AEW: Action Andretti on AEW Signing, Fight Forever Release Date Reportedly in Limbo, More News

Action Andretti Comments on His Recent Signing with AEW

A recent episode of The Sessions with Renee Paquette podcast featured Action Andretti as the guest. One of the topics discussed included Andretti’s thoughts on his signing with AEW this past December.

“When I wrestled against Q.T. [Marshall on AEW Dark], I got offered the first deal that they offer you. I just got to come home the next day and say, ‘Hey mom, your son signed a contract with AEW. I did it yesterday. I’m in there now,’ and she just was mind blown like, ‘Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, what? You did what?’ Super, super proud of me. She wanted to go on the phone, call everybody, she’s one of those people and just, ‘I gotta call somebody, I gotta tell somebody.’ Sometimes it’s a bit too much but she was very, very, very excited for me and it was cool to see her reaction off of that. It almost made me a little emotional seeing her get like that.”

Andretti also gave his thoughts about his match with Chris Jericho at AEW’s Winter Is Coming 2022 special this past December.

“My eyes definitely sweat(ed) a little bit after the [Chris] Jericho match. They definitely were. I wasn’t crying, but my eyes were just sweating a lil bit.

I know what you [Renée Paquette] mean when you say having everybody group around like that. I’ve seen it and I love seeing it as well. When you can get the guys and the girls in the back, when you can fire them up, oh man, you know you’re doing something right. For me to be one of those guys to be able to do that, it’s really cool. I got through the back and everybody was just giving me a round of applause, standing up for me and people who I am fans of coming up to me and just giving me so much praise. It’s so crazy, it’s awesome.”

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AEW Fight Forever Video Game Reportedly in Release Date Limbo

AEW’s upcoming Fight Forever video game reportedly is currently in limbo in regards to a release date, according to

It was reported that sources close to the situation stated that the main reason is due to an ongoing dispute over the official rating for the game. AEW and developer Yukes reportedly have been seeking a T rating for the game while the ESRB is pushing for a M rating due to their issue with the amount of blood and gore featured in the game.

It was reported that until this dispute is resolved, AEW’s upcoming video game is likely expected to miss its currently planned February 2023 release date window.

AEW News & Notes

Eddie Kingston recently announced on Twitter that he has pulled out of his scheduled booking for Over The Top Wrestling’s event this weekend in order to be able to attend the funeral of Jay Briscoe this Sunday.

AEW recently announced that they will be holding a new set of tapings for their AEW Dark series this Saturday at the Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

AEW and FITE TV recently announced that they have made some new changes to their AEW Plus service allowing faster access to AEW programming for those in Brazil, Italy, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Germany, and Switzerland. In regards to Brazil, Italy, Lichtenstein, and Luxembourg, it was announced that fans can now watch AEW’s weekly television shows live on the service instead of the previous two to four week wait. In regards to Germany and Switzerland, it was announced that the wait time for the uploading of new weekly episodes has been reduced from the previous 30 days to now 14 days.

As noted before, Darby Allin made his official debut for Pro Wrestling NOAH at their Great Muta Final Bye-Bye event this past Sunday in Yokohama, Japan. In a recent interview with NOAH’s official website, Allin stated that he is currently hopeful of being able to make more appearances in Japan in the future.

In a recent interview with the Hawk vs. Wolf podcast, Darby Allin revealed that he was recently involved in the filming of a pilot episode for his potential upcoming new television series. Allin stated “I was wearing one (electric shock collar) when we were filming the pilot for my TV show and we were trying to do some skating with the shock collar and stuff like that and I was like, this is impossible. I couldn’t imagine putting that on a dog. Crazy.” (Transcript h/t:

Kenny Omega recently announced on Twitter that he will be making an appearance in the upcoming Like a Dragon: Ishin! video game. Omega stated that he will be featured in the form of a Trooper card for the game that will be available to download as a free DLC pack as part of its launch on February 21st.