Kid onto the ropes & step up rana to Aggro in the corner via Quen assist. Match itself was a mostly solid back-and-forth bout despite dragging at times. Blue vs. Carreras was a decent mostly squash style bout. Castle & The Boys vs. Bouji, Recon, & Omar Trios Tag moments: Castle’s Irish Whip, Brandon’s springboard back elbow drop, & Brent’s sunset leg drop via Brandon hip toss assist combo to Omar. Boys’ dodge counter of Bouji’s running attack into Brent’s low dropkick. Castle’s overhead suplex to Bouji, toss out of the ring to Recon, & German suplex to Omar into Castle tossing The Boys onto Bouiji, Recon, & Omar on the outside. Match itself was a fine extended squash style bout. Johl vs. Kazarian was a solid back-and-forth bout. Serpentico vs. Dorada moments: Dorada’s boot & reverse slingblade counter of Serpentico’s running attack in the corner into Dorada’s rope leap shotgun dropkick. Dorada’s apron dodge counter of Serpentico’s baseball slide into Dorada’s Asai Moonsault to Serpentico on the outside. Dorada’s rope walk swanton to Serpentico. Serpentico’s flip over, roll-up, superkick, & leaping Flatliner combo counter of Dorada’s suplex. Dorada’s dodge, superkick, & Dorada Driver finisher counter of Serpentico’s top rope double stomp. Match itself was a pretty good action filled bout. Butcher & Blade vs. Davis & Anthony was a decent mostly squash stype bout.
Final Thoughts – This week’s show was average overall.

AEW Dark (Sept. 20)
* Dark Order (John Silver & Alex Reynolds) vs. Zuka & Alexander Moss – 2.5
* Emi Sakura vs. Avery Breaux – 2.5
* The Trustbusters (Ari Daivari, Slim J, & Parker Boudreaux) vs. Marcus Kross, Mike Magnum, & GKM – 2.5
* Anthony Ogogo vs. Luke Kurtis – 2.0 (Squash)
* Zack Clayton vs. Vary Morales – 2.0 (Squash)
* Marina Shafir vs. La Rosa Negra – 2.5
* Madison Rayne vs. Viva Van – 1.5
* KiLynn King vs. Sahara Seven – 2.0 (Squash)
* Tony Nese & Josh Woods vs. Baliyan Akki & Ryan Matthews – 3.0
* Sonny Kiss vs. Joe Ocasio – 2.5
* JD Drake vs. Matt Sydal – 3.0
Overall – 3.0
Best – JD Drake vs. Matt Sydal match.
Worst – Madison Rayne vs. Viva Van match pacing being very off and sluggish.
Show Notes – Dark Order vs. Zuka & Moss tag opener was a solid bout. Sakura vs. Breaux was a solid back-and-forth bout. The Trustbusters vs. Marcus Kross, Mike Magnum, & GKM Trios tag moments: The one lady in the fan going crazy for the Trustbusters entrance was a bit funny. Kross’ kicks fest to Slim J into Slim J’s stiff lariat counter of Kross’ running attack. Boudreaux’s body tackle splatting GKM. Kross & Magnum’s legs yank counter of Boudreuax backdrop to GKM into Kross & Magnum’s double team dropkick to Boudreaux into Bodudreaux’s double clothesline flooring Kross & Magnum. Boudreuax’s backdrop bomb & Daivari’s Frog Splash finisher to Magnum. Match itself was a solid back-and-forth bout. Ogogo vs. Kurtis moments: Ogogo’s spiked release German suplx ambush attack to Kurtis during Kurtis’ ring name intro. Match itself was a decent brief jobber destruction bout. Post-match promo by Ogogo about fighting to over comes his issues in life, Olympic champion past, & demanding better competition in AEW was decent. Clayton vs. Morales was a decent mostly squash bout but Clayton & a Bulls jersey wearing fan’s trash talk banter during and after the match was a bit funny. Clayton’s post-match promo about wanting to kick the business in the ass & being a needle moving superstar was decent. Shafir vs. La Rosa Negra was a mostly solid back-and-forth bout. Rayne vs. Van moments: Rayne’s awful looking Cross Rayne finisher to Van. Match itself was somewhat solid at best despite dragging too long & very rough finish. Rayne’s post-match interview about being a coach in AEW & wanting to flip upside down AEW’s Women’s division was decent. King vs. Seven moments: King’s kicks & Pump Handle Driver finisher to Seven. Match itself was a decent brief squash style bout. Nese & Woods vs. Akki & Matthews was a pretty good back-and-forth bout. Kiss vs. Ocasio was a solid brief bout. Drake vs. Sydal moments: Sydal’s step up rana to Drake into Drake’s short arm clothesline in return. Sydal’s rana counter of Drake’s throat hold & toss off the top rope attempt. Drake’s catch, toss into the apron ropes, & club whack counter of Sydal’s running attack on the outside. Drake & Sydal’s chops exchange into Drake’s swift chop & standing senton splatting Sydal. Sydal’s dodge counter of Drake’s Vader Bomb into Sydal’s kicks fest flooring Drake. Sydal’s matrix dodge counter of Drake’s senton into Drake’s catch & side slam counter of Sydal’s top rope crossbody. Sydal’s dodge, high kick, & Lightning Spirl finisher counter of Drake’s running cannonball in the corner. Match itself was a really good hard hitting action filled bout.
Final Thoughts – This week’s show was mostly enjoyable overall.

AEW Dynamite Grand Slam 2022 (Sept. 21)
* ROH World Championship – Chris Jericho vs. Claudio Castagnoli (c) – 3.5
* AEW World Tag Team Championship – The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) vs. Swerve In Our Glory (Swerve Strickland & Keith Lee) (c) – 3.5
* AEW All-Atlantic Championship – Orange Cassidy vs. PAC (c) – 3.0
* AEW Interim Women’s Championship Four-way match – Dr. Britt Baker vs. Serena Deeb vs. Athena vs. Toni Storm (c) – 3.0
* Tournament of Champions Finals for AEW World Championship match – Jon Moxley vs. Bryan Danielson – 4.5
Overall – 4.0
Best – Saraya’s surprise AEW debut and the AEW World Championship match.
Worst – AEW All-Atlantic Championship match dragging at times & anti-climatic ending.
Show Notes – ROH World title match opener moments: Jericho’s suplex to Claudio off the apron onto the floor. Jericho’s rana counter of Claudio’s Avalanche Ricola Bomb. Jericho’s block counter of Claudio’s Giant Swing into Claudio’s leaping double foot stomp. Claudio’s catch & Ricola Bomb counter of Jericho’s low blow. Jericho’s backdrop, ref distracted low blow, & Judas Effect finisher counter of Claudio’s powerbomb. Match itself was a mostly very good hard fought bout despite being a bit sloppy at times & shenanigans ending. Moxley vs. Danielson AEW title match hype video was splendid. AEW Tag titles match moments: Lee’s running block & leap up rana counter of Bowens’ lariat. Caster’s powerslam to Swerve & strikes and snap suplex to Lee was cool. Lee’s headbutt & chuck onto the video ramp splatting Bowens. Bowens’ neckbreaker flip to Lee into Caster’s knee giving out failed Mic Drop. Lee’s Electric Chair toss of Caster to Swerve into Swerve’s sitout powerbomb. Swerve’s 450 splash to Acclaimed on the outside. Billy Gunn’s ref distracted Fameasser & Caster’s Mic Drop finisher to Swerve. Match itself was a very good back-and-forth action filled bout despite falling apart a bit near the end. Acclaimed winning the tag tittles was awesome. Wheeler Yuta & MJF interview segment about MJF praising his “devil” worshiper fans and bashing Tony Schiavone and Yuta, Yuta’s insults retort about MJF’s upcoming marriage life, MJF’s insults filled digs at BCC, & brawl with Morrissey was all right. Baddies & Diamante’s backstage interview about their upcoming TBS title match & rapper Trina being Diamante’s backup for her match was a bit dull. All-Atlantic title match was a mostly good bout despite dragging at times & anti-climatic shenanigans ending by PAC. AEW Interim Women’s title match moments: Deeb & Baker’s double team suplex setup to Storm into Athena’s Tower of Doom powerbomb. Athena’s double Fallaway slam to Baker & Deeb at the same time but ouch at Baker’s head after Athena’s hard landing. Storm’s Crucifix roll-up finisher counter of Baker’s Lockjaw. Match itself was a good action filled bout. Post-match attack by Baker, Hayter, & Deeb was okay but Saraya’s surprise debut was awesome. AEW World title match moments: Danielson’s arm yanks to Moxley onto the ropes into Moxley’s apron sleeper grab over the ropes into Danielson’s block & German suplex onto the apron. Moxley’s brutal looking leg capture release suplex to Danielson. Moxley’s LeBell Lock to Danielson into Danielson’s escape & seated punches exchange into double legs locked headstand punches exchange was cool. Moxey’s Achilles stomp & float over Death Rider to Danielson. Danielson’s head stomps to Moxley into Moxley’s leg grab counter into Danielson & Moxley’s kicks exchange into Danielson’s stomps & LeBell Lock. Moxley’s dodge counter of Danielson’s top rope knee drop onto the apron into Moxley’s Death Rider onto the ramp into Moxley’s Bulldog Choke finisher. Match itself was a great physical action filled battle & legit surprised Moxley won.
Final Thoughts – This week’s show was mostly great overall.

AEW Rampage Grand Slam 2022 (Sept. 23)
* No Disqualification match – House of Black (Buddy Matthews & Brody King) vs. Sting & Darby Allin – 4.0
* 2point0 (“Daddy Magic” Matt Menard & “Cool Head” Angelo Parker) vs. Action Bronson & HOOK – 3.0
* Tony Nese & Josh Woods vs. Wardlow & Samoa Joe – 2.5 (Squash)
* Jungle Boy vs. Rey Fenix – 4.0
* Eddie Kingston vs. Sammy Guevara – 3.0
* TBS Championship – Diamante vs. Jade Cargill (c) – 2.0 (Squash)
* Golden Ticket Battle Royale – 2.5
* Lights Out match – Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Ricky Starks – 3.5
Overall – 3.5
Best – House of Black vs. Sting & Darby Allin match and Great Muta’s surprise appearance.
Worst – The lame post-match over turn of Eddie Kingston’s win over Sammy Guevara.
Show Notes – HoB vs. Sting & Allin tag opener moments: Allin’s Avalanche Code Red to King. Matthews’ stiff punch counter of Allin’s dive to the outside. King’s shove counter of Sting’s top rope attack to Matthews causing him crashing hard through tables on the outside. Allin’s escape counter of HoB’s Dante’s Inferno onto the entrance tunnel into Allin’s Coffin Drop off the entrance tunnel onto Matthews. Allin’s run off the stage counter of King’s sleeper sending both through a table. Sting’s maniacal laugh to Matthews into Great Muta’s lights out surprise appearance was awesome. Muta’s Dragon Screw & mist spray to Matthews causing him to bump Julia Hart off the apron & her missing the table on the outside. into Sting’s Scorpion Death Drop finisher to Matthews. Match itself was a great hard hitting action filled bout. 2point0 vs. Bronson & HOOK was an entertaining back-and-forth bout & fine in-ring performance by Bronson. Nese & Woods vs. Wardlow & Joe was a fine mostly squash style bout. Post-match attack by Nese & Woods to Joe & brawl with Wardlow & Mark Sterling was all right. Jungle Boy vs. Fenix moments: Jungle’s rebound lariat couner of Fenix’s whip into Jungle’s brainbuster. Jungle & Fenix’s counters exchange into Jungle’s Poison Rana to Fenix into Fenix’s cutter to Jungle. Fenix & Jungle’s lengthy stiff chops & slugfest exchange into Fenix’s twisting knee breaker & Gory Cutter. Fenix’s double Amigos to Jungle into Jungle’s flip over escape & modified Cradle Shock counter of Fenix’s third Amigo. Jungle’s roll-up pin finisher counter of Fenix’s Muscle Buster. Match itself was a great hard fought action packed bout despite the abrupt ending. Post-match ambush attack by Luchasaurus to Jungle Boy & Cage’s promo trashing New Yorkers and Jungle Boy was all right. Kingston vs. Guevara moments: Guevara’s pre-match promo calling Kingston a fat piece of shit & Kingston’s eye gouge retort was a bit funny. Ouch at Kingston’s back after crashing hard from Guevara’s backdrop off the apron. Kingston’s eye rake, lariat, triple Urakens, & Stretch Plum finisher combo counter of Guevara’s GTH. Match itself was pretty good but the match result being overturned due to Kingston not letting go of his Stretch Plum after the match was lame. TBS title match was a decent mostly squash bout. Post-match Trina heel turn on Diamante was a bit weird. Golden Ticket Battle Royale was solid despite dragging at times. Lights Out match moments: Hobbs chucking a table onto Starks. Hobbs taking off Justin Roberts’ belt from his pants to use as a weapon was a bit funny. Yikes at the extra loud crack sound from Starks’ belt whack to Hobbs. Hobbs’ low blow to Starks into Starks’ escape & low blow counter of Hobbs’ Sky High. Yikes at Starks’ back after Hobbs backdrop onto a pile of chairs counter of Starks’ Roshambo. Hobbs’ dodge & shove into the entrance tunnel counter of Starks’ spear. Starks’ dodge & spear through a table counter of Hobbs’ light tube swing. Starks’ light tube whack & Roshambo finisher to Hobbs. Match itself was a very good hardcore style bout.
Final Thoughts – This week’s Grand Slam 2022 show was very enjoyable overall despite the second hour dragging at times.

NJPW, Impact, & Other Wrestling

Impact Wrestling Impact! (Sept. 22)
* Impact Digital Media Championship Ladder match – Bhupinder Gujjar vs. Brian Myers (c) – 3.0
* Zicky Dice vs. Jordynne Grace – 2.0 (Squash)
* Five-way match – Black Taurus vs. Laredo King vs. Alex Zayne vs. Trey Miguel vs. Mia Yim – 3.5
* Street Fight – Heath vs. PCO – 3.0
* #1 Contender for Impact World Championship match – Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher) vs. Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) – 3.5
Overall – 3.5
Best – The Five-way match and the Aussie Open vs. Motor City Machine Guns match.
Worst – Bhupinder Gujjar’s busted open nose during the Digital Media title Ladder match
Show Notes – Digital Media title Ladder match opener moments: Gujjar’s leg yank & cutter to Myers off the ladder into Gujjar’s Gargoyle Spear to Myers onto the ladder. Myers’ ladder shove to Gujjar causing him to crash hard onto the ropes into Myers’ ladder toss onto Gujjar. Gujjar’s head smashes to Myers onto the ladder into Myers’ rebound belly-to-back suplex off the ladder. Gujjar’s punches to Myers on the outside into Myers’ eye rake & powerbomb onto the ladder on the steps counter of Gujjar’s Fireman’s Carry. Myers’ swift low blow & taping the legs counter of Gujjar’s ladder climb. Match itself was an entertaining action filled bout. Dice vs. Grace was a decent brief jobber destruction bout. Max The Impaler nightmare hype vignette was splendid. 5-Way match moments: Yim’s strikes to Taurus into Taurus’ brutal sounding headbutt KOing Yim. Zayne’s step up double rana to Miguel & Kidd off the top rope via Taurus assist. Kid’s spiked Destroyer Miguel. Yim’s powerbomb & package piledriver combo to Zayne into Kid & Miguel’s stereo superkicks breaking up Yim’s pin. Zayne’s dodge counter of Kid’s corkscrew moonsault into Kid’s knees counter of Zayne’s Cinnamon Twist. Taurus’ spear to Kid & Destination Hellhole finisher to Zayne. Match itself was a very good action packed bout. Violence By Design nighttime outdoor segment about Young’s speech about plating the seeds for VBD’s revival, mystery hooded recruits group pledge, & Young and Deaner beating up the new recruits was splendid. Joe Hendry’s vignette about a couple having infidelity problems & Hendry’s randomly popping up and partying with the couple was a bit funny. Street Fight moments: Ouch at PCO’s back after the loud thud from Heath’s backdrop onto the ramp. Heath’s DDT to PCO on the stage into Heath chucking PCO off the stage onto a pile of chairs. HNM & Alexander and Swann’s brawl at ringside. PCO’s Mandible Claw to Heath onto a pile of chairs into Heath’s dodge of PCO’s senton onto chairs into Heath’s Wake Up Call finisher onto chairs. Match itself was a pretty good hardcore style bout. Aussie Open vs. MCMG moments: MCMG’s whip, Shelley’s drop toe hold, & Sabin’s bulldog combo to Davis. AO’s catch & ramming smash counter of MCMG’s splashes in the corner. AO’s back-and-forth delayed suplex to Shelley. MCMG’s double team missile dropkick & Flatliner combo to Fletcher. AO’s double team Iconoclasm to Sabin. Sabin’s escape & Tornado DDT to Davis counter of AO’s Coriolis. MCMG’s running kicks to Fletcher & Skull & Bones finisher to Fletcher. Match itself was a very good back-and-forth action filled bout. Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans backstage interview about Steelz’s issues with Killer Kelly & confrontation with Kelly was all right. Barbed Wire Massacre match contract signing segment & brawl was splendid.
Final Thoughts – This week’s Victory Road 2022 go-home show was very enjoyable overall.

Weekly Awards:

  • Best match of the week – Tournament of Champions Finals for AEW World Championship match – Jon Moxley vs. Bryan Danielson (AEW Dynamite Grand Slam 2022)
  • Best match of the week runner-up – No Disqualification match – House of Black (Buddy Matthews & Brody King) vs. Sting & Darby Allin (AEW Rampage Grand Slam 2022)
  • Worst match of the week – Dakota Kai vs. Raquel Rodriguez (WWE Friday Night SmackDown)
  • Worst match of the week runner-up – Madison Rayne vs. Viva Van (AEW Dark)
  • Best show of the week – AEW Dynamite Grand Slam 2022
  • Worst show of the week – WWE NXT