Impact: Nick Aldis on Impact Return, Mickie James on Relinquishing Knockouts Title, Killer Kelly

Nick Alids Comments on His Recent Return to Impact

As noted before, former National Wrestling Alliance talent Nick Aldis made his surprise return to Impact Wrestling at this past Sunday’s Rebellion 2023 event in Toronto, Canada.

A recent episode of PWMania’s Legends, Let’s Rethink This podcast featured Aldis as the guest. One of the topics discussed included Aldis’ thoughts on his recent return to Impact.

“We had been chatting back and forth for a little while now, IMPACT and I, and then the opportunity presented itself, and we were all very much on the same page, and we were all excited about it. So then we shook hands, and we made an agreement, and I was set to start at Rebellion. Obviously people know that Josh Alexander got hurt, and obviously Mickie [James] got hurt, so there was a lot of sort of speculation and extenuating circumstances anyway, but it sort of tied in quite well because it was agreed upon that I would come back and immediately state my intention to be in the mix for the world title. So it was a very fun way to get stuck in. I’m tremendously grateful to IMPACT for showing that sort of level of respect. So now the responsibility is mine to prove them right.”

Aldis also gave his thoughts about a potential feud with Steve Maclin for the Impact World Championship and Maclin’s recent title victory.

“I think that seed has been planted, and I’m actually getting sort of my first in-person experience with Steve Maclin, so it’s very cool to sort of get to be there for his big opportunity, his level up moment because I was remember what it was like to get the shot, getting the world title. It’s a very key point in your career. It’s time to get serious and to realize that you’ve got an opportunity here to sort of establish yourself for a long time to come, but it’s on you now to deliver the goods at that main-event level.”

Aldis also praised Impact’s production crew for their work at Rebellion 2023 and Impact’s locker room for their positive energy backstage.

“I was really, really impressed with the level of production at Rebellion. I thought that venue was fantastic, and the production level at IMPACT has just steadily improved incrementally, and you can really feel it hitting their stride now with packages and their entrances. It’s been really cool to see that. Eric Tompkins, who I’ve known since I was in IMPACT the first go-around, he’s one of the guys who was there before, in the previous administration. Getting to work with him again right out of the shoot is really fun because we already know each other, and we sort of understand each other and how I want to be presented and how they want to tell their stories. It’s just really cool to collaborate with this team because it’s a really positive energy. The overwhelming feeling in the dressing room at IMPACT is that there’s forward momentum, and the guys are all striving to build something together. A healthy competitiveness, don’t get me wrong, but that sort of, ‘Hey, we’re here to do business. We’re here to build this up together so that it’s another great place to work.’ It’s fun being a part of that atmosphere again.”

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Mickie James Comments on Her Decision to Relinquish Her Impact Knockouts World Title

As noted before, last week’s Impact show featured Mickie James announcing that would be relinquishing her Impact Knockouts World Championship due to her not being medically cleared in time to compete at this past Sunday’s Rebellion 2023 event in Toronto.

A recent episode of the Busted Open Radio podcast featured James as the guest. One of the topics discussed included James’ thoughts on her “heartbreaking” decision to relinquish her title over her rib injury situation.

“It is heartbreaking. It’s not how I wanted this whole thing to end, for sure. I’m so grateful for everything and these matches I’ve had. It’s been some of my best stuff ever. I’ve had so much fun and I really tested myself and had some of the best matches I think I’ve ever had. The women now are incredible, and that’s just it. I don’t know. I’m a bit heartbroken and sad, but it’s okay. I’m so grateful for my career.

I’m so grateful for this last IMPACT run. I don’t want to come off as cocky, but I do feel these matches I’ve had, have been some of my best, as far as testing myself and reminding everyone and regaining my own sense of power back, in a way, to believe in myself again. I’m so thankful for that opportunity and I want to be able to defend the championship and have killer matches. We all have to lose the championship at some point, even if it is three years later. It felt very storybook-ish. Maybe this is a big hook in the turn that I didn’t see coming. I can sit back and focus on some other things and reset and get my strength back. I’m frustrated, I’m irritated. It’s okay. Things always happen for a reason. We’ve been going long enough that, a lot of times, we look at things and what happens, a younger me would have been devastated. Now, I’ve learned enough to know that I’ve had a lot of setbacks and resets, and with every cut-off comes a new opportunity and something you didn’t even realize could fill your time and passion. I’ll be home, writing songs, working out, getting strong.”

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Killer Kelly Reveals Reason for Absence from Impact’s Post-Rebellion 2023 TV Tapings

Killer Kelly recently announced on Twitter that the reason why she was absent from this past Monday’s Impact television tapings was due to her suffering a cyst burst injury. Kelly had been scheduled to compete in a match against Masha Slamovich at the tapings.

“This Monday I was supposed to wrestle Masha at the IMPACT tapings but as everyone could see, didn’t happen. I had a cyst that bursted the night before and that bitch was painful. I took care of it and sweet bejezus, all the pain went away. I just wanted to let you guys know!”