Tasha Steelz Signs New Multi-year Contract with Impact Wrestling

The Miami Herald held a recent interview with Impact Wrestling talent Tasha Steelz. One of the topics discussed included Steelz revealing that she recently signed a new multi-year contract with Impact to remain in the company for the foreseeable future.

“I’m excited, re-signed with IMPACT, so IMPACT gets more flavor. I’m glad to deliver it for the next few years. IMPACT fans, I know they’re very excited to hear the news. I’m excited. More flavor to come.”

Steelz also gave her thoughts on her reasons why she decided to sign a new contract to stay in Impact.

“It’s just the fact of what I haven’t done yet. You look back at it, I’ve achieved so much, a two-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion, Knockouts Champion, first-ever Ultimate X winner, I’ve made history. I’ve basically wrote my name in the history books so many times, what is there left to do? Then you think of it and IMPACT has so many opportunities that they offer you and so much that happens. Just when you think you’re done and you think, ‘I’ve done this so many times,’ they always come up with something new. ‘I want to get to that.’ Whether it’s a new title, a new match, first-evers, everything. That was basically my thought process. I know there is so many opportunities that are going to present itself. There are females, like Deonna (Purrazzo) and I, we haven’t touched yet and I definitely would love to have that match later on down the line, fingers crossed. Those things are crossing my mind, and I have to stay. I have to accomplish these things. If there is anybody that gives you that opportunity to be yourself and go out there to be yourself and not have to change, it is definitely IMPACT. Definitely had to stay here.”

Steelz has been working in Impact since May of 2019 and has been under contract since May of 2020.

Transcript h/t: Fightful.com