WWE: Another Lawsuit Filed Against Vince McMahon, Charlotte Flair on Extended Absence, Nikki Bella

Third WWE Investors Lawsuit Filed Against Vince McMahon

As noted before, WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon is currently dealing with two lawsuits filed by WWE investors over his recent return to the company’s Board of Directors and changes made to the company’s bylaws that were later rescinded.

Bloomberg reported that a third lawsuit was recently filed in the Chancery Court of Delaware by WWE shareholders Carole Casale and Chrystal Lavalle against McMahon. It was reported that Casale and Lavalle are suing McMahon over his alleged history of paying to cover up his past sexual harassment accusations in the company.

It was also reported that Casale and Lavalle have requested for their lawsuit to be kept as a separate lawsuit and not be potentially consolidated with the other two lawsuits McMahon is currently facing.

Charlotte Flair Comments on Reason for Her Recent Extended Absence from WWE

As noted before, Charlotte Flair was absent from WWE from this past May to this past December due to her being granted time off for marriage and family-related reasons. Flair made her WWE return at the December 31st SmackDown show in Tampa, Florida, which featured Flair defeating Ronda Rousey for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

The New York Post held a recent interview with Charlotte Flair. One of the topics discussed included Flair revealing the reason why she was absent from WWE for a longer period than originally planned.

She experienced issues that again needed immediate attention. So after her honeymoon, Flair underwent multiple dental procedures after which she could not risk being hit in the face for weeks at a time. Flair said she probably could have been back for SummerSlam in late July, but stayed out longer knowing she still had one more procedure to get through.

“I had to,” she said. “I didn’t have a choice but to take care of these issues.”

Nikki Bella Comments on Reason for Absence from WWE’s RAW 30 Show

As noted before, The Bella Twins were noticeably absent from Monday’s RAW 30th Anniversary show in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania due to issues with WWE’s plans for the show.

In a recent Instagram Live post, Nikki Bella stated that the reason for their absence was due to WWE did not have any actual plans for them to appear on the show despite initially advertising them. Bella also stated that WWE had booked them for a media tour for most of this week that did not include Monday’s RAW 30 show.

“I want to take a second to get on and talk about a few things. First about, maybe a few wrestling headlines I saw. As you will see, the narrative will try to get changed so some people look good and others look bad. This is what is so amazing about this platform, we get to talk about truth. This week, from Monday until Thursday, Brie and I, and Artem (Chigvintsev), have been booked on crazy media because of the premiere of Nikki Bella Says I Do is Thursday night. WWE-owned show, which is why you see trailers on Monday Night Raw. We were hoping, I think it was weeks ago, we were talking about going to Raw. They said they had nothing for us. We were booked on media on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and then there was maybe an idea. Our whole team, including WWE and everyone else, had booked us for Monday in New York. Whatever you see of stuff, all of a sudden stories change, that’s to clean up and throw it on people, nope. We had all these commitments per the company we work for and everyone else. I know people like to throw it on people, but I’m not going to let that happen.”

Bella also gave her thoughts about the lack of women’s clips shown by WWE during their RAW 30 show celebrations.

“I also love the fans for sticking up for women. There are so many crybabies, ‘Oh they just wine.’ Let me tell you why people get upset. This is speaking on behalf of the majority of women. ‘Oh, they always make it about them.’ No, just because we speak up, we’re not making it about ourselves. It’s about the women from the very beginning to the ones that are there. I understand why so many people are upset, especially our fans, when it’s something like Raw 30. I remember when I first started watching Raw, as you all know, some of you like to give me shit that I wasn’t a fan the day I was born. I was obsessed with the matches with Beth Phoenix, Candice Michelle, Melina, Mickie James. That, for me and my era of wrestling when I became a fan, that was Raw to me. People have all their own memories, and that’s why it’s so important to have women represent because, for so many of the fans, they have their different eras of Chyna, Lita and Trish (Stratus), Melina, Mickie, Michelle (McCool), Beth, Candice (Michelle), those incredible women of that era. Then, our era with AJ (lee), Paige, Brie and I, and so on. I love that you’re doing the hashtag and you’re going to see a lot of narratives play because people have to protect themselves and you’re going to get a lot of women blamed and people calling them crybabies. No, we put in just as much effort and work. All those women do, all of them, from every era. Not just women, men too.”

Transcript h/t: Fightful.com